UK Generation Gormless & Nursery Crime !?!

UK Generation Gormless & Nursery Crime !?!

I remember one famous British Nursery Rhyme includes the line " In the middle of a wood a Piggywigg stood with a ring in the end of its nose ", which would appear to personify the ideal lifestyle for the majority of UK under 30s. The rot set in when the BBC put John Craven ( Now anchor of Countryfile ) in BBC Children's Newsround !

I hardly ever saw it as I was working part time at the garage but Grange Hill precipiitated an absolute explosion in secondary school classroom anti social behavior preventing those who actually wanted to learn from doing so, plus an epidemic of teenage drug taking.  Then came Teletubbies and then they wondered why kids starting Primary School couldn't talk properly or understand their teachers. and perhaps planned alleged solution introduce free pre school education, and perhaps a convenient for free baby sitting for celebrity Wives & Girlfriends WAGS so they could go out glamour shopping and hang around in Wine Bars ?

Having Shakespeare ideology rammed down their throats probably turns many of the most perceptive kids of their secondary education, a better was to improve English skills would be to do it via history and Geography, but then they wan everyone reliant on the Sat Nav on their mobile phone.  About the same time BBC Science output became totally dumbed down and mostly pure conjecture, whilst Tony Robinson and his Time Team always attempted to emphasise the Pagan religious significance of ancient monuments like Stone Henge.  The true reason people live on the top of Dartmore in the Bronze Age was because the climate  was Red Hot compared to today, and the Ancient Egyptians used sledges because the now desert was then grassland and sledges do less damage to the underlying land.

I know this because my late Gt uncle Frank Pye formerly of Summit House on Waddington Fell whom I was taken to visit on summer nights used pony drawn sledges to hail rushes from the boggy fields for bedding for the ponies he kept up until he was forced into a nursing home after one of them kicked him and made him blind.  Pye Copy is marked on the old Ordenance Survey Two & a half Inch Forest of Bowland Landranger Series map, yet the youth of today have been media indoctrinated to listen to Dick Turpin PhD University Boffin environmental scientists, not true men of the land like farmers, David Bellamy and the late Jack Hargreaves .  Would they argue with indigenous South American Indians ?

If the current trend continues then there will be very few of the original indigenous population left in rural areas, the very same people who in the 1960s had an environment where thrushes thrived despite the fact that the local kids would raid the first round of eggs laid by wild birds and take them into school for the ” nature table ” strictly verboten now, despite the fact that it probably did more good than harm. 

The point was that the kids would take the first round of eggs laid in the early spring and perhaps hatched before enough food was available for the chicks.  The song birds simply laid another round of eggs and the chicks thrived in the warmer conditions, kids fun over for the year and no harm done.   Our local problem with declining thrush numbers only started when a pair of Peregrines moved into the face on the local quarry, after about 15 years there are no thrushes in our local area. still plenty of Blackbirds though, probably because the hawks think they are crows. 

I remember BBC Bird in the Nest once showed a peregrine nest where the parent cam back with a brown thing that looked like a thrush but the camera was edited at the critical point, the wildlife presenters know full well hawks eat small birds, how can Attenborough state that peregrines only eat pigeons.  He also claims they always kill first strike yet whilst racing pigeons I had several survive hawk attacks, a member of the public once alerted me to one he had found that had been two thirds plucked before it escaped, I nursed her back to health.

All the Green Tendy celebrities are squealing like stuck pigs after DEFRA announced it was extending the Badger Cull to more areas in the south of England, but shooting is a clumsy option, when the sets can be tested for TB by analysing the droppings, plus the Fire Brigade is said to have the technology to painlessly gas them in their set whilst sleeping during the day if proven infected. 

There was a lot to be said for Foxhunting with Hounds, the Bowland Fell hunted on foot taking shotguns and rifles to shoot is given the chance, Hounds are massive, one bite neck and instant death even if the pack pile in a rip it to pieces , plus hunting with dogs only kills the foxes that take stock, preserve those which kill vermin like rabbits.  My mate who was into shooting one told how a farmer once opined to him ( whist observing four rabbits in his field ) " That's another sheep I can't have "  !

