WilderspoolGate The North West Labour Party Files !

WilderspoolGate The North West Labour Party Files !

One dark night in World War Two, Constable Bacon the Chatburn Village Bobby arrived on the scene just as my Grandad Hudson and Uncle Herbert had finished killing a pig at the Sawley Road Allotments and inquired " Have you got a licence for that Pig ?


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would appear that there were plenty of “ Brown Envelopes “

floating around in Germany over the past 10 years, some of which were

said to originate from an unspecified “ petroleum company “.

Perhaps the German lead on EU environment policy was not that “

green “ after all, and despite attempts to portray otherwise,

perhaps the oil companies and motor manufacturers paid for policies

like unleaded petrol and traffic calming to be introduced. It is

impossible to change anything for the better if the information on

which you rely is corrupt, and just because the Tory party is

fragmenting, it does not necessarily mean an easy election victory

sometime this year. Most ordinary people have come to the conclusion

that politicians are either brain dead, or acting under the influence

of “ brown envelopes “, and perhaps the Millennium Dome is a

symbol of the corruption in British politics over the past 20 years.

John Prescot appeared to be less than impressed with the new year

celebrations, and perhaps he would have preferred to watch the

fireworks display, and like the nation’s tv viewers, was prevented

from choosing. If the BBC can cover the event on two channels, it

must be reasonable to have one dedicated to the fireworks, and one to

the theatre, but no, whatever your particular preference, you get the

worst of both worlds as usual. Perhaps the BBC split the coverage to

conceal the probability that the latest electronic camera technology

can’t cope with fireworks, unlike the old 1980s cameras, which from

memory of the 1988 Australian Bicentennial display at Sydney, was

more impressive on tv. It would appear that modern cameras cant cope

with wide-angle shots anyway, but if the whole object of tv is

brainwashing, perhaps that doesn’t matter, and is the BBC becoming

the British Brainwashing Company, it managed to keep the Cole

corruption story out of the popular news.


would appear that despite the fact that the French are unwilling to

take our beef, they are only too pleased to take our emergency

generators to cope with the storm damage, and you can bet if the

South East gets hit by a storm in the next few weeks, we wont get

them back. However, at least the weather- men scuttled any cries of

Global Warming, by mentioning the Tay Bridge Disaster in 1879, where

a train was blown off the track, and the cast iron bridge collapsed.

The consulting engineer Daniel Booch took the rap, despite the fact

that he was one of the most respected engineers of the day, and

probably protected by the same“ Old Boy “ network which prevented

John Harrison from proving the true worth his mechanical clock for so

long. I expect that he would never have managed to perfect it, but

for his voyage to Lisbon, where he experienced the true conditions

under which his technology was expected to operate, but you never see

computer whiz-kids charging around quarries in HGV’s to test their

latest mathematical ABS contraptions. It would appear that today’s

politicians have become totally intoxicated with electronic

technology, and whilst it is very good for things in homes and

offices which do not move, or kill people if they go wrong, it is

probable that John Harrison would never have put his name to it in

any safety critical application. