Heathrow Green Pinocchio !

Heathrow Green Pinocchio !

Apparently Dick Turpin PhD & Co Consultants have produced a report attempting to portray that new EU Road Transport Emissions Standards plus " Electrification of the Fleet " will more than cancel out any health endangerment from the proposed New Third Runway at London Heathrow Airport !

The US EPA in the opening video is just as intellectually dishonest as it bleats on about Carbon Dioxide Pollution when its a harmless trace gas essential for plant growth, in fact commercial horticulture adds Co2 to greenhouses to improve crop yields and reduce water consumption.  The real potential threat to health pollution is Nitrogen Oxides and other pollutants which may be hidden by the fact that the Jet Fuel additives required for the high combustion temperatures to obtain Co2 efficiency are a Commercial Secret,  and therefore not subject to Freedom of Information legislation.

I can recall utterly destroying the original case for a new third ( short ) runway at Heathrow by pointing out that it was probably only intended for Private Jets and their Fat Cat Executive owners to transfer onto long distance international flights.  HS2 is aimed at the same Fat Cat business and tourism market on the basis of being a theoretically Greener alternative to internal UK flights for any wealthy Chinese. Its ironic that they probably made their fortune on virtual slave labour & turned their country into the most toxic place on our planet manufacturing wind turbines and Solar panels etc.

The obvious solution to airport capacity in the South East is a second runway at Gatwick, which can probably more than double its current capacity without disrupting the traffic on the M25. No need to throw people out of their homes either and potential for overnight sleeper trains to Scotland utillising our existing rail network, which could be far cheaper enhanced by reopening the old Great Central Main Line south of Rugby.

As with convicted Child Sex Abuser Rolf Harris and his famous song Jake The Peg ( with his extra leg ) two runways allow one for coming in, one for going out, far more efficient than the conflicting air traffic movements required to get the best out of odd number runways.  It would appear that Dick Turpin PhD Environmental Consultants nappy is significantly soiled, which even if it was disposable would be OK if it was incinerated to generate electricity, waste heat used for greenhouses in the forthcoming Little Ice Age.  I have searched YouTube but can't find the best version of the late Spike Miligan and his Q Series team sketch emphasizing " The importance of wearing Clean Underpants in case you are involved in a Road Traffic Accident " !

Gatwick reduces the potential impact of toxic air pollution from airports, as the ingredients of Jet Fuel probably probably includes surplus cheap Toluene, which if not combusted at a high enough temperature produces Dioxins. I can’t prove the above as the ingredients of Jet Fuel are a commercial secret, but there could be some pretty nasty stuff in there for components to stand the high combustion temperatures needed for fuel efficiency. I suspect that I will now be pilloried for contradicting myself, but the main cancer causing Dioxin danger comes on morning cold starts.

I kept up with news and current affairs throughout my life and it was not really until the late 1980s that risks to health from transport emissions became higher on the agenda and in the beginning mostly focused on Lead which the university boffins claimed to have proved restricted mental capacity development in kids living near busy roads.  As a result legislation was enacted to make all new cars capable of using unleaded petrol and in 1989 I purchased a new 1000cc Metro with a reduced compression ratio and hardened valve seat inserts to run on the standard 95 octane ( and cheaper than leaded 4star ) unleaded petrol. 

I soon got pissed off by getting gassed by the acrid exhaust fumes when pulling up steep hills on narrow roads with high hedges when I had the window open so I went back to using 4star and adjusted the ignition timing by advancing it as far as practical without causing pinking and made her as fast as a standard 1300.  I still got gassed occasionally and especially when following BMW’s which were probably running on even higher octane ” Super Unleaded ” up hills and soon to counter the problem the EU made catalytic converters mandatory on all new cars.

I knew all about octane improvers after being pointed to and reading about the development of piston aero engines after reading The Power To Fly by LJK Setwright and which was by then out of print so I had to order it from the local library.   The performance of British fighter planes was significantly improved by first using highly toxic Toluene as an octane improver and later in combination with water methanol injection ( the methanol was to stop the water freezing at high altitude ) but further development was curbed by the advent of the reliable Jet engine.   I knew all about Toluene from my time delivering it and other hazardous chemicals when driving for Sandiford’s and it was used extensively as a solvent in the print industry and particularly the production of glossy colour magazines.

Jumping forward in time to after 1993 when I retired due to my back problem and instances of severe asthma attacks were still going trough the roof and I contacted BBC Science ” ask us any question ” so my question was about Toluene levels in petrol to which I got the answer that Toluene levels had not significantly changed in the last two years.   They basically dodged the question by not going as far back as the introduction of unleaded petrol, I further inquired as to whether they were using Toluene in Jet Fuel but drew a blank because they said it was a commercial secret. 

At least I did find out that they were now using a Manganese compound as an octane improver but there were still loads of non cat fitted cars on the road after leaded petrol was withdrawn from sale.  Furthermore, the original cat systems mounted under the floor some distance from the engine took time to reach efficient operating temperature and unless you had the opportunity to work the engine hard before you hit slow traffic their effectiveness was significantly reduced.   The latest designs with the cat mounted almost direct on the exhaust manifold have much improved the problem but now the environmental health lobby have put their focus on the now more common than petrol diesel powered vehicles.

Apparently the latest EU spec Diesel vehicles need you to top up with a " Special Fluid " which probably costs a fortune but in reality is probably no different to what is basically ready mixed Screen Wash, likewise its dead easy for VW and others to cheat on emissions lab tests by incorporating a Flat Spot in the Fuel Mapping !

For more on pollution explore my May 2014 https://nollyprott.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/urban-air-pollution/
which may have flushed out the emissions cheating scandal ?

See also https://nollyprott.wordpress.com/2016/06/28/hs2-hs3-3rd-runway-at-heathrow-cop21/

With our public finances in their current alleged predicament, the UK can simply not afford to invest in Green Tendy Executive wish list vanity projects, our shorter term future lies with those who can Make Do And Mend !

It was probably the case that the worlds super rich list were planning to kill off all the indigenous UK poor people once our corrupt politicians had got them to pay for their playboy infrastructure. UK Poor People probably includes anyone with an income of less than £100kpa based on investments on Global Stock Markets, I believe their target UK population is 30 million. Perhaps 30% Affordable Housing policy was just to provide accommodation for your favourite slaves you included when you bought your EU citizenship after having to flee the civil unrest your greed precipitated in your former homeland ?

With his appointment of Barry Gardiner to Climate & Energy, perhaps Jeremy Corbyn is intent on destroying the Blairite Labour Establishment. I just checked Wikipedia and no mention of Gardiner’s time on the Climate Change Select Committee when Tim Yeo was Chair, I’m almost certain both had to resign over financial conflicts of interest. Even if Yeo didn’t resign, his constituency Tory Party deselected him so he had to stand down at the 2015 general election. 

The only actual scientist on said committee  North Manchester Labour MP Graham Stringer would not sign off Yeo’s report on Climategate supported Vote leave. Its high time for a clear out of Wall Street Puppet Anarcho Capitalist Trotskyites from UK politics, those intent on turning the UK into a twisted mirror image of North Korea !

Jake The Peg Original ( NASA Alleged Moon Landing ) 1969 !  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS-itkO9ia8


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