The famers understand the land far better than any education you can get at university, the grammar school near me has a higher proportion of farmers kids.   The fact is that if you are an idiot with your land you will soon go out of business as a farmer, farming is far worse now so the pressure is on to cut costs but its already cut to the bone, many farmers relying on the Ols Age Pension  to keep afloat, lose the ability to sell stock and you are stuffed, so no chance for younger farmers to survive.   That’s what university trained environmentalists want in order that farmers will be forced to leave the industry freeing up the farm property for speculative developers tapping into the stock broker retirement market.

Anybody who worked in an outside job through the late 1980s and early 1990s could probably have been forgiven for believing the media hype about how man made Co2 was causing Global Warming and that urgent action had to be taken to reduce emissions, or so the environmental NGO’s like FoE and WWF would tell everyone, I must admit that I myself was a believer.

I even wrote to Friends of the Earth pointing out that the traffic calming they were promoting at least doubled pollution, especially the toxic type it has since been established that traffic calming increases Co2 by 83% and NOX ( the stuff that gives you asthma ) by 37%.  In 1995 I wrote an article about it increasing pollution and sent it by snail mail to FoE, I waited a couple of weeks but received no reply so I rang their office and asked if they had received it, pointing out what it was about and was then basically told to get stuffed and the phone was slammed down on me.

By the time I had got my first internet access in 1996 I had written to every alleged environmental charity in the country and again not one single reply, I also wrote to Peg Alexander then leader of the fledgling Green party on other transport issues pointing out how to reduce emissions and costs on transport and how to get more freight on the railways based on my experience from time exploring in New Zealand and before that Australia.  Again no reply as if it had never been written so I did start to seriously question the true motives behind the green movement.

Tomorrows Daily Mail is reporting that Chris Grayling UK Transport Secretary has given the go ahead for HS2, so it looks like we area all dead anyway despite Theresa May's rhetoric about creating a Britain for all the people, but then he was at the DWP in 2012 when disability activist stood chanted.

Chris Grayling hear us say, we wont work if you wont pay !


Gordon Pye 2/11/2016 · #10

Rode shotgun to Carlisle & back today, not a breath of wind yet three wind turbines next to and easy to be seen by motorway zooming round as if on near gale. It would appear that wind turbine owners have got a diesel genny wired in series to milk the feed in tariff, and are probably using provided to them free Orangutan Murdering biodiesel the oil suppliers can't sell because if you use it in an old tractor wont pull the skin off a traditional home made rice pudding made with butter !

Gordon Pye 30/10/2016 · #9

The UK Labour Party must be in political dire straights when their once Soap Star Actress candidate in the Batley & Spen by-election could only manager to get 85% of a 25% turn-out ( perhaps mostly comprising potentially fraudulent Postal Votes ) with no serious opposition whatsoever !

Gordon Pye 18/10/2016 · #8

Spike Milligan knew the truth about Environmentalism

Gordon Pye 17/10/2016 · #7

Presstitute Media: Where to Go, What to Read, Whom to Believe

Gordon Pye 16/10/2016 · #6

BBC Coutryfile has just had some anorexic teenager claiming an animal rights victory after she got Tesco to stop buying Battery Eggs and how her in band new cages to stop foxes taking them cages with bark bedding are now happy rescue hens and fully feathered. Of course those who know poultry will be fully aware that birds moult every Back End hence the lack of feathers in the footage the Animal Rights brigade distribute !

Watch as sponsored by Tesco !

Gordon Pye 16/10/2016 · #5

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio was urged Friday to step down from his climate change position with the United Nations or renounce connections to a group that allegedly embezzled millions to gain favor with the White House.

Read more:

Gordon Pye 14/10/2016 · #4

Seems Cop21 Paris Agreement BAN on HFCs is just a weedy excuse for Corporate Industrialists to sell you their Patent far more expensive alternative, deny the Third World Poor cheap refrigeration ?

Gordon Pye 13/10/2016 · #3

The Green Fraudsters have now got the attempting to emulate King Canute We're doing our bit to Save The Planet brigade buying Kiln Dried Logs for their Wood Burning Stoves. Perhaps the next big Green Business Marketing Scam will be to sell them 3D Printing technology in order that they can make themselves a Chocolate Fireguard ?