Did Muller Sponsor The 2001 UK Foot & Mouth Epidemic ???

Did Muller Sponsor The 2001 UK Foot & Mouth Epidemic ???

When I was growing up at the general General Grocers & Ice Cream Shop, we got deliveries of Associated Dairies Double Cream ( & not the wishy washy stuff they pass off for it now ) to sell from their Accrington Dairy on the site now occupied by Halfords.  

North East Lancs Co-op had a dairy at Oswaldtwistle, and concentrated on doorstep Pinta deliveries and I recall when I worked at Sandifords seeing their electric milk floats being ceremoniously towed home from Blackburn with their Land-Rover if the battery was on its last legs.  My auntie Joan's milk originally went to Bamber Brtidge MMB, but that closed and they they sent it to Liverpool, if it was above temp by then they sent it to make Country Life Butter at Settle, and could be identified by an N on the wrapper. 

We sold said butter in the shop but it almost always came from down Staffordshire, at Christmas we sold my auntie Joan's Farm Dressed Turkeys to order, which unlike the supermarket standard which killed the trade had the sinews removed from the legs.  People used to come from miles around to buy our home boiled ham. the rind from which went to feed uncle Herbert's chickens,  If any cream went past its sell by date mum would add mustard powder and malt vinegar to make the most delicious salad cream !

There was also a dairy which made cheese at West Marton, but as its near the Leeds-Liverpool Canal it was probably worth more dead than alive to Corporate Asset Strippers and is now covered in Executive housing, at one time the N E L dairy  yard was being used as a bus depot.

Following expanded from https://www.bebee.com/producer/@gordon-pye/the-corporate-nazi-arch-plan-for-the-uk-agenda-21

Apart from his sexual relationship with Edwina Currie, the Stock market had John Major by the bollocks as many of his MP's were technically bankrupt ( and therefore inelligable to be MPs )  Lloyds Names, but even then he had to do a deal with the Ulster Unionists to pass the Finance Bill including the Road Fuel Tax Escalator.   They probably had Ken Clarke on CSA and David Trimble was bought via a deal to close a Tobacco Factory at Oldham and relocate it to Belfast, However Ken McGuiness put up some resistance, until being bought off with a Lordship, Trimble later shared the Nobel Prize ?

Anyone of half intelligence could see the damage the RFTE was doing to household name manufacturing industry and it probably lost John Major the 1997 General Election yet Gordon Brown kept on going until the Farmers For Action fuel protests in 2000.  Perhaps as punishment for the dairy industry Animal Rights Activists contaminated the transport at the 2001 January sale of prime breeding stock sheep ( with a Botswanan strain ) with Foot & Mouth disease.

Someone must have grown it on in a University Lab, possibly Lancaster where the Greens were strong on the local council, plus it seems that there was a nest of Greens at Caton, plus a Milk collection subcontractor which like Eddie Stobart you can get collectors toys for, and where one of the first farms was infected.

Officialdom blamed it on a north east pig farmer who's young farm hand was big into animal rights, then used it as an excuse to ban Swill feeding claiming the FMD came from Argentinian Corned Beef as used by the Army, a most unlikely story considering the old guys pigs were old cull sows being fattened up to be sent to Essex to make meat balls.  Its patently obvious that the swill feeding ban was to increase the price of Rape Meal residue after pressing for Biodiesel at plants like Bibby's on Liverpool Dock Road.  I caught one North Wales Eco-Nazi Tweeting that rape meal should be spread on the land as fertilizer  to replace manure when they force everyone except the 1% to go Vegan to Save The Planet !

Contaminating target transport at Carlisle was almost certainly how it got down to Oakhampton in Devon, slow burn probably closed its Wiseman Dairy after the desert factory and dairy which supplied it after many used their compensation to convert to easier life Beef.  Wiseman moved its dairy operations to Bridgewater, a wise move from a logistics aspect as it probably took longer and more fuel to get to Exeter down the A road than it did from the new location down the M5, but did the cost of the move cripple their finances to the point of insolvency ?

Them in 2015 Along Comes German Muller ( They probably use Aspartame in their Muller Lite range to poison your kids and give them Cancer even if it doesn't give them ADHD to screw their education or make them Obese ) and snaps Wiseman up.  Probably to preserve the market for fancy new Swedish Scania's, who I believe are owned by US General Motors, parent company SAAB went bust when it came out that they were using cheap and nasty Vauxhall platforms for their alleged premium cars.  I am informed that Scania's break their crank-shafts if you use them to their full potential, so perhaps that's why then presiding EU Transport Commissioner Neil Kinnock introduced the Speed Limiters which clog our motorways ?

Perhaps the same Eco-Terrorism  principle applied to The New Zealand Dairy Industry after John Key failed to sell Cow Fart Taxes to steal their family land for Corporate Wall Street, explaining the Chinese Baby Milk Formula contamination  scandal ?

More recently it was reported that some guy has been charged with 17 counts Arson for starting the California Wild Fires ascribed to Global Warming, perhaps some of them as part of insurance scams by share traders unable to meet mortgage payments during the stock market downturn.   In another even more recent case, several Metreologists ( Weather Data Recorders ) were caught and arrested for starting ( Wild Fires to blame on Global Warming ) Arson, so it must be obvious that they are also fiddling the temperature data to claim yet another Warmest Year Ever !

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Prince Charles & Global Warming Fraud !

Perhaps Diana only split from Prince Charles because she knew all about the Agenda21 Green Genocide plan when living with him because he was a willing accompliss using his mother the Queen’s reputation to sell the Carbon Dioxide causes run away dangerous Global Warming fraud ?

Just thinking about the UK Royal Train and how it used to have two dedicated fully refurbished and maintained to first class standards long paid for 1960s Class 47’s, and perhaps they had to buy the on paper far more powerful 67’s and vastly increase the cost due to the interest on the extra capital investment for potential future head of the Church of England Prince Charles to posture to his Eco-Nazi New Age Baal and Green virtual Soddom & Gommora celebrity brethren as if one of the 47’s failed using even the highest available calorific value Orangutan murdering Palm Oil its nowhere near as good as real diesel and a single 47 running on said biodiesel was not capable of keeping time ?

And they are even more expensively leasing the 67’s from the Germans and they were built in insolvent due to green policy Spain using US GM engines so lots of money to change for the stock market parasites !

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Green Taxes to fund Wood Biomass for Power Generation and Heating will turn the UK into Virtual Reality Easter Island and all we will have to show for it in Ten years Time is Scrap Wind Farm Eco Crucifixes we cant recycle because all our industry required has closed down !