Ed Milliband You Can't Pollish a Turd !

Ed Milliband You Can't Pollish a Turd !

This Monty Python sketch inspired my choice of Twitter Handle @NollyPrott after I got blocked from the Newsnight Blog by Chris Patten for attacking Green Policy based on the 2008 Climate Change Act and I may have lost Gordon Brown the 2010 General Election.

Ed Miliband’s Dad ?


I can recall the uproar when the UK right wing Tory leaning press had a shot at attacking Ed Miliband’s dad about being a Marxist, but perhaps he had to leave Poland and move to Belgium because everyone had found out that he was a complete bastard and perhaps the same principle applies to the current UK Green Party leader from Aussie. My Granddad on my dad’s side fought in WW1 as a horse wagon driver taking supplies up to the front.  He hated the Belgians because even though they were theoretically on our side they would piss in the wells so the horses wouldn’t drink from them however thirsty they were which delayed the British advance.  Even though when Ed Miliband’s dad left Poland it would have been easy for him to come straight to the UK, perhaps he chose Belgium because he knew most of the people were complete bastards like him and he would do well ?

Furthermore, did he get out of Belgium well before Hitler invaded because he was working as an agent for the Nazi’s and had inside information on Hitler’s plans.  And did he join the Royal Navy as cover because the British would never have suspected him working for the enemy because he was a Marxist and theoretically diametrically opposed to the Nazi ideology ? 

And perhaps stretching the possibilities outside the box, because he was well educated gave him a rank where he had access to the to the Royal Navy codes and during shore leave had access to a radio transmitter and passed the key secret back to the Germans which he may have not needed to have written down because he had a good memory. 

The British never suspected but it came out after the war that the Navy code had been broken and perhaps that explains why the U-boat wolf packs were so effective against the North Atlantic convoys because they knew where to intercept them and if it were not for developments in radar in combination with longer range air cover, new weapons like the hedgehog and Liberty ships they came very close to starving the UK into submission ?

U-Boats never attacked escorts before they got Radar and its all there in The Cruel Sea and The World at War and even clearer if you get the other angle by watching the full original Das Boot.  Explains the true objective 2008 Climate Change Act and how green taxes and Wall St pressure for big profits shut our US owned main aluminium smelters we need to build war planes.  I am informed that TATA owned Jaguar Land-Rover now get their aluminium from Saudi Arabia but whatever you do don't buy a lightweight Audi, the paper thin body is probably about as good as wearing a Tin Foil Hat in an accident and their other bullshit safety features wont save you either !

Obama has been doing the same thing in the US, which is no surprise as he is probably backed by the Mafia who perhaps deliberately let the minor fire when it started which sunk captured French liner La France in New York, because like the British liners they were too fast for the U-boats to get anywhere near. And if the British hadn’t had Canada to martial the convoys they would have been screwed anyway and the old steam boats were so slow they were sitting ducks as they sailed up the Denmark St to cold water to get best efficiency from the condensers use less fuel and carry more weight !

You can't trust a Scottish Nationalist Party intent on making our Trident Nuclear Deterrent unaffordable either, perhaps Nicola Sturgeon is just an ordinary Scotch lassie decoy duck for the Corporate Nazi Angus MacPosh bastard SNP top brass who’s only interest is milking EU inspired UK subsidy for Wind Farms and Deer stalking ! 

Alex Salmond probably lost his Scottish Independence vote due to the fact that he probably passed his sell by date after the collapse of RBS and HBoS and his association with the Edinburgh based Fred the Shred banking elite. Nicola Sturgeon was probably the genetically modified antidote to the popular venom against ” Bankers ” in general, and during the 2015 General Election the SNP spin doctors attempted top portray her style as Mrs Overall from the late Victoria Wood’s Acorn Antiques.

It is interesting to note that both the aforementioned SNP leaders sound like and now named after fish, I once tried Caviar and found it revolting, like I can’t stomach mature cheese or Stilton as its like eating a Bar of Soap.  Whilst my dad was still alive he once bought a piece of steak from Morrison’s, forgot and lost it in our fridge, About a month later it was tainting everything in there, including the milk.  I found the offending steak when I went down to brew up and make my supper one night, which by then despite its plastic packaging was BLUE.   It was more than my life was worth to throw it in the bin, so I left it on the kitchen top so he couldn’t miss it.

The morning after when I went down for breakfast he had incinerated it in the oven and ate it it for his dinner later, it didn’t make him ill though. There is much bullshit spun by alleged Quality Butchers on how meat is better hung for a month, My granddad on my mums side was a butcher, and she held that meat was far better new killed. Perhaps some butchers just want you to pay them for warehousing ?

