The Corporate-Nazi Arch Plan for the UK Agenda 21 !

The Corporate-Nazi Arch Plan for the UK Agenda 21 !

It would appear that Green Policy is the Keystone of a plan to turn the UK into Stock Market Parasite Noah's Ark. complete with Eco Historical Theme Parks. plus Tidal Lagoon ( Swansea the prototype ) for when the weather is too rough to use the real sea on your long  booked Executive Jet Set Holiday Break !

I first wrote this whist waiting to bury my late dad at Easter 2013, and about a year later an Italian guy replied after I posted it in a UKIP group on facebook with a link translating a printed 1942 German Nazi document. The said document outlined that even if the Nazis didn’t win WW2 they would subvert national governments to achieve their aims anyway. Their plan was to deindustrialise the UK and keep it for tourism and limited agriculture.

With the probable closure of the Port Talbot steel works still on the cards after Redcar and the future Scunthorpe not yet certain it would appear that our entire steel industry is to be sacrificed on the altar of the Green Co2 drives run away global warming quasi-religion, as green taxes make carbon intensive steel production totally uneconomic. plus I believe TATA Steel asset stripped most of the original EU Carbon Trading Credits !

Over the past 30 or so years it has become increasingly apparent that the UK would appear to be following a de-industrialisation agenda driven by stock market parasites who’s only interest would be to promote the asset stripping of the UK’s industrial infrastructure, whilst at the same time taking maximum profits for the Corporates.   The whole object of their exercise has been to promote false economic growth mostly on the back of EU directives as embroidered by Whitehall.

A typical 7 page relatively simple EU directive transformed into a book when applied to the UK starting with John Major through Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and now Cameron with the Lib-Dem Europhile licence.  It all