Was Steve Irwin Assassinated ?

Was Steve Irwin Assassinated ?

Steve Irwin's Ocean's Deadliest -Part 1

I alluded to to the probability that Steve Irwin was taken out of the climate change equation because he was prepared to stand up for the truth about the Great Barrier Reef Dick Turpin PhD & Co Environmental Fraudsters attempt to portray is being damaged by human emissions of Co2. 

When I stepped down from the train from Adelaide at Perth in December  I got tagged onto an Ex RN guy called Paul who had been living up Queensland until it got to hot for him being an illegal immigrant, who told me all about whatever you do don't get stung by a Stone Fish, Lion Fish or Box Jellyfish !

I headed up Queensland in January 88, first stop Townsville where I stayed in a back packer hotel and on Sunday went on a boat trip snorkeling, some miles off the mainland coast to avoid aforementioned jellyfish, close to an offshore island.  I was a bit disappointed as like in video the sea floor was grey like in the video, but perhaps the reef only fully blooms in winter, an in any case to see the full colour you would probably need lighting.  I did actually have a close encounter with a stingray, but nobody said they were potentially dangerous, there were also giant clams, and on the beach of the island marine scientists were experimenting growing them for food.

I got into an interesting conversation with the boat crew on the way back eating the complementary smorgasboard , the young guy in charge had earlier been showing off free diving to 30ft, and the catering girl thought that i was a German due to my C