Buy Hillary & Co an Electric Chair For Xmas ?!?

Buy Hillary & Co an Electric Chair For Xmas ?!?

Before anyone jumps down my throat I want to make it absolutely clear that I don't believe in Capital Punishment as Whole Life sentences are probably a far better deterrent. if it was up to me I would put all the key UK Global Warming Fraudsters on St Kilda with Solar Panels, a Wind Turbine, a microwave oven and a supply of tinned food !

The main phone I use is a 1970s Trimphone ( imitating the ring tone was all the rage when I was at secondary school, was even on ” That’s Life” BBCTV ) which I bought second hand for a fiver at Gisburn Auction car boot sale in the 1980s. still works OK except when its cold sometimes I have to JJJ Jiggle the switch to get it working when you pick up, but then it has been bathed in fag ash for 30 years !

Too Easy to Hide Corruption behind Alleged Incompetence ?!?

I have never suffered fools gladly, and therefore will not take lectures on sustainability from the likes of Transition Towns, which were once all the rage with the Green Tendy during the 2000s. Clitheroe had one complete with facebook group and headed by a university graduate originally from Bath, the other key player was a retired school teacher from Whalley. They got Clitheroe Town Council to give them money to plant vegetables in the old folks homes gardens, perhaps with the intention of making the council nursery workers redundant.

Aforementioned Uni Grad came to see me and insisted I read Peak Oil, a hardback book over an inch thick and written by an Arab, he turned up in an admittedly old Honda people carrier, also met the school teacher from Whalley and explained the error of their alleged green ways.

Fast forward to more recently and the Whalley Hydro project, fronted by aforementioned school teacher and a former dodgy pedigree Lib-Dem councilor from that area, offering shares in a 100Kwh generator in the River Calder. Anyway, it won a Green Business Award but when I rang the school teacher to inquire whether it was still working after the Xmas Floods he told me the truth that it had only been producing One Third of its projected output.

The ultimate blame for probably the biggest ever financial scam ( £500k ) on the people of the Ribble Valley must lie with the council officers involved, plus other officialdom from both DEFRA and the now not before time closed down DECC. Even the projected 100Kwh had about as much effect on contributing to our UK electricity base load as urinating in an Olympic swimming pool !

The moral of today’s story must be that Green Tendy Tim Farron and his Lib-Dems have got corruption written right through them like a stick of Blackpool Rock, a Lib-Dem was Secretary of State for the Department of Energy & Climate Change throughout the coalition government !

A Liberal Democrat Minister in the Coalition Government who like DECC Ed Davey lost his seat in 2015 was also rewarded with a Fat Cat Corporate Job for

Immoral Auto Enrollment UK State Sponsored Private Pensions !

It was Gordon Brown’s original original brainchild to appease the greedy Trade Union barons originally spun as ” NEST ” as a con to suck in the poorly educated manual worker. Then it was taken up by Lib-Dem Steve Webb, who got his arse kicked out of parliament in 2015 and now unsurprisingly works for a ” Pensions Provider “.

I don’t object to high earners taking out a private pension in principle but it must be totally inhuman to expect people on minimum wage and their often small business employers to subsidise their affluent retirement lifestyles.

The Stock Market Parasites must be pretty desperate to hide the ever increasing Black Hole in their investment portfolio’s if they are almost certainly bribing Government Ministers and Civil Servants. The Bribe usually takes the form of a mega pay job with a company which benefited from their corruption, like Steve Webb now works for Royal London.

The same principle applies to ED Davey and his tennier at the Department of Energy & Climate Change who’s Energy Bill ensures that electricity prices cannot fall far, despite the fact that the oil price Ed Miliband’s 2008 Climate Change Act linked them to has collapsed more recently.

There is not much hope for the average youth of today unless Auto Enrollment is scrapped immediately, as its obviously at Private Tax to prevent the ” One Man Band ” self employed trader from expanding his business to employ other people. Similarly taking on an apprentice and training him to full term, even if insurance costs are not also prohibitive.

