Sugar Tax A Symptom of Health Fascism !

Sugar Tax A Symptom of Health Fascism !

I first became aware of the Cancer Causing potential of Aspartame from an Australian Sugar Industry TV advert when I was Down Under over the New Year 1988, watch the opening video linking other current almost epidemic scale health problems such as ADHD, Type 2 Diabetes & Dementia !

The UK Corporate Food Industry is keen to demonstrate its concern for the welfare of its consumers by pledging to reduce sugar levels in all their products, but then they would wouldn't they given that Aspartame is said to be 40 times cheaper than Sugar !

There is currently much controversy about the Monsanto herbicide Glyphosate ( commonly know as Round Up ) and links to deformity in piglets ( leading to increased still birth ) and infertility in dairy cows. At one time when I was racing pigeons American Maize was all the rage, pigeons love maize but when I got some they wouldn’t eat it so I successfully switched to French maize instead. As usual the boffins researching the problem have got their knickers in a twist and therefore ” can’t see the wood for the trees ” in that most probably its not the Round Up, its ( as with Aspartame ) the genetically modified organism itself.

Many UK Dairy Farmers secretly held that the probably cheap because it was GMO Maize Gluten they were feeding during milking in order to reduce the butterfat content of their milk to avoid penalties within their EU Milk Quota was the true cause of BSE, commonly know as Mad Cow Disease !

Its been long clear to me that Aspartame screws your immune system yet I’m finding it increasingly impossible to avoid it unless I shop far more expensive elsewhere than the savior of low income families Aldi and Lidl. The term ” Screws ” could infer either suppresses ( at low levels of GMO consumption ) or a higher levels actually turbocharges your immune system to a point where it actually attacks healthy tissue, perhaps leading to Cancer. Its likely that GMOs build up in your body over time as an accumulative toxin, perhaps leading to Dementia later in life and aggravating mental health problems by giving you the biological equivalent of intermittent  diodes in ” Dry Soldered Joints ” in your brain ?

Expanding on my Soldering analogy even when using alleged flux containing multi-core solder I always found it essential to use " Killed Spirit " to get a good clean connection, Salty Water is an electrolite and therefore it may be reasonable to believe that a Low Salt Diet significantly increases your risk of suffering from Dementia or other neurological diseases.  In other words Salt probably helps your immune system repair any damaged nerve connections, I also find it stops you getting Cramp !  ( as well as Sodium, other salts are probably also essential to maintain good health )

My late Dad told of when he was in summer Iraq with The Royal Artillery during WW2 and how the troops were given a pint of salty water to drink every day, one guy just couldn't stomach it but he found himself on a charge after he collapsed whilst on Guard Duty one day.  Its some time ago now, but I recall a case where UK Social Services successfully convicted a couple of Child Abuse on the basis of expert medical evidence that they had poisoned their young son with salt, a most unlikely story.  If anyone had accidentally swallowed poison it was once standard first aid practice to give them salty water in order to make them spew it back up ASAP ?

Perhaps we need to terminate Corporate Sponsored University Research Prescribed " There was an old woman who swallowed a fly " Medicine exclusively for the financial benefit of Big Pharma shareholders ?

Gordon Pye 4/12/2016 · #9

Minded to conclude that Chips are OK if they are browned to kill the latent Blight which makes you more hungry, likewise I am informed lettuce contains a Toxin which makes you more hungry, so reducing portion sizes is worse than useless apart from being abused to fiddle the inflation statistics, similarly I find Sunflower Oil gives you Heartburn so you have to buy Gaviscon.

I have some researchers working on my theory that by removing the Sulphur from Diesel ( to provide cheap fuel for container ships ) then adding ( Orangutan Murdering Palm Oil ) ( Rape Seed Oil was originally used for oil lights in trains but smoked so bad they soon converted to Coal Gas ) biodiesel turbocharges the effect of NOX on people suffering from Chronic Lung Disease and Asthma,.

I also find that taking Vitamin D supplements as suggested does improve my COPD but only if you don't overdo it, one pill every other day will suffice and perhaps with all medication the same principle applies to achieve ample effectiveness with minimal side effects !


Gordon Pye 26/10/2016 · #8

#6 If you want to avoid Cancer its probably a good idea to avoid frequent flying as well !

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debasish majumder 26/10/2016 · #6

lovely insightful post@Gordon Pye! enjoyed read. thank you for sharing the post.

Gordon Pye 20/10/2016 · #5

Ive just been watching a Channel4News report on antibiotic resistant TB and how they are monitoring patients to ensure they take their tablets via video link, When On Healey I was given Amoxicillin ( which I had never had any problems with before ) just prior to my " Dog Walk " "with one of the nurses, I had to turn back as it felt like my lungs were full of cotton wool, and when back on the ward I asked one of the UCLAN students for advice on what to do. He informed me that Fructose kills Penicillin so I supped half a gallon of Cordial and it soon did the trick and I could soon breathe normally. Looks like the boffins are falling down on imperfect understanding of the basics again,, the patient in the video was swilling down her pills with Orange Juice ?

Gordon Pye 3/10/2016 · #2

Our NHS doesn't get any help from the Department of Work & Pensions either, quite the contrary, but then everything has to be made as difficult and expensive as humanly possible to SWELL CORPORATE PROFITS !