The Awakening of the Trans-Atlantic Sheeple ???

The Awakening of the Trans-Atlantic Sheeple ???

If the FBI find " No Criminality " in Hillary's Emails that may not be to say Emails from others to Hilary's account are not incriminating. perhaps especially those from George Soros linked Corporate Charity and Green NGOs plus any linked in with UK Politicians and our Child Sex Abuse Inquiry ?

Isaac  Newton told us why, an apple falls down from the sky.  And from this fact its very plain, all other objects do the Same.  A brick a Bar  a Bolt a Cup, invariably fall down not up, and every common working tool is governed by the self same rule   So best foot forward and take care about the kind of shoes you wear, so get a hat and keep your head !

Some people say that alleged " Conspiracy Theorists " like myself should wear a " Tinfoil Hat " but then some conspiracy theories are true, and its patently obvious that honest decent educated people all over the world are angered by the way many top scientists. medical practitioners, Film TV and Music celebrities abuse their positions of power to enable Wall Street Bankers to fleece the ordinary working people upon which everyone's prosperity ultimately relies on !

The Carbon Dioxide drives Global Warming Theory plus dangerous Sea level Rise Debunked Here !

Mind Virus Zombies and Climate Change

I caught part of a Westminster Hall debate where Jeremy Corbyn's Loony Left Sustainability fraudsters were attempting to get a BAN on Driven Grouse Shooting and the management of UK moorland uplands by the controlled burning of heather.  They were comprehensively shot down by the fact that said areas managed by the RSPB have far less biodiversity than those under the control of traditional British Gamekeepers.  Caroline Lucas was attempting to portray that burning moorland heather risked the UK not being able to keep to its Co2 reduction targets and got laughed at. and it was inferred that most environmental charities wont allow objective scrutiny of their sustainability success claims !



In collusion with Alan Knox and other criminal Clitheroe Town Council Liberal Democrats Lancashire County Council are reducing the width of the road around Chatburn Road End Roundabout by increasing the radius of the island thus risking damaging the tyres on semi-trailers working from Waddington Fell Quarry.   The same principle probably also applies to long wheelbase buses and coaches. perhaps after several damage incidents operators may decide to withdraw their service or demand premium rates.  I can't help speculating that the cycle accident being used as the justification for said works was in actual fact staged as part of an insurance scam ?


I believe that Traffic Calming as based on the perverse ideology that " Making the roads more dangerous makes them safer ! originated from Leeds University, the very same UK educational institution where the infamous serial killer Dr Harold Shipman trained to become a GP.    What happened at Hyde may be more than eclipsed by what's been going on at Castle Medical Practice under Dr Ron J Higson in collusion with The Royal Blackburn Hospital, and Pendleside practice is probably implicated likewise.  That is not to say that all doctors at Clitheroe Health center are implicated, but its almost Certain that they were like Shipman arranging contract killings ( or significantly disabling of people ) for corporate developers !

Uriah Heep - A Year Or A Day from their 1975 Album Return to Fantasy !

Seen from the height
Of a thousand miles
The earth looks the same as it did
How is it we can fly faster than day
But we can't find the things we need

Young man said the old man
Let the youth in your heart be at rest
We may all be dead
In a year or a day
When the devil is put to the test ...

The day of creation
Was our finest hour
It's something we ought to defend
But it's been so abused
Since the first day of light
That no glory can come in the end

Young man cried the old man
There is victory in staying alive
And if you care so little
For the world we're in
Why and what do you
Want to survive

Can't we try
To let the past go by
With it's lessons firmly
Settled in our minds
To our children one by one
And before the darkness comes
Let us leave a world full of light
Of a different kind

In truth they should meet
And with love
Their hearts should beat
And with patience
Solve the problems of our time
It wouldn't be so hard to do
It's only up to me and you
Let us not bequeath
A life that is a crime

Young man cried the old man
Let the youth in your heart be at rest
We may all be dead
In a year or a day
When the devil is put to the test

Perhaps everyone needs to ask themselves if somewhere deep within there's another being they are somehow abusing, by the person they're using ???

Gordon Pye 9/11/2016 · #2

When I was still at primary school my late Gt Auntie Eadie ( who was in the RAF Catering Corps serving Bomber Crews in WW2 and never married ) gave me a copy of The Lighted Flame A History of ASLEF written by their retiring general secretary in 1950. Its the only remotely political book that I have ever read apart from snippets in Master Builders of Steam and Great Northern Railway Chief mechanical Engineer H A Ivatt fought general management hard for fair working conditions. In The Lighted Flame it describes how the Miners, the Government and the Mine Owners had reached a deal to end the Coal Strike the evening before, thus averting the 1926 General Strike. However, The Daily Mail ( the non publication of which was to signal the start of the said strike ) engineered a totally unrelated lightning strike by print workers over the publication of an article they knew to be not true.


Gordon Pye 8/11/2016 · #1

t's not even noon yet on the East Coast and every staffer in our office is completely overwhelmed with reports of voter irregularity, vote fraud, bussing, etc.

I’ve been investigating vote fraud for seven years, and have never seen anything like this.

Here’s what I’m hearing so far . . .

GOP poll workers in Philly and three other counties have been thrown out of polling locations
Active campaigning for Hillary in Pennsylvania
Voting machines down in Tennessee
Reports of busses crossing Mexican border in California going directly to polling places

And that’s just in the last hour.