Pray For Beleaguered New Zealand !

Pray For Beleaguered New Zealand !

Manawatu Gorge Cabride - view looking aft

I'm Moby Dick of the BBC, Sky and ITV news bleating on about Aleppo when apparently there are 41K Homeless as the result of Earthquakes in NZ now. latest in the south of the North Island as well, the Travel Industry have got their useful idiots to Spam the Twitter hashtags to hide the truth.

The road and railway in the video are the main transport link from Palrmerston North to Hastings and onto Napier on Hawkes Bay, further on the railway is heavily engineered with massive steel viaducts which if damaged will take billions and years to replace.

Perhaps its ironic that it was the Maoris who led to the rise of Corporate Puppet and Top Link Global Warming Fraudster John Key who more than willingly signed up to TTP  and the COP21 Paris Agreement, perhaps more than amply demonstrating that anyone who supports Green Politics is corrupt or  probably suffering from mental illness ?

Whilst out there during the Gulf War in 1991 in between trips staying with Bill & Ella I was informed that the Maoris could have kicked the British out in the 1870s when they ran out of ammunition, but as they were such good sports they held a ceasefire so that the British could get some more !

Bill came to England to serve with the RAF during WW2, he never mentioned it to me personally but I was informed that he won a Medal for inventing something revolutionary and crucial to the war effort to do with Radar, after the war he returned to NZ and set up a humble small town TV sales & repair shop.  Bill did tell me that he didn't like England that much because when you went out shopping you got pissed wet through. unlike NZ where all the shops had ample verandas, so much for the stupidity of Pedestrianised Zones in UK Town Centers !

I have never studied politics academically, I have never read any political books like Karl Marx, and can't even name any right wing authors, so perhaps to get a true idea of where my politics come from one needs to examine my early life.   


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The old girl in the video sounds like she is fitted with the original Leyland 500 Fixed-Head Engine and a semi-automatic 5 speed gearbox, the ones I enjoyed driving at Ribble were fitted with Gardner Engines and could only manage 50, whereas she would probably do 60 !