Allardyce Tip of a Sport Corruption Iceberg ???

Allardyce Tip of a Sport Corruption Iceberg ???

Perhaps Sports Stars legally taking Prescription Medication should have their own category in the Paralympics and are Betting Scams used for Money Laundering to fund Organised Crime, perhaps likewise the UK National Lottery ?

It first crossed my mind afterwatching the Press Conference for ( £33 Million & its not important which particular one ), I don’t do it myself as I hold to the view of Annette Crosby, who once said it was a TAX on the Daft !

Anyway, perhaps its highly suspicious that the Hawick Oink guy who won it worked for a Housing Association & is also an alleged carer for disabled people.  The plot thickens when it turns out that his wife works at a Chemists  and were they involved in killing to Corporate order ?

If it turns out that they were or still are key players in the organisations involved with the ( Closed by Beechin ) Waverly Line Borders Rail project and perhaps they could soon be laughing on the other side of their faces in Barlinie Jail.  I wasn’t fully paying attention but perhaps by pure coincidence the winning numbers 26 27 BRCW Type2 ended their days in Scotland, and the original Glasgow Queens Street to Edinburgh Push Pull trains had a 27 at each end. One of the 47/7 used to replace the 27s was named Lady Diana Spencer, whilst the other numbers were also BR diesel locomotive classes.

If it turns out that they were or still are key players in the organisations involved with the ( Closed by Beechin ) Waverly Line Borders Rail project they could soon be laughing on the other side of their faces in Barlinie Jail like Megrahi.

A popular chant from the terraces in the 1970s when kids could stand in the Stretford End at Old Trafford for 30p was ” My eyes are dim I cannot see I think I’ll be a referee ” although it was advisable to pay 60p for a seat for 60k capacity ties like Leeds !

If you were at the front you could come home and that night spot yourself and friends in the crowd on Match of the Day that night, but it would appear that today’s cameras just don’t have the depth of field. I’ve no real interest in football these days, but just watching the highlights on the news suggests most matches are fixed for betting scams, and perhaps that’s what freaked Eric Cantona out of the game prematurely ?

Alex Ferguson once famously threw a boot at Eric's team mate David Beckham in the MUFC changing rooms and soon after he asked for a transfer, and did Fergy do it as he knew Beckham had fixed the match.  Perhaps likewise Beckham getting himself Sent Off in the French World Cup and banned thus destroying England's best chance of getting to and winning the Final in years ?

I was more into Cricket, especially when Ian Botham was at his peak omnipotence as the best all rounder England ever produced, then they made him captain and someone grassed him up for smoking cannabis recreationally. He was never the same again but the introduction of technology like Hawkeye, the snickometer wicketcam and square leg cameras compensated for St Dunstans umpires.

Richie Benaud and Geoff Boycott wouldn’t stand any shit anyway, but these days it would appear that you can only use the camera three times in an entire test match, then captains waste it when there was no need. Its so obviously corrupt these days that I don’t even bother to watch the free highlights on C5 and little wonder so many all time records get smashed by the relatively mediocre.

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Perhaps my above article flushed out the Sam Allardyce scandal which forced his resignation as newly appointed England Manager, but the plot probably goes right back to if nor before the Hillsborough Disaster !

Miscarraiges of justice really ” do my head in “, and I can well understand the anguish of the Hillsborough victim relatives and friends, but after BBC Panorama colluded with bogus Road Safety Charity BRAKE in a programme on the Sowerby Bridge Disaster for me it got personal as my friends were demonised.


Writing the above in-zipped my memory of the Bolton Wanderers Burnden Park ground Arson after the fans got cold feet over the move to the new Reebok Stadium at Horwich, Sam Allardyce was their successful manager at the time, the site is now occupied by a US Corporate Wal Mart  owned ASDA Superstore ?

Burnden Park was close to Bolton town centre and a short walk from the railway station, whereas the Reebok is miles out of town near Horwich. Even if it now has a station close by and is handy for the still presents a financial apartheid barrier to any low income fans !

I cant help speculating that key high ranking South Yorkshire Police officers were ” lubricated ” to engineer the Hillsborough Disaster in order to give Parliament the excuse to demand All Seater Stadiums for the Premiership. Thus socially excluding the scruffy and uncooth ” Working Class ” at a stroke by implementing a financial apartheid barrier whilst opening up a potentially lucrative market for Sky TV in pubs.

I was informed that the chairman of Bradford City at the time when the ground caught fire in 1985 has had 8 other businesses that were subject to arson

Furthermore, f my memory seves me correctly just thinking back to the Arson Attack on Burnden Park Sam Allardyce was caught taking cash ” Bungs ” on transfers, plus BSKYB ” Sqareial ” was going bust and perhaps Murdoch had to take it over to save the Banks from going tits up ?????

As for the Rio Olympics, I consider it as a criminal waste of public money in a poverty stricken country like Brazil, but then corrupt politicians love executive vanity projects especially when they come with a theoretical Green pedigree.

Perhaps the root cause of corruption in 21st Century sport in general is an indoctrinated ideology which demands top class facilities for training, plus with athletes the need to gain sponsorship to fund overseas altitude training. Perhaps corporate sponsors demand that aspiring talented young athletes deliberately lose to ” Superstars “, then even if you come second or third a lot they will ensure you get a cushy well paid job in their Deception Industry at the end of your competitive sporting career ?

I have to thank my late friend Andrew for alerting me to the fact that the High Dose OLANZAPINE I was prescribed in 2000 MAKES YOU GO BLIND if you continue taking it and like all chemical drugs its a cumulative poison.

I had know ” Andrew Person ” since he was at primary school, he was really bright and his severely physically disabled dad, who I met by pure chance got him into model railways to spark an interest in engineering for him. I used to visit once a week and as treat buy them fish & chips, ( his family was pretty skint at the time ) and talk engineering with his dad. His dad got compensation for a motorbike accident after which they were better off but still yet the family virtual prisoners of benefit dependency poverty. However when Andrew was old enough he did buy him a cheap Super 8mm camera to go with his dad filming preserved steam trains mostly on the Settle & Carlisle and as far afield as Mid Wales, Scotland & even East Anglia for which I provided the transport.


The next and final time I took him to Bradford he insisted that he called in at the drug dealers in the old boarded up corner shop opposite the petrol station at Morrisons Keighley. I bought him some roast chicken thighs for his dinner at Morrisons Skipton on the way back as usual, but we fell out on the A65 when I refused to attempt to pass a slow loaded tanker. Even though he knew better, he said I was useless at driving, he was only an expert on PS2 Rally, and even then he beat his record after I designed his car for him.

The next thing I knew I was attending his funeral, a tragic life cut short in what should have been in its prime, Andrew was really good at doing things with his hands, when he was 17 and I had my then Metro insured for learners I gave him an aptitude trial in it which he passed with flying colours. Obviously too much watching Top Gear and other television output by the BBC and others since the late 1990s which is obviously free advertising to promote want and ignorance, get people into debt !

More inspiring music from Rush Presto to conclude !

Its not as if this barricade blocks the only road, its not as if you're all alone in wanting to explode !

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