Noel Edmonds & Blobby at Crinkley Bottom !

Noel Edmonds & Blobby at Crinkley Bottom !

Whilst seeking seeking Asylum on Healey Ward I met the guy originally employed to wear the Mr Blobby costume who had been Sectioned by his local Mental Heath Team probably under instruction from his Landlord who wanted him out of his Morecambe Sea Front Flat.

After a couple of weeks his Solicitor sprung him out, but not before he told me of how Noel Edmonds had sacked him and brought in one of his celebrity mates in to replace him, and how families stopped going as it got around on the Grape Vine that Mr Blobby was Sexually Abusing the visiting children.

I believe that Crinkley Bottom was a Private Public Partnership between Green Tendy Lancaster City Council and Noel Edmonds as a key part of their Regeneration Plan for Morecambe, which had admittedly seen better days and in the 70s the butt of jokes by Colin Crompton, compare of our local ITV Wheeltappers & Shunters Social Club !

Needless to say the failure of the project cripple local council finances perhaps precipitating the sale of viable assets perhaps including the sale of the Council Housing stock to a Housing Association, plus the sale of other public land and buildings into the Corporate Sector ?

I became particularly good friends with a Yarrow woman from the once infamous Rylands Estate at Lancaster which got on the local North West TV news back in the late 1990s when the Asian owner of the only shop alleged racism against the white working class residents. She described how the shopkeeper had barred everyone, and that’s why the community bricked his shop. They all get on like a house on fire with the new Asian owner, but perhaps at the time it was part of a plan to force residents to leave in order that the estate could be sold to developers.

Rylands is a prime site just across the main Morecambe road from the new River Lune Foot & Cycle bridge funded as part of a government initiative to reduce Co2 emissions by promoting walking and cycling to work.  Perhaps it was not just pure coincidence that Whitelegg, a once prospective Green Party North West MEP candidate lived close by, and perhaps the Lancaster Greens still deliberately supply the Blueberry strain of cannabis Skunk Weed which invariably gives you psychosis if smoked regularly ?

I was informed Yarrow Shrink Chandrashekar Gangaraju regularly threatened to take female patients kids away permanently. In one case it was a woman who’s husband had been sent down for dangerous driving after killing a young mother, and I can’t help speculating that he killed her deliberately to clear off a massive debt for drugs laid on. Perhaps it was to ensure she never came clean with the truth, which may have cured her mental health problem but flagged up a potential major problem with corrupt senior police, doctors and social workers in Lancashire.

It may therefore be reasonable to believe that the ethnic minority would be child actor and his auntie killed at the end of a Police Chase of an allegedly Stolen Car at Penge in South London recently were in actual fact assassinated perhaps to cover up Child Sexual Abuse.  Perhaps the vehicle in question was not stolen at all, and its driver given the keys by the person who reported its theft ?

That conveniently brings me on to Government Funded Charity Kids Company as publicly fronted by Camila the Rainbow Whale and shared top BBC Executive Alan Yentob, which was forced to close down probably due to losses gambling on the Stock Market.  It had canters in London, Bristol and perhaps most significantly Liverpool, where Colombian Coal is imported into the docks, perhaps the perfect cover for smuggling Cocaine, and Camila did predict riots if the government didn't bail them out !

I am reminded of an old wagon driving tale of how the policeman on point duty at the dock gates couldn't figure out what the dockers were pilfering after observing one guy going out with an empty wheel barrow every day, but the penny dropped when he finally figured out they were stealing wheel barrows !

Its probably dead easy to smuggle Cocaine in the bottom corners of a Bulk Carrier, most of the load is dug out by a grab but when you get to the end they have to drop in a loading shovel, and finish off with with men and a steam age brush and shovel.  Animal feed is also unloaded at Liverpool docks, I don't know whether its still open but much of that was once sent direct to Den Store in the old Triumph factory a Speke,  just pop it under the wagon sheet and straight through Customs no questions asked. 

Perhaps the same principle applies to Rice Bran and Heroin, and Dem Store is just a quick nip perhaps in a shared Private Security Van across the road to Liverpool John Lennon Airport for distribution in the budget airline hold throughout the EU, but then my late friend Andrew told how Paul McCartney was the mastermind and finance behind the importation of Soap Bar Dope ?

The same principle probably also applies to Coal imported via the ( built to service the long closed Ravenscraig Steelworks ) Hunterston Iron Ore Terminal on the Ayrshire coast, mostly sent south by rail in bogie hopper wagons  and was the youth youth electrocuted climbing on top of a Coal train parked in sidings at Wakefield digging for Cocaine in the wagon as identified by the graffiti. Even if the packages were buried they would probably be large enough to be screened out for collection and distribution by the power station unloading shed grid ?

And finally for today, my best mate on Healey who knew people from Felixstowe told how it was dead easy to smuggle Arms to Somalia in a Container which weighed the same as an alleged Aid Helicopter !

Gordon Pye 19/10/2016 · #5

I can't help speculating that the Green Tendy Jap bitch had John Lennon assassinated, perhaps likewise McCartney had Linda disposed of on the pretext of Cancer because she made really good imitation Steak Pies, perhaps to get kids nutritionally abused by their Vegan / Vegeitarian parents to try the far better for you real thing ?

Gordon Pye 13/10/2016 · #4

From the UK Channel 4 Brass Eye Black Comedy Series 2001 Paedogheddon !

Dean Owen 10/10/2016 · #1

Noel Edmunds. There is a blast from the past. Actually I went back to Blighty last year and was surprised to see he was still on TV as were many of those personalities from growing up in England in the 70's/80's. Be surprising to hear if anyone knows him on beBee...