Is Crossrail an EU Defence Project ?

Is Crossrail an EU Defence Project ?

Only the other night it was on the BBC about how the Yanks used North Devon beaches for live fire training of their troops destined for the D-Day Landing in Normandy as part of Operation Overlord as they were ideal for amphibious landings.

It may be the case that Wall Street has Donald Trump assassinated if he holds to his word on the true reason he won the 2016 US Presidential Election and he cancels the Cop21 Paris Agreement, not racism as the Crooked Hillary brigade still attempt to portray.  That would leave Pence as un-elected Corporate-Nazi Wall Street Poppet Dictator. as far as I can deduce he comes from the same warmongering tribe as John McCain, who probably did more than anyone to fester the Civil War in Syria and the Ukraine ?

I remember seeing footage of the new Crossrail tunnels under London and it would appear that they are far larger in loading gauge than required for UK rolling stock obviously big enough to fit a Tank train through.  Add to this improvements to the rail links to Felixstowe docks and the jigsaw would appear to point towards the possibility that the scheme was to improve logistics in the case of a Corporate Nazi Wall Street instigated US invasion in North Devon on the Barnstable area coast.

I believe that the rail line from Exeter to Barnstable still exists but perhaps Meldon quarry on the line was closed because stone trains from there would have knackered the track.  The road links are perhaps deliberately left crap as well perhaps to prevent an easy US armoured advance in the case of an amphibious landing.  Similarly an offshore Wind Farm project off the North Devon coast was blocked as it would have made any radar useless, which points to the possibility that Green policy was all about installing a Corporate Nazi fifth column to assist any US invasion of the UK in the event of the UK defaulting on the national debt.

The US can probably just walk in to the Irish Republic to use as a forward base ! In one of the comments in one of my earlier articles I point to the likelihood that Oakhampton was deliberately infected with Foot & Mouth disease in 2001, perhaps to ethnicall