Petittion to BAN HALAL Boomtown Rattrap Eco-Nazi & Closet Racists ?

Petittion to BAN HALAL Boomtown Rattrap Eco-Nazi & Closet Racists ?

I have never studied politics academically, I have never read any political books like Karl Marx, and can't even name any right wing authors, so perhaps to get a true idea of where my politics come from one needs to examine my early life. 

I was born at Queens Park Hospital Blackburn Lancs in September 1961 by caesarean section, my mother was quite pleased as she had had two miscarriages in previous pregnancies, perhaps due to being a diabetic.  I was an only son, and quite well looked after even though my mum ran a busy corner shop, but her mother also lived with us and kept an eye on me for most of the time. 

I don't really remember much of my early life, but my father worked on a local farm as a laborer,  it is said that when I was two and staying with my auntie Ethel I questioned the farm workers as to whether a load of hay would fit underneath a wire across the track.  From being about four I spent quite a bit of time with my great uncle Herbert and also his wife auntie Mary.  Herbert had quite a large allotment and kept several goats.

I vaguely remember going to a goat club social function at Bury by bus, I remember being chased and scared to death by his cockerel in the free range hen pen.  Herbert was quite severely disabled due to his right knee, he injured himself in an accident at work one Saturday morning, the next day he went to Ribchester and walked all the way from the bus stop at Oaks Bar and back on it, about eight miles in all.  It was no better on Monday so he went to the doctor at Clitheroe who sent him for an X-ray at Blackburn Infirmary, when he went for the results the doctor told him that he had got arthritis in his knee and that there was nothing to be done.  Twenty five years later he was examined by a " modern " doctor and told that he had broken his knee, he declined treatment as auntie Mary was not fit enough to be left on her own.

I was always the outsider, and strove hard to prove that I was as good as anyone else at doing things, I was always top of the class at primary school, and was attending the scouts before I went to secondary school which influenced my (and my parents ) decision to go to Ribblesdale County Secondary School even though I was a dead cert to pass the eleven plus and go to the grammar school.  I went straight into the top stream and enjoyed science ( only physics and biology ), geography, history and even math's, I was never any good at English and I positively hated art, couldn't really grasp French and probably knew more about " rural studies " than the teacher having spent loads of time helping uncle Herbert on his allotment ( now much smaller due to increasing ill health ). 

Uncle Herbert used to tell stories about old times, he originally came from Greetland near Elland in West Yorkshire, he joined the army in 1914 and was eventually injured by a head wound on the Somme in 1916.  He was evacuated to Calderstones Hospital at Whalley and spend months recovering during which time he lost all his hair, even though he had a full head in later life.  He talked of trench warfare, gas attacks and the primitive early gas masks, he was acting sergeant when he was wounded, he seemed to enjoy talking of his war experiences unlike some people. 

He went back to Yorkshire where his father ran a horse and cart business carting coal from the railway to the mills, he fell out with his father over the purchase of a Dennis motor lorry, needless to say the horse and cart job went bust when motorized transport came along.  Herbert moved to Lancashire and worked in the local quarries " breaking and filling ", in one quarry the strata was such that dynamite was not required, but it was a hard life even when supplemented by an allotment.  Keep a good pig and a good horse and you will never go far wrong was his motto, he always had the allotment almost right up to his death.

I remember an older friend an I thumbing a lift to Preston outside the local quarry one Saturday morning, it was a 5LW Gardner ERF four wheeler and was pretty slow going up Halfpenny Brow but it got us there.  When I was about ten my older friend and I did a North West rail rover, valid anywhere between Wigan and Carlisle and as far east as Skipton including the Settle Carlisle, we just went from Preston to Carlisle and back most of the week.  I always chose older friends, as what they got up to was more daring, but I didn't really fit in with most of the kids my age due to being somewhat overweight and nicknamed Piggy.

