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TED Talks for Legal Professionals

TED Talks for Legal Professionals

Whether you are interested in law, a student, or simply enjoy learning, these TED Talks are worth checking out. The speeches given by attorneys, professors, and authors examine law from a number of surprising angles and are sure to make you rethink the way that justice systems work throughout the world.

How I Defend the Rule of Law?

Host Kimberly Motley is quite impressive, as she is the first foreigner to litigate in Afghan scouts. Kimberly is also the CEO of Motley Consulting International. In her TED Talk, Motley tells the story of finding justice for a young Afghani girl and uses it to paint a picture of how justice can look around the world in spite of different cultures and norms. Her speech is incredibly insightful and inspiring.

A Prosecutor’s Vision for a Better Justice System

Adam Foss has long fought for juvenile justice reform, and he continues to share his message in his Ted Talk, where he makes an impassioned case for compassion and not just punishment. Foss explains how society needs empathy and how a prosecuting attorney specifically can spearhead change. This TED talk is profound and eye-opening.

We Need to Talk About an Injustice

In his TED Talk, Stevenson paints a poignant picture of how race plays out in the justice system, often leading to injustice for people of colour. With provocative questions, Stevenson is able to make the audience think about racial imbalance from a new angle. Especially with the current movement taking place around the world, this TED talk can provide you with new perspectives and help you to form conversations centred around racial injustice and how we all can make the world a better place for everyone.

How I Help Free Innocent People from Prison

Author and Harvard Law School professor Ronald Sullivan has made a career out of helping innocent people who have been wrongly convicted imprisoned. Thus far, he's assisted over 6,000 people. It is those stories that he tells in his TED Talk. His speech serves as a reminder that justice should and can serve the people but not without the people ensuring that justice remains fair and clear.

Should You Be Able to Patent a Human Gene?

With a title as impressive as Senior Advisor to the Director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, listeners would expect Tania Simoncelli to deliver an impactful TED Talk, and she absolutely succeeds as she pulls back the curtain on science's impact on law and how it affects real-world cases. Simoncelli regales the audience with a tale involving the ACLU and finding herself in front of the Supreme Court. This TED talk is a must-watch, regardless of your background or industry.

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