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In the Trenches – The Inside Scoop from Real Recruitment Professionals

In the Trenches – The Inside Scoop from Real Recruitment Professionals

Hello everyone! 

At Harger Howe Advertising, we actively produce blogs and tools for recruiters, but right now, we want to hear from you!

For those of you who are active recruitment professionals, would you mind taking the time to answer a few interview questions? In exchange, if we use your comments in a blog or premium content piece, we’ll happily link back to your company’s website to help you drive more traffic. Here are the questions:

1. What is the most difficult part of recruiting and how do you combat it?

2. What are your thoughts on employee referral programs?

3. What sort of effort does your company put into workplace culture? Do you market your culture to candidates as a selling point?

4. What sort of efforts, promotions or programs does your recruitment department use to ensure a diverse workforce (beyond a EOE line)?

5. How do the leaders within your company feel about the use of social media for recruitment?

6. If you could improve one part of your day as a recruiter, what would it be?

Thank you in advance for your responses! Please make sure to add your website in with your comments. If you’d feel more comfortable sending your comments to me directly, feel free to use my email:

Francesca Molly 13/9/2018 · #4

What. I'm calling bullshit on this one. There could never be a place where I get paid to solve problems all day and get day's off!

ankit saini 18/7/2018 · #3

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Gillian Barnes 21/7/2016 · #2

@Juan Imaz and @Adriana Bevacqua García I'd love to hear your answers to these questions! Or if you don't have responses, please feel free to pass this on to others!