At  secondary school, we got trips to the China exhibition and to the Isle of Man, train from newly electrified Preston to Euston, double decker bus to Fleetwood and across the ferry, spewed my breakfast up.  At 13 I plucked up the courage to tackle one of the drivers from the small haulier across the road to ask if I could go with him, a round trip to Horton in Ribblesdale with a load of three inch fill for Oswaldtwistle in a gutless 20 ton Albion six-wheeler.  I helped to fill it up with fuel and before I knew what I was doing I was going around every night filling all the five wagons with fuel as they came in, soon afterwards checking the engine oil. 

I took a shine to Ray Seed, who took his wagon home to Darwen every night and carried foundry products for Serfco all over the UK in KNF355F, a then 28 ton eight-wheeler ERF fitted with a Gardner 150 and a drop side tipper body.  Other vehicles included an eight wheel 26 ton Foden fHGC927C itted with a 150 Gardner, fixed side tipper body, and MUP 875J, an ERF 28 ton powder tanker again fitted with a 150 Gardner, little used was a 22 ton six wheel AEC drop side tipper 505 engine and a 16 ton four wheeler Dodge of 1966 vintage, both drop side tippers.   Under accident reconstruction in the ample garage was MTC 618K, a 180 Gardner ERF tractor unit, with drop side tipper trailer also under overhaul parked in the yard.  You had to be a good driver to work there as the entrance had to be reversed into and it was only ten feet wide at the narrowest with a kink just inside.  I went out on the road riding "shotgun " at every opportunity with all the drivers during the school holidays, going to the farm was dropped
By the age of 14 I was having days off school to show any new drivers the ropes and routes, as well as how to discharge a powder  tank.   I got into quarries, foundries and even Ravenscraig steel works near Motherwell, lots of potentially dangerous and exciting places, whilst at home modifying fireworks to turn an air bomb into a screecher and vice versa,  A genuine miss spent youth and by now I had decided to go for a career in road transport, at school all the wagon enthusiasts hung out together at break time, trying to out do each other with stories.  I left school at Easter to start working as an apprentice HGV fitter, went back to do my O levels though, only got grade1 CSE math's, couldn't grasp calculus, could never see the point in it. 

I used to like Hugh River Cottage wittering person as originally demonstrating old country ways, but then when he had ensnared you, went into the Corporate  Hospitality Trade selling meals that cost more than some families  were expected to live on for the entire week.  Then he made a programme attempting to ban Broiler Chickens, perhaps the only Sunday Roast low income households can afford to feed their families sat down together round the table and socially interact with each other in any meaningful smart phone free way. 

At the end of the programme he portrayed anyone unwilling to buy into his underlying ideology as uncaring Larger Louts, whist the " struggling working single mum " he abused by leading her on was socially excluded from the debate when she failed to agree with him.  At the time I did reply to C4 on their forum utterly destroying his arguments and  i did try to find the link for it for over an hour earlier but it would appear that the 21C Book Burners have taken it down,

Then in collusion with Jamie Oliver he had another go at cheap chicken. whilst Oliver tried to ban farmers cutting pigs, essential to stop them fighting as growers and Boar meat is tainted so bad that most people can't face even the smell of it.  My Uncle Cliff used to do it himself in his mini pig unit sows tied up in stalls and five farrowing crates, I used to feed and water them, clean them out and put sawdust down before breakfast whilst listening to Micheal Jackson Rockin Robin on the tranny radio.  The sows were not tied up all the time, they were in with Casanova the Boar, who loved eating any old hens found dead, wolfed the lot down feathers and all but you had to watch him for biting you when you fed him !

As long as you do them early enough cutting pigs doesn't really hurt them, even if the squeal a lot when you hold them by the back legs, as soon as the operation was completed, they went running about in the field grunting contentedly, its the same with rubber rings on Tup Lambs.

As usual I have strayed off the original subject, but Gordon Ramsay was making a big deal about rearing his own turkeys for Christmas in his back garden, using alleged humane electrocution to kill them, which involve inserting a probe down their throat and a crocodile clip on their foot.   Speaking from first hand personal experience, when you get electrocuted you also get burnt, and birds feet are sensitive enough for pigeons to retract one foot into their breast feathers on really cold nights.   Most small Xmas turkey farmers used a necking machine, a funnel on a stand with a lever with a rubber padded clamp on it to fit the neck, which is broken and stretched far enough for the blood to run into prior to warm plucking by hand, you have to be skillful not to tear the skin.

