20 Is Plenty to Kill You with ABS Brakes !

20 Is Plenty to Kill You with ABS Brakes !

Most alleged road safety experts totally ignore the simple truth that if you get run over by the wheels of a HGV or Bus, it leaves you just as dead at 5 Mph as it does at 50 Mph, but then fraudulent Climate Scientists deny the impact of our Sun !

As my late once friend and former Police Pursuit Driving Instructor Adrian Shurmer of Gt Harwood once more than amply pointed out when elected as Hyndburn Councillor, Traffic Calming leaves you no space to even attempt to avoid a collision. Couple that with Space Weather and Lancashire County Council's Gangs of Keep Left Bollards on Pedestrian Refuges become death traps for the unwary.

Lancashire Traffic Police Accident Investigators should know this, but perhaps like the old Milk advert on TV, perhaps their Dick Turpin PhD university education means they will only ever be good enough to play for Accrrington Stanley. Perhaps only fit to wipe the spanners of a true engineer ?

Milk Advert ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pieK7b4KLL4

One of the local Parish Councillors on Downham Road Chatburn was complaining that since the road was resurfaced, traffic appeared to be going faster making it potentially dangerous to get into the driver's door on the off-side, immediately another Councillor chirped up about introducing a 20 Mph Zone, which had been turned down by Lancashire County Council previously.  I was just speculating that if cars are not prepared to slow down for you in the middle of the road with the potential to open an offside car door then there is not one chance in hell that they are going to take any notice whatsoever of a number printed on a tin disc.

Perhaps the people who push 20 Mph Zones are working on the Ten Bob Fat Cat " little Hitler " theory that in a 20 Zone if you get " splatted " you will be more likely to get compensation, even in cases where it would have been your own stupid fault under the current 30 rules. Its simply not good enough, unless you are False Economic Growth  promoting ROSPA safety-fascist, but everyone needs to remember that 20 Zones are probably a key factor in why car insurance premiums have gone up so much recently. 

That along with the Welfare Reform Bill effectively privatising long term disability benefits. And in any case if you always do the safe thing and look twice before you endanger yourself you will find that in the case of the few probably half blind people actually happy to keep to 20 the time you have to wait for stuff going past increases, plus traffic will bunch up and the road will turn into a funeral procession and it will take ages to cross.

The 20 Mph Zone introduced at Helmshore was roundly rejected by the residents yet the LCC virtual dictatorship refuse to abandon it even though some residents have even gone to the trouble to paint out the 20 signs, although LCC claim that they will review the situation in a years time. Perhaps never in the field of alleged public service has so much council taxpayers money been wasted for the alleged safety benefit of the few people too gormless to bother to look properly when crossing our roads. The logical key to road safety is annual eye testing for all drivers, no need for Opticians, just a simple free test by a nurse in the health center treatment room, and as a bonus it could actually stop people going fully blind as their condition deteriorates.

My Cycling Casualties Article http://brossen99.livejournal.com/3209.html

The abject stupidity of some cyclists who use rural roads and keep pedaling up steep hills in the lowest gear possible whilst wobbling about all over the place attempting to avoid actually falling off. Most local people learned as kids on single speed bikes when at primary school that the best policy was to ( Get Off and Milk It ) as you could walk faster than ride pushing it up hills. I can picture in my minds eye some brainwashed idiot wobbling up The A1 Archway during evening rush hour and disrupting the theoretical efficiency of the Bus Lane, perhaps in the Vain Hope that Karl Marx can be resurrected from his nearby grave !

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Gordon Pye 18/11/2016 · #6

Miscarriages of justice really ” do my head in “, and I can well understand the anguish of the Hillsborough victim relatives and friends, but after BBC Panorama colluded with bogus Road Safety Charity BRAKE in a programme on the Sowerby Bridge Disaster for me it got personal as my friends were demonised.

Gordon Pye 20/10/2016 · #5

It would appear that the lightweight Aluminium Audi's tear like paper Air Bags useless ! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/england/lancashire

Gordon Pye 18/10/2016 · #4

Looking back for Best Practice to find our true Sustainability Future https://www.bebee.com/producer/@gordon-pye/locomotion-an-essay-on-sustainability