Green Taxes Crown of Thorns to fund Eco-Crucifixes !

Green Taxes Crown of Thorns to fund Eco-Crucifixes !

UKIP Wales ( Once Tory MP for Tatton ) Leader asked the Welsh Labour Leader of the Welsh Assembly if £300pa Green Taxes were a Crown Of Thorns for low income people to wear when Wind Farms only produce 3% of UK electricity on average !

Pompous Taffy came back spewing rhetoric about it was Maggie Thatcher who closed all the welsh coal mines and how an opencast site was lying derilict, omitting  to mention that it may have been due to green activists sabotaging the construction equipment !

I grew up with coal fires, it was fun to help out chopping wood for kindling and then the ritual of lighting of the fire itself.  There was a really good book all about coal mining in the library at my village primary school, my first introduction to understanding geology and one of the books that got me interested in reading about how the world worked.

My first encounter with a coal mine came through being friends with a boy who’s father worked at the local haulage contractor who occasionally would let us ride shotgun, in this case a load of limestone fill from the local quarry at Clitheroe to the then under construction M61 Blackrod by-pass,  thence to Bickershaw ( Leigh ) and a load of smalls back to Brockhall mental hospital.

The company my mate’s dad worked for went bust but I was hooked on riding around in wagons so when I was 13 I plucked up the courage to approach the other small haulage company in my village for trips out and was soon employed filling the wagons up with fuel and checking the engine oil every night after school.  I spent my entire school holidays riding around in wagons but very little carting coal as the rates were so poor, if we did cart coal it was usually part of a back load to cover fuel costs. 

One case in point was when Tarmac Clitheroe  was supplying base course for the York by-pass, load back from Bullcliffe Wood at the top of the hill just off the M1 Horbury & Osset and load smalls for either Chadderton or Carrington power station ( Manchester ).  Bullcliffe Wood ( a drift mine ) only had a short 30 Ton weighbridge so if you went with an artic you had to drop the trailer twice.  Another coal run was Victoria ( near Trentham Gardens ) to Carrington, using the back roads and a through a single track low bridge under the canal, Bickershaw to Brockhall was also useful and the occasional trick was to leave about a ton in the box and bring it back to tip in the yard so everyone had access to free coal.

One coal inclusive run I went on stands out as at the time I was off school at 16 recovering from a broken upper right arm, run empty to Fleetwood docks to load Maize for Henry Whitehurst right in Bolton ( for the horse and cart market when it was founded )  town centre, where you had to block the whole main road to back which was fortunately one way.  It didn’t end there either, the shed wasn’t high enough to put the tipper up to its full extent so you had to pull out into the main road to tip the tipper to the top a couple of times, shovel out the last bit. 

Thence a quick nip over Barton Bridge, through Urmston to Carrington PS load fly ash for Stockport A6 to Dove Holes cement works nr Buxton.  Thence over the top to a pit at Mansfield to load coal for the mill at Calder Vale near Garstang, empty back to the yard at Chatburn   A long hard day with a 180 Gardner with 28 tons stretching the then drivers hours regulations to their limit.

Then came my formal apprenticeship so the trips out almost dried up, I left the company when I was 21 passed my HGV Class 1 and went driving, then worked as a fitter building gritters before going to work in long distance haulage for a friend of mine from tech dad.  The Scargill Miners Strike was on at the time and after I did a multi drop trip around the South Wales valley’s and saw all the closed mines.   Its probable that a lot of them were totally uneconomic, an ex miner welsh valley guy who came to live in my village told tales of lying on his side in 18 inch seams.  During the strike I encountered a young miner from Rossington ( Doncaster ), he said they had three seams, two three foot and one six foot, but the three foot seams were more productive as they were on rock whereas the six foot seam was on clay and they had to keep stopping frequently to align the coal cutting machines.

Due to a change in the work and problems with my back I got a start back at my original employer driving artic tippers, mostly delivering concrete aggregates from the local quarries, grain and the coal mostly connected with the local cement works.  The Ribble Cement works was built at Clitheroe primarily because it was the nearest limestone to good coal, originally it was supplied by Hapton Valley near Burnley.  Hapton Valley closed so for a time they moved to Wooley north of Barnsley. then Holditch near Newcastle under Lyme with good road access onto the A500 to the north but also fitted in as a back load on the way back from delivering cement clinker to Pittstone nr Dunstable. The only snag was long queues waiting to load at Holditch mainly precipitated by strict NCB overloading rules, they would knock you back for two hundredweight ( 100kg ) and as soon as you opened the tailboard you lost at least half a ton.

The then Castle Cement would check weigh you in and out on delivery using two separate weighbridges and on a 25 ton load it was always the case that you lost 200kg somewhere however clean you swept the box out and my original train of thought was that they were ripping their customers off for cement. However, on further scrutiny it was apparent that the lost weight was due to gas lost from the coal in transit for an hour and a half having been loaded almost directly from the coal face at Holditch, when you took the sheet off it was wet on the inside just like someone had sprayed five gallons of paraffin over the load.

