Failed Democracy USA !

Failed Democracy USA !

Wall Street must be pretty desperate to avert their Zero Percent Blankety-Blank Cheque Book &  Credit Card fueled Asset Bubble exploding like a Hydrogen Bomb if they need to get their puppet US State Department priming NATO members to start World War Three with Russia.

Hillary Clinton is almost certain to win the US presidential elections since her Goldman Sachs buddy Corporate sponsors can rig the results from the electronic voting machines, plus there is no way the Ted Cruz ” pro life ” Christian Right will vote Trump in !

It probably wont get to WW3 but as Wall Street's consolation prize Hillary will probably start a Vietnam style Proxy War in Syria, Libya and Northern Iraq, with the Kurds " piggy in the middle " supplying arms to ISIS and risking dragging in Turkey and Iran.

Perhaps we all need to look back into and reflect history to avoid impending Armageddon, in particular WW2 in the Middle East with its roots in WW1 as portrayed in the epic British film Lawrence of Arabia and the fight against Germany's allies The Turkish Ottoman Empire.

Many on the left of UK politics use Gaza as a stick to beat the Israelis with, then get accused of being anti-semitic, to which they reply we are only anti Zionist when its probably the case that both Hamas ( via The Mufti ) and those in control of Israel ( Ex SS Jews ) both have political DNA originating in 1930s German National Socialism.

Its now patently obvious that the Arab Spring was a complete disaster for the working class in the broader Muslim middle east and probably precipitated ISIS. This was probably due to ordinary people in Iraq being pissed off being ripped off by US Corporates given contracts to replace the public utilities infrastructure destroyed in the Gulf Wars ?

Liberating Kuwait was fair dynkum, but Stormin Norman should have been allowed to finish the job and kick Saddam out in 1991, perhaps there are parallels with the desert war in WW2 when O’ Connell could have kicked the the Italians out of Libya before Rommel and his Afrika Corps arrived on the scene. Churchill decreed that they had to save Greece so thousands of British reinforcements went into captivity, the Aussies hated Churchill because he diverted ships full of desert trained troops straight into captivity by the Japs at Singapore !

Most people are unaware of the fact that it was Hitler who declared war on the US not the other way round as most believe, perhaps Churchill can be forgiven as Rommel’s success in the desert probably financially ensnared Wall Street. WW2 probably wouldn’t of happened but for Wall Street funding Germany’s rearmament programme in the 1930s on the back of US newsreel footage portraying how wonderful Hitler was.  I am informed that Adolf Hitler was Time Magazine's Man of the Year in 1938 !

Fast Forward to NATO deposing the evil dictator of Libya, and again most likely instigated to saddle the ordinary people with debt to pay for the cost of rebuilding their infrastructure and precipitating a Gulf Arab sponsored Muslim Brotherhood Government. No need to recall what happened with them in Egypt, except to say the tunnels into Gaza were probably never busier with components to fire rockets at Israel !

It would appear to boil down to any excuse to inflate crude oil and gas prices, and the war is on in Yemen again, but nobody cares because perhaps now the UK working class has finally realised that its they who are the Virtual Reality Palestinians in their homelands. Although I don’t have any problem with Muslims apart from the way they often treat their women and FGM, but the trend for rebellious young Muslim women to wear the full Burka makes them their own worst enemy. Its a situation enflamed by politically correct alleged race relations legislation which technically outlaws the use of the shortened version of the word Pakistani !

Whilst on Healey we shared occupational therapy with Yarrow women and one of the patients was a Muslim teenager who was hoping to study at college, who wore a simple headscarf which she partially removed when relaxed in public. Her visiting elder male relatives had full Muslim metal jacket, one may have been an Iman. I was good mates with the most dedicated support worker on Yarrow and suggested the possibility that she was under pressure to marry a relative from Pakistan and be forced to wear the full Burka.

Needless to say she was soon home, and perhaps the latent racism inflammatory practice of wearing the full Burka would wither on the vine if wearing it whilst driving was outlawed. There are good reasons on restricted side vision grounds, plus the floor length skirt could prevent you from correctly operating the foot pedals in emergency. I try to get friends to laugh about it by referring to them as Penguins, although the term more accurately describes Catholic Nuns !

The Full unedited version of Thames Television's 1973 series The World at War is a much watch, particularly the anecdotes of servicemen on the ground at Anzio, who told of his encounter with a German in No Mans Land and how they swapped Bully Beef for Danish Pork. He asked the German " why don't you give it up " to which the German replied " No no we shall go right down then join together and fight Russia ".

The British were making good progress up the coast of Italy until the USAF were " Given the wrong coordinates "  and carpet bombed the British advance HQ, code-name Bradman Batting Tonight, likewise on the road to Arnhem, the Gerry had a battery of brand new Krupp 88's hidden in a copse on ridge waiting to pick off the advancing Sherman's like sitting ducks ?

Again casting back to WW1 and the probability that Quintinshill, Britain's worst ever rail disaster involving a troop train full of locked in Scottish soldiers en-route to Galipoli ( Turkey ) as reinforcements staged to provide an excuse to withdraw from the pointless slaughter there and concentrate on the western front ?

Though provoking music to ponder on from 1989 Rush Album Presto !

Nature has some new plague to run in our streets, history some new wrinkle we are doomed to repeat !

Let us not go gently to the endless winter night !

Final thought for the day, perhaps the current wild USA weather explains why most North American Indians remained nomadic and never built any permanent settlements ?

Gordon Pye 30/10/2016 · #11

Not withstanding the difference in geology between the UK and the US and alleged UK fracking sites already operating without environmental problems the economics for fracking in the UK just don't add up due to high road fuel duty. What we really need to do with shale gas is use it as a bargaining tool to get cheaper gas off the Arabs longer term if we don't go ahead with it, just keep it in the long grass for future reference !

Perhaps its high time for our local communities to Cast Out these Green Fraudsters who are so obviously working in the interest of Big Oil like Shell and particularly Russian Gazprom and the Gulf Arabs, and in particular Qatar. I was informed that we were getting our Gas from Yemen until the Saudi Coalition started the bombing, since the 2008 Climate Change Act, and plus the ConDem coalition Energy Bill keeps all UK energy prices artificially inflated in a rigged market to favour particularly Off Shore Wind Farms ! Explore

Chas ✌️ Wyatt 25/10/2016 · #10

#9 #9 #9 #9 #9 Nothing new here.

Gordon Pye 25/10/2016 · #9

#8 Hillary Clinton: New World Order Shill, Puppet & Warmonger

Chas ✌️ Wyatt 25/10/2016 · #8

#6 Albert Gibel, I do enjoy your facetious sense of humor.

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Phil Friedman 16/10/2016 · #7

There is little point in reiterating, as some commenters here have done, the stupid assertions by Donald Trump about who has the votes and who can win or not win the election. That is propaganda for a primary race, not for the general election. Who has the votes and who can win the election will be settled BY THE ELECTION. So bring on the vote. And let's all vote.

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Albert Gibel 16/10/2016 · #6

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Fran 🐝 Brizzolis 16/10/2016 · #5

Foghorn Leghorn.... Looney tunes for ever. In Spain Foghorn Leghorn was called "Gallo Claudio"