Only last week the BBC reported that many of the companies offering said auto enrollment pensions had already gone to the wall in the recent stock market downturn. Perhaps they had invested in Green Tech companies and lost the lot, no doubt some other stock market parasite company will offer services to get the money back like with PPI !

End All Auto Enrollment Schemes Now !

BHS & Will You Ever Get the Full Value of your Company Pension Contributions Back ?!?

I can recall once falling out with a pensioner friend by opining that Company Pensions were only ever a bribe to stop the working class ever voting anything like Communist. Any corporate justification for such ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the culmination of the Cold War.

The primary obstruction to the sale of BHS was its pension liabilities, which must have been a drag on its ultimate profitability to any prospective new owners. I suspect that many FTSE listed companies have been similarly afflicted since the Dot Com stock market crash, and more recently low interest rates on relatively safe investments. Furthermore, most companies have downsized or outsourced, therefore reducing the number of workers contributing to what may now be little better than a Ponzi Scheme !

One major problem with company pensions was that in the 1990s some of those in their 50s ( who had bought their house outright cheap and perhaps suffering from slightly failing health ) would do everything they could to sabotage the efficient operation of their workplace. The object of their exercise being to receive a large redundancy payment in addition to their pension, even if it was reduced from what they may have expected at 65.

The same is probably true with Local Authority pensions, and perhaps now 20% of everyone’s Council Tax is spent on plugging the deficit so that retired Fat Cat Officers can live a life of luxury. Tata Steel employee’s had to accept reduced pensions as part of the rescue deal, but perhaps a CAP on individual maximum annual payments would have been fairer on those genuinely disabled, since they now lose their ESA after one year if they have other income.

Of course Company Pensions are protected by the Pension Protection Fund, which has just invested in a Queensland Government owned major Cattle business. However, as for Private Pensions, you are probably better advised to stuff all your spare cash into your mattress, at present financial advisers think that you have done well if your Unit Trust portfolio has only lost 3% over the past year !

Hundreds attend Remembrance Sunday parade

Yorkshire Prose Remember !

Don't Forget to watch The opening Video !

Spot You All later !

Gordon Pye 18/12/2016 · #3

I am reliably informed that BAE Systems are taking payment in Oil for Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia and therefore its reasonable to believe that interchange of F35 components with Texas Lockheed Martin is a front to supply spares and ammunition for US armaments captured from the Iraqi Army and probably explains their success in retaking Palmyra from the Syrians. Corporate Sponsored Rogieme Change pus a neat little tax dodge with bonus money laundering and respective governments able to claim You can't blame me it wasnee ! Increased BAE exports to Oman and Kuwait also !

Gordon Pye 13/12/2016 · #2

If it works for valuable Cold War US Navy Officers then it can be adapted to transship boxes of Squid also, although the UK has plenty of Sardines in trains although not always enough alleged secure renewable energy Coal replacement to run them on some days !

Perhaps today's BBC News report from Scarborough is a measure of how desperate the Global warming Fraudsters have become in the futile attempts to portray Global Warming is caused by Carbon Dioxide emissions, and East Yorkshire DEFRA inspectors must dunces if they allow smaller net mesh. Its obvious that alleged said fishermen are doing a Noel Edmonds BBC Swap Shop for young North Sea fish the UK won't allow and Mediterranean ports turn a blind eye to, but then countries like Portugal got EU Mega grants to plant fast growing Red Gum trees only fit for firewood !

It would appear that the Liberal Democrat supporting Orkney Tidal Energy Fraudsters have used their EU inspired research grant to build a Yellow Submarine for tourists the view the War Graves of the Ships A U-Boat snook in and sank in Scapa Flow at the start of WW2, but its the anniversary of The Battle Of The River Plate Tomorrow !


Gordon Pye 15/11/2016 · #1

Putin has arrested his Economic Development Minister after he was caught taking a bribe during the sale of Russian State Oil shares !