Operation Snow Cap Shap !

Operation Snow Cap Shap !

I've been on a trip riding Shotgun to Carlisle with the primary objective being to get to get a Brief Encounter Eyeball of the New Bridge over the River Lune connecting the M6 to the Morecambe & Heysham  By-Pass !

Approaching said new Junction the Highways Agency have coned off the nearside lane apparently " For Your safety ", perhaps a  wise thing to do as if your ABS Brakes malfunction using the slip road as theoretically intended to prevent backlogs  you are likely to charge straight across Caton Road whatever the Traffic Lights display,

It would appear that the construction contractors have omitted to paint the essential steel structure-work, and its dark rust indicating perhaps reject inferior quality steel.  Furthermore, even if Green NGOs don't take LCC to court to forbid the contractors from shot-blasting the accessible surfaces its likely to rot from the inside.  It may also be the case that critical welding is suspect and perhaps its Lancashire's Match-Stalk Bridge over the River Kwia as prescribed by lovers of cats and dogs !

Whilst on the subject of animal cruelty some thoughtful perhaps perhaps sponsored via an environmentalist has imprisoned sheep and store lambs in two fields coming up the bank from Penrith to Shap Summit.  The first and larger field has been recently re seeded and muddy, there are some feeding troughs in there but no wheel tracks to supply feed to them.  I did note a few mangols dumped, in it, and the connected smaller field in the corner where the M6 crosses the WCML, which did have ample grass on it although looked dead as if sprayed with weedkiller !

At this point I am reminded of the Greyrigg derailment of a Virgin Pendelino and how the gangers were charged with manslaughter after the Health & Safety Gestapo blamed it on the condition of a set of points.  I have Peco fine scale electrofrog points on my railway, yet the Bachman Thompson BG I bought to make an authentic parcels train as headed by my weathered 73069 BR Standard 5.  You can run the train round hundreds of times but inevitably the BG derails itself on the facing points, almost certainly due to to the fact that its not heavy enough.

Coming up the bank from Penrith to Shap returning empty from delivering pet foot to Atlas ind Est Springburn ( probably built on the site of the old North British Locomotive Works ) I was down to 30 Mph watching the trailer bogie wheels almost lift off the ground in gusts. 

All the way there and back I was watching for trains on the WCML yet only saw one Virgin Train and that didn't seem to be going very fast, not one freight train either.  One of the group of 5 wind turbines near Greyrigg was motionless, suggesting that its terminally broke down, and likewise I am informed of similar problems with the offshore wind farm at Llandudno !

Back to the out-ward journey and we called in for a Greggs Bacon Roll at Southwaite services, I ordered a white coffee with plenty of cow juice in it so it was cool enough to drink soon.  When is a lid to prevent you spilling your hot drink and scolding yourself not a lid ?  Answer when its got a hole in it so that you can sup it whilst driving and place it in the cup holder provided in most cars etc.

I did remove said lid to check if it had enough milk in it but it was almost black, even though milk is far cheaper than Buxton, Highland Spring or other premium bottled Duck Wine.  I ate the Bacon Roll in the cab whilst my driver went for a piss in the main services building. 

On his return I pointed to a Powder Tanker driver just across taking a piss on his offside tractor unit back wheel, quite legal under an old Hackney Carriage Statute, which could cause technical difficulties for any future prospective women wagon drivers of a delicate disposition !

Coming down the last part of the bank onto the plain at Carlisle I questioned my driver as the why he was applying the brakes when he could go faster for free ?  He replied that the Health & Safety Gestapo severely repremand you for cvers-peed incidents as recorded on your electronic Tachograph.  Next thing you know the Stock Market Parasites will be lobbying for a Gravity Tax to be included in the Budget ! 

Some thoughtful person has erected a wins sock in between the bridges over the Settle& Carlisle and Newcastle lines, and needless to say the wind turbine spinning in dead calm last trip was as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean.  Even though it was half past eleven by then there was still frost on the fields, even though its not December yet.