When I was eleven my Uncle Herbert taught me to neck cull hens, ( fattened up after the annual September moult which the animal rights gang claim is due to battery cages ) past their optimum for laying an egg for breakfast every day and to be replaced by pullets.  He also taught me how to gut them, and its essential to let them go cold to avoid contamination from the innards, ensure the gall bladder didn't rupture when you removed it from the liver and taint the meat, split the gizzard for giblet gravy.  Old hens are quite yellow like the ones they sell as Free Range, his trick was to bash the keel with the rolling pin then dust them with flour, then sell them to his fellow village pensioners delivered by me for 50p !

Before he injured his knee Uncle Herbert as well as holding down a full time job used to occupy most of the Sawley Road Allotments, and still kept a handful turkeys for Xmas for friend even though we got them from Uncle Cliff,. he had me plucking and dressing them. Fully trussed and sinews removed by trapping the lower legs in the top of the heavy kitchen door whilst pulling hard down,  larger outfits had a machine to do it.  We used to have great fun as kids with the discarded feet, sneaking up behind people and grabbing their wooley jumper with the claws ( Kangaroo crossed with a sheep ! )

He also did ducks and geese, and its difficult to neck them without causing pain, so like his turkeys he used to stick them with a specially crafted and sharpened blade on his ancient pen knife, insert in the joint between the head and the top of the neck.  Then with a circular motion cut through the artery, vein and spinal chords, instant death and almost painless as they black out as they lose blood pressure. then like any animal or human killed instantly they FRIGG, which the animal rights clan attempt to portray means they are still alive !

The only pigeons I ever necked and which didn't frigg were those which were really ill and culled to prevent disease spreading to others in the loft, turkey rearing pellets have medication including antibiotics for disease control but are withdrawn Two Months prior to slaughter.  Any antibiotics are dead if your meat is properly cooked, but celebrity chef's will insist on saving gas the reduce their Carbon Footprint and leaving the center raw with the blood the Halal would have drained running out of your steak when you cut into it !

From experience I am minded to conclude that Halal meat tastes better and keeps longer in a hot climate, and the reason Muslims and Jews don't eat Pork is because it goes rancid, bacon produced in Ausie and NZ tasted slightly rancid and I avoided it where possible.  Once lots of controversy about the Italians trucking  in live pigs from Holland, horrendous film footage when the driver went into the services, fellow pigeon guy Bill Proctor from Ribchester told me how pigs go to sleep as soon as you set off, but if you stop before your destination they will fight like tigers.  When I was on holiday at Uncle Cliff's I got on the BBC North West TV News when then chief reporter Gerald Sindstat filmed an article at Preston Auction Mart ( which had a Slaughterhouse adjacent ) when the price of Calves fell to 50p. 

When I was out in NZ in 1991 I stayed on a sheep farm near just north of Invercargill, the farmer and his son were checking the breeding ewes for lose teeth, culled if found so as incapable of rearing two lambs to time and standard, the evening meal was roast leg of hogget, killed the night before and slow electric oven cooked.  The rest went into the freezer for later, the morning after a finch killed itself by flying into the big panoramic view living room window, the farmers wife said it was probably trying to escape from a hawk attack.

Uncle Herbert was one of the first poultry men in Lancashire if not the entire UK to get white turkeys, we once went on a trip to see one of his relatives who lived in one of the then new high rise flats at Halifax, and I must admit I was impressed with it, especially the view from the balcony.  On another trip out in our lime green 1963 Ford Anglia PCW 157 was to see relatives with Herbert was this time to see his wife Mary's cousin Mark Martindale and his wife Jane at a small farm in the bottom of the valley near Low Gill off the Sedbergh-Tebay road. 

They were busy building the M6 at the time, they had no mains electric, a brook ran through the farmyard and they had tapped water from a spring to one of the old stone sinks, cast iron coal fired range with hot water tank and oven.  Mark had a Grey Fergy to pull a trailer converted from a horse cart to go to market at Sedbergh with small stuff, they probably picked up his beef cows at the gate onto the road, Mark had an un repaired cleft lip and pallet, difficult for me to understand in conversation.

