Was Steve Irwin Assassinated ?

Was Steve Irwin Assassinated ?

Steve Irwin's Ocean's Deadliest -Part 1

I alluded to to the probability that Steve Irwin was taken out of the climate change equation because he was prepared to stand up for the truth about the Great Barrier Reef Dick Turpin PhD & Co Environmental Fraudsters attempt to portray is being damaged by human emissions of Co2. 

When I stepped down from the train from Adelaide at Perth in December  I got tagged onto an Ex RN guy called Paul who had been living up Queensland until it got to hot for him being an illegal immigrant, who told me all about whatever you do don't get stung by a Stone Fish, Lion Fish or Box Jellyfish !

I headed up Queensland in January 88, first stop Townsville where I stayed in a back packer hotel and on Sunday went on a boat trip snorkeling, some miles off the mainland coast to avoid aforementioned jellyfish, close to an offshore island.  I was a bit disappointed as like in video the sea floor was grey like in the video, but perhaps the reef only fully blooms in winter, an in any case to see the full colour you would probably need lighting.  I did actually have a close encounter with a stingray, but nobody said they were potentially dangerous, there were also giant clams, and on the beach of the island marine scientists were experimenting growing them for food.

I got into an interesting conversation with the boat crew on the way back eating the complementary smorgasboard , the young guy in charge had earlier been showing off free diving to 30ft, and the catering girl thought that i was a German due to my Craven Accent'  I told them that I had basic training in using Scuba diving equipment, and they said if I had told them when I booked they would have lent me some, no problem with the bends if you don't go deeper than 30ft according to my Settle CB mates who took me to flooded Hellwith Bridge Quarry.

I suspect that the devastated shots of the the BBC etc show us are the result of storm damage in combination with Crown of Thorns Starfish as introduced via discharged water ballast from ships from China, just like the plague of non native crabs in East Anglian rivers here in the UK.

What the BBC are not telling you is the Puerto Rica has been hit by a hurricane taking out many bridges but only 5 people died, and in any case they don't count because they are poor people, like the migrants rioting in the Hungarian Tent Concentration Camp, because they are not allowed out as it seems likely they may have Typhus.  Millions are on the streets of South Korea demanding the immediate resignation of their President and other similar protests elsewhere in the far east signals the imminent demise of Global Capitalism as we know it.

I suspect that the late Tony Benn would have classified me as a signpost in politics, and perhaps soon I will no longer need to perform Monty Pythons Julius Caesar with an Aldis Lamp whilst emulating Four Yorkshiremen sketch to catch the highest Twitter waves.  We probably wont go hungry anyway there are plenty of Horse Hareems to eat our way through the worst times ahead, Uncle Herbert used to tell of how people people used to come from miles around to a cafe at Halifax which sold Horse Meat Pies, with the most delicious thick gravy !

I suspect that most of the said pies contained road casualties, before WW2 runaway horses killed more people than cars, my granddad Pye used to tether timid horses he got to train next the the level crossing at the foot of Langho Bank up to Whilpshire,  Express passenger trains coming down the bank at 60 with screaming whistle whilst freight trains to Blackburn were banked in the rear with both engines working flat out.

On Sunday BBC Coutryfile were attempting to portray how uncaring drivers were when negotiating horses on the roads, perhaps encouraging all the nastier horsy people to go out and hold the traffic up in order to waste fuel, showed one on a busy main street.  There is nothing you can do on a hill with a loaded wagon, and it was obvious that the whole thing was staged when the woman on the grey horse deliberately put it  close to a car going slow and over SIX FEET WIDE. horse following behind nor worried at all !

Whilst on the subject of staged accidents I caught the end of Channel 5 Traffic Cops New Series featuring the West Yorkshire Force just as they has stopped a red Audi A3 for No Insurance, impounded the vehicle and yet the youth drive walk home.  They later found that he was wanted for Recall to Prison, they did eventually get him when he was on the gable end rooftop of quality terraced houses lobbing slates for hours and causing thousands worth of damage, and perhaps the impounded Audi was sold and the proceeds put into their Police Federation Annual Ball Piggy Bank !

The guy lobbing the slates got six months but perhaps he was paid to do the time by the former owner of said Audi, likewise anther alleged stolen and looking brand new white A3 was involved in another accident, it was returned to its owner who probably gave the driver who ran away the keys for it !

And finally just watching Vivienne Westwood Climate Revolution PuddleDuck bleating about Fracking on Watching The Hawks but then you probably can't trust RT on Climate Change as they are probably Political Prisoners of Gazprom !

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At Clitheroe on countless occasions the service was delayed ( and sometimes cancelled ) due to the electronic ticket machine malfunctioning, the object of their exercise being to collect passenger number data, and stop the driver fiddling although it was dead easy for them to short change you via the shoot anyway.

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Pan Calling kettle Black backed up by Silly Moo suffering from Dementia !
[365] Vivienne Westwood and Joe Corre Talk Fracking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuFqfWZvSPM