Climate Church Imperfect Understanding of Basic Physics !

Climate Church Imperfect Understanding of Basic Physics !

In their abject desperation to keep their Co2 drives Global Warming research Gravy Train alive, Dick Turpin PhD & Co are attempting to portray that melting Arctic Ice, and the sea therefore exposed to heat from the Sun will melt the ( real or imaginary )  frozen Methane on the Deep Sea Floor.

During my first three years at Ribblesdale County Secondary Modern School in the 1970s our teacher the late Jack Wright did practical experimentws to demonstrate the principle of Conduction Convection & Radiation applying to Specific Heat Capacity.

In one experiment to prove just how bad a conductor of heat water was he mounted a large test tube at 45 degrees on a stand, filled with water with an Ice Cube held at the bottom by a spring then proceeded to boil the water at the top with a bunsen burner.  The Ice Cube remained perfectly intact even though the water was kept boiling for some time, but perhaps younger pupils are denied such a spectacle on more recent Health & Safety grounds !

I originally wrote the following in January 2013

The UK science establishment ( despite evidence like the CERN cloud experiment ( based on a 1995 theory by Svensmark ) and the research to prove it put off for years, plus Roy Spencer and NASA proving that the earth radiates far more heat to space than expected ) still clings to the run away man made global warming religion in the hope that the sceptics will go away when new evidence to the contrary is published weekly. 

It is now even suggested that Co2 is not a greenhouse gas at all and can be proved applying Newton’s second law of thermodynamics, and some bloke in the earlier 20th century proved it. Of course the eco-fascist leaning BBC is not reporting it and SKY is in bed with a match funding deal for WWF advertising their free range tiger farming, ( as if tigers are endangered, there are more breeding in zoos than are left in the wild, but it makes big tourism money for the 1% international jet set )

Its the same with Polar bears, gone up to well over 30,000 now from 5,000 in 1950.  There has been no overall warming since 1998 and the Met Office data says its actually cooling in 2011-2012 despite ever rising levels of Co2 in our atmosphere, with the benefit of increased food production potential.  Similarly the sea level has not risen sharply as predicted, the latest esearch suggests the the area of permanently dry land on Pacific atolls is increasing.

More extreme heat events / drought can look spectacular until you find that the 1930s was far more hotter and colder, 2012 Russia had the coldest December in 70 years again not reported in the UK.  It must be clear to anyone with a true education based on an open mind that the Sun is the primary driver of our climate, and now astrophysicists can fairly accurately ( 85% ) predict the longer term weather based on the interaction of the magnetic fields of the earth and the moon.

t may therefore be reasonable to believe that Co2 has no effect on our climate or weather whatsoever, but given Spencer’s observation on radiation to space perhaps Carbon Dioxide has a slight cooling effect for the following reason.  The Specific Heat Capacity of Co2 is only a quarter of that of water, therefore at higher concentrations of Co2 the air loses its heat to space far quicker, and particularly on a cloud free night making dawn temperatures lower, although on the same principle the air would heat up quicker during the day. No overall global average effect but colder winters in temperate regions, with cloud cover being the main factor in summer temps but more frequently resulting in snow in mid winter.

Perhaps like Crooked Hitlary Clinton, perhaps Dick Turpin PhD & Co's apparent selective amnesia underlines their Criminal Intent to deceive the General Public for personal financial gain and or sexual favours perpetually immune from the Long Arm of the Law ?

Likewise German Nazi Party Von Braun political DNA NASA and their alleged Moon Landings, having studied Newton's Laws of Motion its clear that the only way to land on our moon and get back off again is to use a huge Steel Coil Spring like Zebedee in the BBC Children's animation The Magic Roundabout.  I saw their alleged Moon Rock in the thin glass display case at the London Geological Museum in 1977, and it did cross my mind that it resembled Cement Clinker as hauled by the haulage company I worked for.  They probably sieved out all the fine dust and put it into moulds then got it damp, which after time drying sets a hard as any rock, then smashed it up with a sledge hammer into convenient chunks for distribution !

With the advent of Photoshop and Computer Generated Imaging the market for Mass Deception has never been so wide open to Criminal Fraudsters, nowhere more so than in embezzling Government Funds for Missions to Mars, and I can't help speculating that the Mirror in the Hubble Space Telescope acted like a bi-metalic strip, twisted and shattered in the deep cold of space ???


Did Albert Einstien steal his key ideas from the time when he worked in the Swiss patent office, but at least after having said that at least he did  you only need one person to prove you wrong, it must be the case that science on the basis of concensus is Quasi-Religion !

Gordon Pye 24/10/2016 · #6

Perhaps this explains to UK's Collective Stupidity ?

Gordon Pye 24/10/2016 · #5

Watch & yet they call people like me the Climate Change Deniers !

Gordon Pye 22/10/2016 · #4

I’m not really into classical art but I do like a good landscape picture and love the 3D effect in a really good painting. Anyway when I saw Constable’s Flatford Mill something struck me about the trees. Anyway, Its clear that the tree with the thick trunk at the bottom and a new tree growing out of the top of the old trunk which was probably a sycamore. The adjacent dead tree exhibits storm damage, and I would estimate that the new tree growing out of the severed trunk is no more than 20 to 25 years old. The trees in the background look about the same age as well, perhaps indicating that most of the trees had been wiped out in a big storm 20 to 25 years earlier.

I don’t have the exact date, but remember something about a Great Storm which wrecked ” hundreds ” of ships off the UK south east coast in the last quarter of the 18th century. I also remember the 1987 ” Hurricane ” BBC weather man Micheal Fish said wasn’t going to happen and saw the result around south London from the train on my way to Gatwick Airport on my way out to Aussie in November of that year. Almost all the healthy mature trees had been severed half way up their trunks at the example in the painting, Sevenoaks claim to flame was no more.

Anyway, long range weather forecaster Piers Corbyn had been searching the old Admiralty records from when the Royal Navy were searching for the illusive ” North West Passage ” as part of his research into weather prediction and found something really interesting. The 1816 RN accounts stated that the Arctic ice was as far retreated as it was when in the early 21st century the high priest Co2 drives Global Warming Alarmists were bleating the loudest about Arctic ice melt. Explore

Gordon Pye 22/10/2016 · #3

Big Quake Hits, We Almost Lost it All | S0 News Oct.21.2016

Harvey Lloyd 21/10/2016 · #2

@Gordon Pye, Build a machine that spews out large sums of valuable materials, let's use gold for this example. Now lets staff the machine with people who can only be within the machine if enough people like them. Sense these folks control the machine that spits out gold, they need to insure that the gold is distributed in a way that makes people like them.

People who don't care about being liked, but do want gold, must figure out a way to help the people who do like, "likes" get them. So they observe the likers and determine that fear or personal gain are highly motivational. Unfortunately lots of people have already used up the great fears and self indulgent methods of improving likes.

This worn out economic system has got a few miles on it and it is difficult to find new and exciting things that can produce likes. One day a creative fellow decides he is tired of looking for the solution and senses he can just create one and have the same effect. Free internet data and a few twists and turns, along with fascinating video a whole new category of fear is born, global warming.

But our friend didn't stop there. He called the big investment houses and told them about how he created a crisis from thin air, sold it and made millions. The investment houses wondered if they could do the same. Everyone is eating cat food unless you save, of course with them. Whole new crisis are being brought on the people from thin air and those that need the likes, they have the solutions. More Gold.

Moral to the story, if you buying a pet rock you might as well buy the sofa too.

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