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New: Virtual Bus Stop Supermarket

New: Virtual Bus Stop Supermarket A Dutch supermarket Jumbo, one of the market leaders, experiments with a virtual bus-stop-supermarket in the city of Utrecht, in The Netherlands.

The bus-stop supermarket presents a selection of products, proven to be favourite buys for their customers. The items are processed quickly, scanned and added to a virtual shopping cart using the 'Jumbo app'. The products are of course delivered right to your doorstep. The bus-stop-supermarket is open all hours.

The novelty concept of shopping while waiting for the bus is part of Jumbo's 'Easily Ordered, Quickly Delivered' campaign, featuring the Dutch Formula One racing-driver Max Verstappen. Jumbo also sees its delivery service for online orders as an effective way to attract customers with little time to shop. It has recently extended their online delivery service to cover the province of Utrecht as well as Utrecht city. For the Netherlands the bus-stop-supermarket-experiment is a big step in virtual grocery shopping.

New: Virtual Bus Stop Supermarket

The Jumbo experiment in The Netherlands reminds me of Tesco's QR code subway store with Homeplus in South Korea, which was launched in 2012. Check out this short movie:

"Business Today" explains the Homeplus subway QR-code store works in this way:

New: Virtual Bus Stop Supermarket

Interested customers download the Homeplus app into their smartphones.

They then use their smartphones to scan t