Dummies Guide to Explaining the Co2 Scam on the Doorstep


Probably helped UKIP become the largest party at the last EU elections !

According to the BBC, everyone knows that man made carbon dioxide ( Co2 ) is causing dangerous climate change and therefore we should willingly pay Green Taxes to espouse our inner guilt about our lifestyle and its impact on the ecology of our planet whist doing everything we can to minimise our Carbon Footprint.  At least that’s the EU quasi-religion  the teaching unions preach to our children in the hope that they will pester their parents to buy theoretically green products and recycle, buy a new fuel efficient car but never a question as to whether ordinary working families can afford it.

The fact is that regardless of financial circumstances everyone is expected to pay the same total green tax on their household energy bill, and whilst £200 might seem a trifling sum on the total energy bill for their centrally heated mansion complete with swimming pool its a lot of money to a chronically sick guy who has to keep warm to stay well living in a small house with perhaps just a gas fire and cooker. 

Of course the Labour Party is always bleating about raising the top rate of income tax to theoretically take tax pressure off the poor yet it was them who introduced the current UK green tax system which taxes the poor the highest as a percentage of their income. 

The Tories are just as bad, someone once calculated that road fuel duty at peak was the equivalent of 10p extra on the basic rate of income tax for anyone on minimum wage for whom a car was essential to get to their place of work on an average commute. 

The Lib-Dems would have continued Labour’s reintroduced fuel tax escalator and however loud they crow about it was them who got personal income tax allowances increased, in fact its them controlling the Co2 stock market parasite investment scam agenda pushing for wind and biomass and ever increasing green taxes on energy.

As I write this I am listening to PMQs and various " Remoaners ! whinging about access to the EU Single Market post Brexit when scrapping all Green Taxes will more than compensate for WTO tariffs imposed on UK manufacturing exports, plus significantly reduce house building or refurbishment costs.  I'm probably thinking outside the box again but when Donald Trump formally takes over as President of the United States of America I can't help speculating that the USA & UK will once again unite with Russia to liberate Continental Europe from the tyranny of Nazi Oppression ?

Explore https://www.bebee.com/producer/@gordon-pye/the-awakening-of-the-trans-atlantic-sheeple

Peaceful revolution this time though fought on social media, a new war for a new century, Edward Woodward's finest ever performance in Breaker Morrant, and was he sacrificed in return for Australian Independence, the British officer on charge got Life and was released fairly soon ????

Gordon Pye 30/1/2017 · #2

John's omnipotent portrayal of Quentin Crisp did more make homophobia socially unacceptable to demonstrate in puiblic than alleged Progressive Politicians ever did, in fact they made Homophobia worse than ever via Gay Marriage, likewise Race Relations with The Equalities Act 2000 !


Likewise Channel 4's No Go Britain Celebrity Disability Rights Activist People Front of Judea pedigree in Green Tendy C4News emulates a 21st Century Freak Show and which The Elephant Man hoped to vanquish for eternity, the sirens started to Whale for me when I was instantly blocked on Twitter by the Cerebral Palsy Actress WOW Petition woman !


My original June 2012 NollyPrott article got me blocked on Twitter by George Galloway after he opined that I should seek medical help, but the very first person to block me was George Monbiot after I pulled him up for his Tweet opining that dying of Hypothermia was a pleasant experience !

Gordon Pye 16/11/2016 · #1

The simple facts are that its well proven that neither Wind or Biomass reduce Co2 emissions and are therefore useless if your ideological objective in to reduce Co2 emissions and therefore its reasonable to believe that the true objective is to promote false economic growth in an attempt to plug the financial black hole in the stock market balance sheet. In the UK today those virtually on the breadline are being enslaved to fund bonuses for most of the wealthy people in the country, if anyone had set out with an objective to transfer wealth from the relatively poor to the most affluent people in society they could hardly have done a better job of it than Green Taxes.

The latest cutting edge science is clear, no global warming for the last 17+ years yet Co2 levels in our atmosphere up 10% in the meantime and obviously Co2 has no impact on our climate whatsoever, all the latest evidence suggests that any Climate Change is ( observed ) solar activity driven, From informed predictions based on past records of solar activity the emerging consensus is for global cooling until around 2035 for which we need to prepare our economy and adapt.

Our UK government at present is neither Far Right nor Far Left but all three of the main UK political ( LibLabCon ) parties could be accurately described as Far Stupid, whilst the Green Party alternative is also intellectually dishonest. Think Hillsborough and Jimmy Savile and what else is our allegedly democratically elected government covering up if you don’t have free access to the internet and an inquiring mind !