I must contact Sainsbury's and recommend that they sack their road safety consultants as on the way up past Penrith we came across one of their delivery semitrailers sporting a sign on th back proclaiming that it was limited to 5o for your safety.  Tandem trailer but tri-axle tractor with the axle lift up,. reducing the most important number of surfaces whilst increasing the potential safe stopping distance by 20% ?

Perhaps most Corporate Transport Managers remain silent about the potential dangers of ABS Brakes because they save tryes, and in any case if any of them blew the whistle the Stock Market Parasites would crash their employers share price.  On the way back coming into the phantom roadworks up to the A684 from the Lune Gorge the idiots with the Safe Driver Apps were slamming on the brakes at the 50 signs risking an accident.

I can't help speculating that the gangers who lost their lives working on the track in the Lune Gorge after an engineers trolley ran away from ( if my memory serves me correctly Scout Green half way up the 1 in 75 Shap Bank ) were deliberately killed as they were about to blow the whistle one something commercially sensitive. 

I caught part of the Transport Select Committee proceedings from 14 Nov where the chief Rail Health & Safety Gestapo guy was being char grilled.  He obviously had extremely dirty underpants, and the top British Transport Police guy was there grinning like a Cheshire Cat egging the politicians on !

And finally, i was recently informed that my old Ribblesdale school mate Neil Curley had died from Cancer,. he was the butt of a joke about the Fred Pontin Book Early TV adverts translated into Remember Don't Book Curley.  The last time I saw him was in the Black Bull pub at Chatburn after he had given up his Friday takings for his taut-liner so they could dress the float for the Clitheroe Torchlight Procession. 

He told how on the way back someone had unexpectedly jumped out into the middle of Chatburn Road next to the Cricket Club entrance and forced him to make an emergency stop.  Those on the back sustained minor injuries as they fall over, not bad enough to seek medical attention but sore for at least a week.  Its high time something was done about said entrance as traffic can't enter and exit at the same time, frequently causing congestion on Chatburn Road.

Perhaps my old friend Neil needs to be included on the ever growing list of those unlawfully killed by Clitheroe Doctors working in collusion with The Royal Blackburn Hospital, how many more cases will emerge ?

Hope yo can find time to watch the British Transport Films 1952 opening Video !

Gordon Pye 22/11/2016 · #2

In collusion with Alan Knox and other criminal Clitheroe Town Council Liberal Democrats Lancashire County Council are reducing the width of the road around Chatburn Road End Roundabout by increasing the radius of the island thus risking damaging the tyres on semi-trailers working from Waddington Fell Quarry. The same principle probably also applies to long wheelbase buses and coaches. perhaps after several damage incidents operators may decide to withdraw their service or demand premium rates. I can't help speculating that the cycle accident being used as the justification for said works was in actual fact staged as part of an insurance scam ?

Explore https://www.bebee.com/producer/@gordon-pye/lancashire-county-council-squanderbugs

I believe that Traffic Calming as based on the perverse ideology that " Making the roads more dangerous makes them safer ! originated from Leeds University, the very same UK educational institution where the infamous serial killer Dr Harold Shipman trained to become a GP. What happened at Hyde may be more than eclipsed by what's been going on at Castle Medical Practice under Dr Ron J Higson in collusion with The Royal Blackburn Hospital, and Pendleside practice is probably implicated likewise. That is not to say that all doctors at Clitheroe Health center are implicated, but its almost Certain that they were like Shipman arranging contract killings ( or significantly disabling of people ) for corporate developers !

Gordon Pye 22/11/2016 · #1

As my late once friend and former Police Pursuit Driving Instructor Adrian Shurmer of Gt Harwood once more than amply pointed out when elected as Hyndburn Councillor, Traffic Calming leaves you no space to even attempt to avoid a collision. Couple that with Space Weather and Lancashire County Council's Gangs of Keep Left Bollards on Pedestrian Refuges become death traps for the unwary.

Lancashire Traffic Police Accident Investigators should know this, but perhaps like the old Milk advert on TV, perhaps their Dick Turpin PhD university education means they will only ever be good enough to play for Accrrington Stanley. Perhaps only fit to wipe the spanners of a true engineer ?
Explore https://www.bebee.com/producer/@gordon-pye/bettison-the-sowerby-bridge-disaster-cover-up