UK DWP Ministry of Silly Walks ???

UK DWP Ministry of Silly Walks ???

Whilst I welcome the announcement that Theresa May's Work & Pensions Secretary Damian Green is to Scrap the endless All Work Tests for Chronically Sick Employment & Support Allowance, many of the ( As prescribed by Stock Market Celebrity David ( now Lord ) Freud as originally consultant to Gordon Brown ) Inhumane disability benefits reforms remain.

The pedigree of the current welfare reforms all got going when Brown took over from Blair as unelected prime minister and bottled out of a snap election he may have survived in order to ensure he got his fat cat ex prime ministers pension after serving a year and a day, but the Tories were riding high on a pledge to scrap inheritance tax on less than £1 Million.  Brown’s first chosen DWP minister James Purnell who with stock market celebrity then plain David Freud as official consultant then started spinning the most draconian welfare reforms they thought they could get away with as spun via Corporate-Nazi leaning  right wing press like the Sun, Daily Mail and perhaps particularly the Express.  

Of course the Tories had to jump on the bandwagon and in any case they already had form on attempting to deny the then Incapacity Benefit to especially the chronically sick via Peter Lilley ( alleged accessory to the fact on Portillo child abuse allegations ) and as cheered on by his junior minister William Hague ( later minister responsible for the north wales child abuse scandal whitewash report ) in a BBC propaganda documentary about it at the time.  However, nothing much changed except that all future IB claims were made subject to income tax which made you need to fill out tax forms whist the then DWP ( with Asian immigrant doctors who couldn’t even speak fluent English ) benefits medical service tried to throw loads of chronically sick people off for the 11 weeks before you had to start a new claim.

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The snag came after Purnell was forced to resign after he left the flat he rented in London in a condition which most people might expect if a drug addict had lived there, and perhaps as a consolation prize for perhaps deliberately allowing himself to be caught fiddling his campaign expenses for the deputy leadership contest and coming in last even if he was obviously by far the best candidate Peter Hain was appointed in charge of the DWP.   Perhaps due to his human rights anti apartheid pedigree there was probably no way that he was going to implement the full scope of the welfare reforms as planned by Freud and as a result Freud resigned in a hissy fit only to be given a life peerage after the Tories quickly snapped him up in order to make him their key welfare minister via the unelected House of Lords.  I can’t help speculating that Hain has decided to stand down as an MP in 2015 because he can’t stomach being accessory to the fact on human rights abuses.

Purnell was later rewarded for his part in spinning the Freud welfare reforms by being given a top fat cat job at the BBC perhaps by probable key Corporate-Nazi Chris Patten ???

In February 2015 I tried to make a new claim for ESA having been declared ” Fit for Work ” as I couldn’t be arsed filling in and attending the WCA bullshit a couple of years ago as I had lost the cash anyway on the 365 day rule.  Having got my sick note sent into the local DWP office by the hospital I then had to contact the DWP phone line in order that they could fill out the full claim form and forward it to DWP Belfast for processing.


Obviously if you were genuinely unwell it would be impossible to cope with all their Ministry of Silly Walks bullshit especially if you were suffering from a mental health problem which probably explains why so many mental health cases bounce back into hospital just to keep warm and dry and have a full belly.

It must be obvious that the current system is unfit for purpose but perhaps the problems are mostly due to PCS Union members acting like a virtual Eco-Nazi Zonde Commando in order to throw flak at the Tory minister IDS on the behalf of the Labour Party, and cunningly hidden by the fact that its down to Belfast in Northern Ireland where Labour don’t stand for election.  However, it was obvious that Gordon Brown bought the votes of DUP MPs on 42 days detention without charge by promising a fat government grant for an aircraft factory at Belfast with a huge investment promised from the corporate multinational owners.  Fortunately it all fell through when the bill failed to pass in the Lords.

Tory Spin Doctors attempted to portray that anyone who slipped through the alleged safety net would be catered for by Corporate Charities like The Trussell Trust who provide Food Banks throughout the UK in collaboration with our alleged Christian and other religious institutions.

Perhaps the underlying ideology of 21st Century Corporate Charity is more than amply portrayed by Monty Python Here !

George Osborne once floated the idea of a Charity Tax which was immediately shot down by wealthy Tory Party donors squealing like stuck pigs, likewise charities themselves moaning about lost leverage to support their gambling on the stock market, alleged to boost funds to " good causes " !

The ghost of George Osborne can also get you via his allowing local councils to set a regressive Social Care Precept on the Council Tax, which high income mansion owners partially escape due to the banding system, and perhaps the Council Tax should be replaced with a local Total Household Income Tax ?

Unless Damian Green ends the 365Day Rule ( perhaps to save face by making it only apply to higher rate taxpayers ), the Bedroom Tax and make ESA Tax Free, then the Tories will remain as The Nasty Party in the minds of genuine decent honest caring UK people !

I must admit that the Disability Benefit Cuts got me so wound up at one stage as to suggest Privatising Northern Ireland in order to reduce the UK national debt, but perhaps the DWP could save a fortune if it closed down its Belfast Hub operations and went back to local and regional offices !

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I first came up with the concept for the following flying a 32 ton semi-trailer down past Settle Junction Signal Box on autopilot after having been forced to sheet up a load of pissed wet dust at Horton Quarry in wet snow and a force 9 gale blowing to appease Mike Harding the Eco-Nazi Cowboy from Rochdale & Co. At least I was able to get out of the wind by backing her into the old Engine Shed, but when I got back to the depot ( after having tipped at Tarmac Clitheroe ) I was doing a pretty good impression of Kenneth More's portrayal of Douglas Bader walking on Tin Legs in Reach for the Sky !

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GREEN HOLOCAUST is a key component of No need to build Concentration Camps, just Freeze and Starve people to Death in Virtual Reality Ghettos as originally identified by Traffic Calming or more recently 20 Mph Zones !