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I'm starting to write a story...

The haunted time travel of the mad candidate to Knight Templar

I'm starting to write a story...

In the 12th Century, deep in Old Castile, there was a young soldier who was preparing to become a Knight Templar. His name was Pedro Zarquillo. From an early age, he followed very carefully every instruction of his masters. But there was a final trial which he had to get through. The night before he was going to be ordained as a Knight Templar, he was asked to leave Old Castile. He was only provided with his white horse ‘Luciernaga’, a bottle of good old Castilian wine, and two pieces of bread. He was told to travel to the west and get as far as he could. Although he didn’t understand anything, he tried not to think too much, as he had always been compliant with every order from his templar masters. Thus, that very night, he left Old Castile.

Several hours had passed on his way, and Pedro was getting exhausted. Therefore, he stopped to have a rest. He only saw a very strange tree in the surroundings. The tree had a very wide trunk, but almost no branches nor leaves. But he had no better option, so he stayed there. When he was about to fall asleep, he realized that a huge storm was approaching from the east. But he did not have enough energy to continue with his journey to the west, and after a while, a strong bolt of lightning struck the tree.

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