Lancashire County Council Squanderbugs !

Lancashire County Council Squanderbugs !

Lancashire County Council were renewing the drains on the main road from Chatburn into Clitheroe recently, ( even though the work was probably not that essential ) where I noticed a ton of 20mm pipe bedding tipped which was obviously not from a local quarry.  I did ring them and complain about the same, next time the pipe bedding could have been local or from Marshalls Brookfoot quarry other side of Halifax !

The following is from an article I wrote in 1995, and was published in the then Lancashire Evening Telegraph, it was also published on Toronto based PDE Publications web sight in September 1996, but someone hacked the original date in 2996 when I was officially proven to have been right all along !

To use fuel efficiently, the driver of a heavy vehicle needs to store the energy contained in the vehicle. Traffic calming is perhaps the greatest waste of fuel ever devised. One new roundabout, causing an average speed reduction of 30 Kph, traversed five times loaded at 32.5 tonnes, and four times at 11.5 tonnes, used on average 2 gallons extra fuel per day. This can be proved by mathematical calculation, but I have never seen the equations in any text book.

I have undertaken a rough calculation of the extra fuel used by causing a heavy vehicle to stop or slow. The roundabout calculation shows that fuel consumption is doubled over a certain road section from the start of braking, to the end of acceleration. This will be true for all vehicles forced to stop or slow. The same principle applies to all vehicles if the stored energy has to be wasted through the brakes.

I have recently heard that all new or improved major roads in Lancashire must have roundabouts at all junctions with less than 1 km vision in both directions. The roundabout recently constructed on the A59 near Clitheroe is so tight for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), that it will reduce speed to under 20 Kph for vehicles traveling up grade. It is also guaranteed to increase congestion, therefore using extra fuel. Even though