The Corporate-Nazi Arch Plan for the UK Agenda 21 !

The Corporate-Nazi Arch Plan for the UK Agenda 21 !

It would appear that Green Policy is the Keystone of a plan to turn the UK into Stock Market Parasite Noah's Ark. complete with Eco Historical Theme Parks. plus Tidal Lagoon ( Swansea the prototype ) for when the weather is too rough to use the real sea on your long  booked Executive Jet Set Holiday Break !

I first wrote this whist waiting to bury my late dad at Easter 2013, and about a year later an Italian guy replied after I posted it in a UKIP group on facebook with a link translating a printed 1942 German Nazi document. The said document outlined that even if the Nazis didn’t win WW2 they would subvert national governments to achieve their aims anyway. Their plan was to deindustrialise the UK and keep it for tourism and limited agriculture.

With the probable closure of the Port Talbot steel works still on the cards after Redcar and the future Scunthorpe not yet certain it would appear that our entire steel industry is to be sacrificed on the altar of the Green Co2 drives run away global warming quasi-religion, as green taxes make carbon intensive steel production totally uneconomic. plus I believe TATA Steel asset stripped most of the original EU Carbon Trading Credits !

Over the past 30 or so years it has become increasingly apparent that the UK would appear to be following a de-industrialisation agenda driven by stock market parasites who’s only interest would be to promote the asset stripping of the UK’s industrial infrastructure, whilst at the same time taking maximum profits for the Corporates.   The whole object of their exercise has been to promote false economic growth mostly on the back of EU directives as embroidered by Whitehall.

A typical 7 page relatively simple EU directive transformed into a book when applied to the UK starting with John Major through Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and now Cameron with the Lib-Dem Europhile licence.  It all part of a Corporate-Nazi ideology festering in UK politics for far too long now and all lobbied for by various Safety-fascists, Health-fascists and most of all Eco-fascists via the now almost totally discredited Co2 induces run away Global warming theory.

Corrupt Civil servants probably got away with their subversion ( and probably amounting to treason ) by the fact that they could blackmail UK political parties over credible allegations of Child Sexual Abuse against key ministers, none more so than the Prime Minister who originally got us into the EU namely Edward Heath.  Harold Wilson did at least give us the chance to escape the EU in in his referendum, but everyone was doing OK, UK self sufficient in milling wheat via the Common Agricultural Policy, most people doing quite well financially so they voted to remain.

The Rot probably first set in after Denis Healey took out the IMF loan, but it was the EU 8 hour daily driving limit which killed much of our manufacturing industry, especially in Central Scotland , and perhaps Maggie Thatcher unfairly got the blame.  Perhaps Maggie realised her mistakes in privatising state industry at the behest of the EU and Wall Street and was tricked into introducing the Poll Tax via Nicolas Ridley, when she refused to play the EU inspired False Economic Growth game to hide the Black Hole in corporate balance sheets after the 1987 Stock Market Crash post Big Bang anymore ?

Apart from his sexual relationship with Edwina Currie, the Stock market had John Major by the bollocks as many of his MP's were technically bankrupt ( and therefore inelligable to be MPs )  Lloyds Names, but even then he had to do a deal with the Ulster Unionists to pass the Finance Bill including the Road Fuel Tax Escalator.   They probably had Ken Clarke on CSA and David Trimble was bought via a deal to close a Tobacco Factory at Oldham and relocate it to Belfast, However Ken McGuiness put up some resistance, until being bought off with a Lordship, Trimble later shared the Nobel Prize ?

Anyone of half intelligence could see the damage the RFTE was doing to household name manufacturing industry and it probably lost John Major the 1997 General Election yet Gordon Brown kept on going until the Farmers For Action fuel protests in 2000.  Perhaps as punishment for the dairy industry Animal Rights Activists contaminated the transport at the 2001 January sale of prime breeding stock sheep ( with a Botswanan strain ) with Foot & Mouth disease, they blamed it on a north east pig farmer who's farm hand was big into animal rights.  That's  probably how it got down to Oakhampton in Devon, slow burn probably closed its desert factory and dairy which supplied it after many used their compensation to convert to easier life Beef.  Perhaps the same Eco-Terrorism  principle applied to New Zealand Dairy Farmers after John Key failed to sell Cow Fart Taxes to steal their family land for Corporate Wall Street, explaining the Chinese Baby Milk Formula contamination  scandal ?

More recently it was reported that some guy has been charged with 17 counts Arson for starting the California Wild Fires ascribed to Global Warming, perhaps some of them as part of insurance scams by share traders unable to meet mortgage payments during the stock market downturn !

Perhaps the most painless way to stop the Corporate-Nazi Plan in its tracks is for the UK to pull the plug on the PFI welfare state for the stock market parasites and put interest rates up to a reasonable level say 5%.  10% would be better with every UK citizen with 10 years tax paid legal residence given a virtual 100k in a national savings account as the basis for a Citizens Income.  It could then be possible to scrap most employment legislation and get a true free labour market operating, and all multinational corporations to be taxed at say 5% of turnover as a licence for the privilege of trading in a UK market of 60 million, no scope for a tax dodge transferring profits overseas.

End all Corporate-Nazi Green Taxes NOW !

For the bigger picture explore my nollyprott blog even if its a bit like Eric Morecambe as conducted by Andre Previn, all the right evidence but not nescessarily  in the right order !

As they say No Rest for the Wicked !

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Just dug this out of YouTube and couldn't resist including it but will the BBC brainwashed Sheeple back the wrong side ! EuroDiVision Contest - feat. Greece, Angela Merkel, Slavoj Žižek & IMF [RAP NEWS 31]

Gordon Pye 28/9/2016 · #2

As subsequently proven to be Spot On by Price Waterhouse Coopers !