Transport Costs Too Much in the UK !

Transport Costs Too Much in the UK !

Apparently the Stock Market Parasites are lobbying for a massive cut in Air Passenger Duty for Executive Jet Set Tourists to be paid for by the reintroduction of ( as hated by the working class ) Road Fuel Tax Escalator in an attempt to step up the Corporate Ethnic Cleansing of Rural Areas !

Edited & Expanded from my original NollyPrott article October 2012 !

I was just thinking about the price differential between petrol and diesel in the UK and perhaps it all boils down to the fractional distillation of oil, a topic as part of the O level physics syllabus in the 1970s, and included in the BR handbook for Diesel Traction, in fact crucial information for any skilled engineer.  However, very few people know that all oil is not the same, apart from the fact that Brent Crude is 20$ more expensive than WTI Texas light crude. 

It is probably the case that Brent Crude yields far more diesel under distillation than WTI, and even then all ” diesel ” is not the same, some is noticeably less good than the best, when I was driving wagons you could often tell when there had been a new delivery at the garage, used to run it pretty dry and then get a full 8 wheeler full of the new stuff.   I have never noticed any significant difference between petrol because I always keep a full tank, except that you get less Mpg since they started adding 5% ethanol, which lowers the calorific value.

The question  ” Is Brent more expensive because it yields more diesel ” for which there is an ever growing market for, a diesel car now better than a Hyibrid Prius petrol electric as far as theoretical Co2 emissions are concerned and therefore environmentally trendy.  The only snag is that  the