Tesla's & Other Alleged Safe Driverless Cars Achilles Heel !

Tesla's & Other Alleged Safe Driverless Cars Achilles Heel !

I'M afraid I missed the full feature, but this Tech Sector Analyst guy was on BBC Business Live this morning but I did catch that apparently Tesla had put out a story that hackers using a mobile phone had disabled the brakes on one of their cars from ten miles away.  A most unlikely story and Dick Turpin PhD Pinocchio's Nose grows exponentially by the day, a self taught former Automotive Technician turned Computer Progammer and Hardware expert once told me the following !

" Its a miracle the bloody things work at all, electrons flying across the surface of the chip at the speed of light and expected to plop down exactly the right hole "

I expect that many will switch off and dismiss me as a Looney Luddite Technophobe but I wouldn't be without my Velcro Trainers, Metalurgy has come on in leaps and bounds since I was a kid and CNC machining is absolutely fabulous !

As part of of my research into the Carbon Dioxide drives Global Warming fraud ( I once wrote an article suggesting that based on Roy Spencer's published research, Co2 actually has a slight cooling effect plus killing the Black Carbon particles link to warming stone dead at birth based on 1970s UK Secondary Modern basic physics namely Specific Heat Capacity ) and got introduced to  the basics of Astrophysics  by fellow Climate Sceptic Friends !

I find that my friend Ben Davidson's Suspicious 0bservers YouTube account is probably the best place to start for beginners in his daily Space Weather report, our Sun is going crazy at the moment as we move towards a Little Ice Age bottom 2035.  The evidence suggests that we are also in the process of a Magnetic Pole Swap, and on a personal note my gut feeling is that our Earth has also shifted slightly on its axis, perhaps explaining record low temperatures plus snow in Australia and New Zealand.

The Sun Is Going To Sleep


Ben's latest report !


Needless to say Tesla and UN sponsored Paris Cop21 Climate Action are inextricably linked, much is made of the potential of Lithium Iron Batteries to store electricity from Renewable sources such as Wind Farms which Piers Corbyn once more than amply described as Eco Crucifixes !  Whilst Solar PV has its part to play for air conditioning in hot climates and Third World remote villages, here in the UK corporations are plating over good productive arable land on the back of electricity price inflating generous Feed In Tariffs, perhaps immoral in a world of starving millions !

Furthermore, the Rare Earth Metals used in the production of Wind Farms and other alleged sustainable environmentally friendly products had turned parts of China into the most Toxic places on our planet the country where Apple produces its iphones using internal migrant virtual reality slave workers housed in Concentration Camps with Cushions !

Perhaps the most fundamental flaw with high tech electronics like microchips is that the production tooling is far too precision critical to be reliable for long " economy of scale " runs, they are also almost impossible to economically recycle, currently they get destitute African kids to set fire to them on waste ground whilst breathing in tons of toxic fumes in the process .  The aforementioned problems ( and especially with Lithium Iron Batteries ) by the Samsung Smart Phone Recall, and I can't help speculating that Apple bribed a third party to deliberately supply Samsung with a proportion of known potentially defective batteries.   The same principle may also apply to Malaysian Airlines MH370 with perhaps several corrupt government official bribed to look in the wrong place whilst artificially boosting the share price of Inmarsat ?

I believe Green NGOs are now badgering the EU to force everyone to use 10% Orangutan Murdering Palm Oil in their Diesel Car, same for Bio Ethanol perhaps the only thing preventing Monsanto's total insolvency and a key part of the Bayer takeover deal going through on the nod ?

It would appear to be currently fashionable for Hollywood Celebrity wives and Global female Pop Stars to emulate Auschwitz Sex Slaves, whilst our Climate Action Champion Prince Charles was best of mates with serial Chiild Sex Abuse former BBC Top Celebrity the late Jimmy Savile,   Likewise one of D'Caprio's Charities has got caught Embezzeling Billions from Malaysia.  The whole Co2 drives Climate Change Scam has Goldman Sachs and George Soros written right through it like a stick of Blackpool Rock, and was MH17 shot down by the official Ukraine Government to assassinate the UK guy on his way to a WHO meeting to announce that he had found a cure for AIDS ?

They say " Many a true word spoken in jest " !


Oh Braveheart New World Order, and its little known that The Vatican helped several High Profile Nazi War Criminals to escape to South America after World War Two, mostly to our current Pope Francis's homeland Argentina and therefore it must be reasonable to believe that the Global Green Movement is cover for the creation of a Corporate-Nazi IV Reich !

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Breaking News Suspect Electronics Malfunction cause of Hoboken Station New jersey Train Crash ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUSMmXy8LnM

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Perhaps the easiest way to liberate ourselves from Global Corporate-Nazi Dictatorship is to copy what Gandhi did with the British in India and simply refuse to consume anything except bare essentials, give that three months and the finance which supports tyranny will dry up, corrupt corporations will will become insolvent ! This guy talks sense as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtPAthuDLrk

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The Green Movement and their Corp[orate Sponsors have been trying to " Rub Me Out " since I trashed the alleged ecological credentials of Traffic Calming in 1996 http://www.drivers.com/article/1102/ ( follow link to date hacked original article ) and also outlining The Potential Dangers of ABS Brakes around the same time !

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Ben's latest Space Weather Report including paper on link to heart problems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2px-T1qGffo

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Ben Davidson's Latest Space Weather Report ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwomp0yF714