Why Degree Requied to Practice Boy Scout First Aid Badge Medicine ???

Why Degree Requied to Practice Boy Scout First Aid Badge Medicine ???

A Facebook friend on mine on Burnley General Hospital so at the spur of the moment I asked another friend if she could take me over there to see her, my other friend wanted to go to the new Urgent Care Center as her GP practice wouldn't give her an appointment to inspect a possibly infected blister on her foot.

Anyway we rolled up and my fiiend dropped me off to visit my other friend on PICU, then went to find parking, we arranged to meet up at the UCC later but my PICU friend was asleep so I was soon back there, the time on the £1.90 for three hours parking ticket was 11.31.   There were not many people in the waiting area so we thought it might have been a quick job but no, it seemed ages before we got called in to see the nurse in one of the several all new posh cubicles she inspected said blister then called the doctor for his opinion.  He sent us to adjacent X-Ray unit just in case the infection had gone into the bone, only one before us and we were out and sent back out into the waiting are as the nurse said it takes a bit of time to come through on the computer system.

With previous experience at Chorley A&E where the Chest X-Ray they showed on the adjacent bay screen was obviously not mine ( plus back in 2000 the MRI scan of my back taken at Blackburn which was lost by the time when they sent me to see the surgeon at Preston ) presents an obvious and dead easy opportunity for deliberate misdiagnosis.

Perhaps it may have been due to the going on their dinner but after another wait ( the waiting room was getting quite full by then ) we got back in and the nurse pulled up the stainless steel table on wheels with a plethora of individually packaged surgical supplies.  First job stick the self adhesive waste bag onto the flange of the table, then open packege containing plastic tray for surgical spirit, individually packed lint to was affected area ( and the area suspected infected to watch for crowing with a Biro by the Doctor off ) need I say more and lots of clinical waste to expensively dispose of !

At least its not like Blackburn Royal A&E where instead of getting their patients  seen the doctors all stand round yapping in the office area whilst distressed and obviously in quite considerable pain languish on the corridors and holding up the ambulance persons from going on other jobs !

My friend is allergic to Penicillin and finally we had to go to the main hospital dispensary to get the alternative by which time she was fretting on getting a fine from the Private Parking Company, we went round in the car and were lucky to find a nearby space. left just before the three hour deadline 14/31, thence for a value proper meal at a place she knows.  Nipped into Clitheroe on the way home to stock up on shopping, and soon home to find a posse waiting at my back door, including young Moosa, Micheal Heyes and another alleged social worker I have never met before.  They said they were concerned about me and wanted to come in for a chat, lucky I had my friend with me or otherwise they may have conspired to Section me back into Hospital and have another go at trying to kill me.  I obviously have them ( to coin a cricketing phrase ) " on the back foot " !

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Labour's Dianne Abbot sporting German Helmet Hair Cut & Darth Vader Outfit on BBC Andrew Marr Show this morning !

I'm the youngest member of Christ Church Chatburn Men's Society yet the village elders asked me to be on the committee but I haven't been to any meetings for ages now, they have educational lectures on various topics during the winter months on Friday evenings every alternate month, Indoor Bowling at Hyndburn Leisure Center otherwise.

I made a point of attending last night as a guy from Lancashire Wildlife Trust was doing a lecture on Badgers and Bovine TB. I arrived late as I had been busy writing my previous article. just in time for the low down on what Badgers eat, mostly half a bucket of earthworms every day. Apart from ground nesting birds eggs which like worms Hedgehogs eat also, they also eat the chicks, apparently they are quite partial to Apples, cerials and small mammals which probably include endangered Harvest Mice.

Explore https://www.bebee.com/producer/@gordon-pye/badgers-eat-hedgehogs-cerlews-eggs

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There is probably no real chance of even getting my ideas onto the agenda, I’m a bit like John Harrison and his marine clock up against the astronomers of the Longitude Board. It would appear that we have regressed back into the 18th century as far as innovation in science and engineering are concerned, perhaps they have once again become the sole domain of a quasi-religious elite ? https://www.bebee.com/producer/@gordon-pye/sugar-tax-a-symptom-of-health-fascism

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I have just contacted The Mount at Accrington to check if aforementioned visit from Posse was officially recorded, apparently not so ! Explore https://www.bebee.com/producer/@gordon-pye/am-i-the-uk-s-equivalent-of-ken-saro-wiwa