People need to wake up and understand that almost certainly all the animal UK cruelty video's they post on YouTube are staged using EU  Migrant Agency Workers who go home to evade the long arm of the law, whilst the British farmer gets strung.  An RT documentary on Corporate Employment Agencies demonstrated how they make more than the worker they employ, and put you on a blacklist if you raise concerns about Health & Safety, they are probably just as bad if not worse from a human rights aspect than Confederate Slave Traders in the 19th Century.  

I reccommend that you watch Cider House Rules set in WW2 USA about an Orphanage funding itself by doing unlawful abortions, likewise a South African film The Gods Must be Crazy about a Coke Bottle thrown out of a light aircraft into a Bushman village.   Its so useful that they all fight over it so one of the older teenagers undertakes to take it and throw it off the edge of the earth, some quite amusing capers with a Mk1 Land-Rover with no handbrake and flat battery and a gate you have to open and close across the track going up a hill thrown in !

The Guy who put me onto the Bushman film was a retired Queensland Civil Servant who had slipped and broken his knee Pot Holing in the Bungle Bungles not long before, they had pinned it but perhaps better judgement would have suggested he avoided the trip on which he shared a room with me. Also on the bus was an Aussie OAP woman who had toured the UK by Double Deck Service Bus , when we got back on the tour bus at Bluff two of the Aussie guys in their 59s hat been to the Chip Shop and got some battered deep fried Oysters.  They gave me one to try and I could have eaten more, forget eating the raw things  and risking food poisoning, anyway here's my Mock Oysters recipe for Xmas Starter Course ! 

Obtain required number of cooked Pork Firkadelan burgers

Cook in Microwave ( Mine is an old 1980s Sharp built at Chadderton had to fit new Magnatron Dad put tin dish in )

Whist cooking mix English Mustard & freshly ground black pepper ( as estimated rack of'th eye required )

When cooked slice burgers almost right through to form cracked open oyster shell impression'

Spread mustard & pepper mix in where sliced open ( take it easy not too much for kids )

Insert half a Value ( I use Mild Red Cheddar slices ) or double up thinner alternatives

Add Tomato or any other sauce you fancy to taste and serve ( good anytime also try Turkey )

Bluff has an aluminium smelter powered by Hydro Electric with dams all the way down the spine of the South Island from Mt Cook and  connected by canals as wide as the Manchester Ship Canal, earlier that day I had bought the Greenstone neckless my mum treasured from a small shop in Invercargill at a very reasonable price.  The one she was wearing when she died of a heart attack attending the funeral of he favourite brother in law, former Co-op Dairy Farm stockman and the husband of my auntie Ethel, who bought me my New English Bible to commemorate my conformation.

I am informed that there has been another big earthquake near Palmerston North about an hour by road north from Wellington, and where I got something to eat in the hour I spent there waiting to catch the overnight bus to Gisbourne along the gorge which the railway follows one side, road to Hastings clings to the other.  It would appear that the damage up the coast fro Christchurch extends as far as the inter island ferry terminal at Picton, Littleton the port at Christchurch is not that big either,  I saw what an earthquake can do when I went out to see Uncle Herbert's niece Ella, ( who's mum was Welsh ) 1988, and if its damaged the North Island Grand Trunk to Auckland it could cripple their entire economy for perhaps years.  Ella lives at Whakatane with active volcano White Island just off the coast also showing sings it could erupt at anytime, the BBC & Sky are not telling you half the truth !

Are West Yorkshire Police seriously hoping an awakening UK general public wiill buy their cock & bull narrative which former the basis of their evidence in the Joe Cox Murder conviction today, no wonder the convicted guy gave no evidence'.  Any serious Nazi fanatic would have his Bras Eagle in pride of place on his mantlepeice  in his front room, anyone visiting would think that it was just a ornament he had bought, yet its shown on the bookcase in his bedroom.  The place looks too tidy for a single guy living on his own, likewise the bookcase neatly stacked almost crammed full when if the evidence was real there would be his favourite ones on the top of his  cupboard for easy reference. 