The worst weighbridge fiddle I encountered was at the now closed Ashko animal feed mill, it was often the case that when you arrived with a load of wheat direct from the farm in the afternoon they would weigh you in with an empty fuel tank.   Then they would say it won’t fit into the silo and the usual practice was for the driver to drop the trailer and nip home in the tractor unit to return to tip first thing in the morning.   Most drivers simply hooked up and tipped then tared out with a full tank of diesel so Ashko got 100kg free, I got in bad with the management because I always insisted that the gross load was re-weighed,

Holditch was part of the most productive day’s work I ever did with my trusty ERF B-Series steed DGR 728W and her exceptional Rolls-Royce 265L Eagle diesel.  5 am start at yard at Chatburn, empty to Swinden quarry almost at Grassington, load 20/5 limestone for Tilcon Horwich ( situated in the old railway works and supplying adjacent company then making sections for the lining of the channel tunnel ).  Empty to Tilcon Dock Acres Carnforth load 20/5 gravel for Tilcon ( Lovers Lane ) Atherton, Empty to Holditch load coal for Castle Cement Clitheroe ( nip back to depot for quick pit stop extra fuel just in case ) empty to Swinden quarry load limestone dust for and deliver RMC Blackburn, return to yard empty.  665km and everything went perfect just goes to show what you can achieve when everything goes to plan and you don’t get pissed about by Corporate-Nazis !

Our company collected house coal from Grimethorpe for distribution to local coal merchants around Blackburn we also supplied their depots at Chadderton, Preston and Blackpool all railway connected, I’m glad I never went to Grimethorpe after hearing about long queues.  Daw Mill was the main supplier off M6 junction 4 and through Coleshill was a bit of a ball ache but it was good loading, singles and doubles to be small plastic bagged up at Gt Harwood to sell in shops and garages. NCB Stoke area operations were concentrated on Hem Heath located opposite the old Victoria Pit ( formerly known as Florence ) near Trentham Gardens and we delivered washed smalls from there to HM Garth Prison nr Leyland.

I did a load to Garth and whilst discharging into the hopper got talking to the manager.  It was all the latest 1970s technology and was originally supplied from nearby Bickershaw, they had tried imported coal but it set like concrete in the hopper and they had to get the prisoners to dig it all out.  He said every time they got a new contract with a British pit it closed soon after, Hem Heath was soon to follow but perhaps that was hardly surprising for the following reasons.

It would appear that Hem Heath’s primary function was to collect coal from all the surrounding small pits for grading and then distribution, to facilitate this they had a fleet of 24 ton ERF B-Series six wheel tippers fitted with a Rolls-Royce 220 engine and a steel body.  They would have been lucky to carry 14 Tons legally and when I got there at lunchtime they were all parked up finished for the day but I expect the reason it was done like this was because all the small pits still only had a short 30 Ton weighbridge like Bullcliffe Wood back in the 1970s . By the 1990s electronic weighbridges were cheap and perhaps installing one at all the mines could have made them economic and prolonged their working life ?

As usual I have shot off at a tangent when my original intention was to talk about Smart Meters the latest Green Tech Marketing Scam and claims that you can save £300pa on your energy bill by having one installed in your home, but then it is always useful to give readers examples from my life long learning curve.

Anyone gormless enough to buy into their Green Propaganda and allow the installation of a Smart Meter in their home may soon find they are effectively  priced out from home cooking at normal family meal times, likewise taking a shower at your preferred convenience.  You may also find that making a brew during peak time TV adverts costs you an arm and a leg, but its probably their ultimate Eco-Nazi aim to cut off low income people even if the existing Electricity Ring Main also serves affluent customers.   Of course Smart meters are really handy for Corporate Executives to ensure that the plumbing doesn't freeze in their UK Summer Holiday Home from their Tropical Paradise Villa when Little Ice Age snow covers the Solar Panels on the roof and thus renders them totally ineffective !

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It would appear that the Welsh Government is actually cutting its Climate Change Budget but only Flood Prevention so that's another Eco-Nazi Stock Market Parasite Cross for Low income people who already can't afford Home Insurance to bear.  Here in my native Ribble Valley the then North West Water had a plan to Dam the valley between Wigglesworth and Long Preston, which if revived could stop flooding at locations like Roman Ribchester in Climate Change which gives us either mini droughts or major floods.  As a bonus said dam could be used to generate electricity for the National Grid using proper water turbines for air conditioning in summer and heating during cold winter periods ?

After reading the above you may well understand why Wall Street Bankers have been trying to kill me. now the Ribble Valley mafia are having a go at the best friends I rely on.  It's almost certain that the Bank of my local garage instructed them on pain of foreclosure to attempt to kill my carer and lifeline driver who I gave my Kia . as since they did the MOT its pulled to the right violently at times with just her in it, she got her garage man to check it and he found someone had hacked one of the teeth of the NSF ABS Sensor Rotor !

Gordon Pye 16/11/2016 · #5

This Monty Python sketch inspired my choice of Twitter Handle @NollyPrott after I got blocked from the Newsnight Blog by Chris Patten for attacking Green Policy based on the 2008 Climate Change Act and I may have lost Gordon Brown the 2010 General Election.

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M7.4 Quake Strikes New Zealand in Alert Zone | S0 News Nov.13.2016 Met Office Guys caught starting Wild Fires to blame on Global Warming arrested for Arson !

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The very first person to block me was George Monbiot after I pulled him up for his Tweet opining that dying of Hypothermia was a pleasant experience !

Try telling that to the ghost of the brave men who died racing to the South Pole for the glory of King & Country as listed on the monument in the park at Queenstown in New Zealand , and now the new British Antarctic Survey Icebreaker is to be named after Sir David Attenborough, the BBC Nature presenter who has done more than anyone to promote Carbon Dioxide drives Global Warming Fraud !


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Preston's £1m pilot tram line backed by council Yet more abject desperation to bail out the Banks with Toxic Loans to Property Speculators !

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I Expect that Ribble Valley local politicians will be claiming that this apparent victory for People Protest is due to their efforts lobbying Lancashire County Council Virtual Reality North Korea. The inconvenient truth is that its just another Five Year Plan to bail out the Banks who lent to Corporate property speculators and Buy to Let Landlords.

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