Likewise the evidence he visited far right sights supplied by the public library, phone footage of shooting gun could have been anyone and perhaps got exhibited as evidence lashed up to look credible using a stock from an air rifle.  Thus leading to the probability the Jury paid to convict in Kangaroo Court, whole thing set up by social services, Joe Cox might not even be dead as you can't trust a Bradford NHS team who instantly blocked me when I tried to follow them on Twitter ????

My animal right nutter ex girlfriend due to being beaten up by her dad who became one of the top guys at the NSPCC Burnley and got married and had a kid at 16 to escape, just like her younger sister who never had any kids but was big into rescuing cats which probably caused her marriage to fail.  She introduced me to Linda McCartney Pies, which I really enjoyed and therefore I can't help speculating Sir Paul had her killed as her mock meat pies inspired kids brought up even as extreme as Vegan to try and then start eating the real thing on a regular basis ?

The Company which markets Linda's mock pies is based at Leeds, home of the university which gave us Traffic Calming, Bus Lanes Harold Shipman and Baroness Warsi, who did her level best to stop David Cameron winning the 2015 General Election and give us the EU Referendum.   Perhaps Labour good guys and gals set up Richard the Turd with his EdStone, and what price now Ken Clarke the Sheriff of Nottingham and all along the Smoking Ban was intended to steal the land off the original Pilgrim Fathers for Goldman Sachs and their New World Order Baal Banker buddies !

To quote S0S Ben. Eyes Open, No Fear, Be safe Everyone !

To quote the Coxwain in The Cruel Sea when the propeller shaft broke and they were sitting ducks for a U-Boat, If anyone moans about typos or grammar I will have their guts for a neck tie,  Perhaps those involved in conspiracy to commit Treason should think themselves lucky that we no longer Hang Draw and Quarter Traitors in the UK these days !

Final thought for the day, was Aussie Global TV Star Steve Irwin assassinated as well because he was prepared to stand up and tell the truth about The Great Barrier Reef, Ant and Dec are Wankers !?!

Gordon Pye 6/12/2016 · #4

On Sunday BBC Coutryfile were attempting to portray how uncaring drivers were when negotiating horses on the roads, perhaps encouraging all the nastier horsy people to go out and hold the traffic up in order to waste fuel, showed one on a busy main street. There is nothing you can do on a hill with a loaded wagon, and it was obvious that the whole thing was staged when the woman on the grey horse deliberately put it close to a car going slow and over SIX FEET WIDE. horse following behind nor worried at all ! Explore

Gordon Pye 26/11/2016 · #3

I've been on a trip riding Shotgun to Carlisle with the primary objective being to get to get a Brief Encounter Eyeball of the New Bridge over the River Lune connecting the M6 to the Morecambe & Heysham By-Pass !

Approaching said new Junction the Highways Agency have coned off the nearside lane apparently " For Your safety ", perhaps a wise thing to do as if your ABS Brakes malfunction using the slip road as theoretically intended to prevent backlogs you are likely to charge straight across Caton Road whatever the Traffic Lights display,

It would appear that the construction contractors have omitted to paint the essential steel structure-work, and its dark rust indicating perhaps reject inferior quality steel. Furthermore, even if Green NGOs don't take LCC to court to forbid the contractors from shot-blasting the accessible surfaces its likely to rot from the inside. It may also be the case that critical welding is suspect and perhaps its Lancashire's Match-Stalk Bridge over the River Kwia as prescribed by lovers of cats and dogs ! Explore

Gordon Pye 24/11/2016 · #2

Looking like ABS Brakes Proven Cause Death crash tipper truck 'too big' for Bath road

Gordon Pye 24/11/2016 · #1

The next and final time I took him to Bradford he insisted that he called in at the drug dealers in the old boarded up corner shop opposite the petrol station at Morrisons Keighley. I bought him some roast chicken thighs for his dinner at Morrisons Skipton on the way back as usual, but we fell out on the A65 when I refused to attempt to pass a slow loaded tanker. Even though he knew better, he said I was useless at driving, he was only an expert on PS2 Rally, and even then he beat his record after I designed his car for him.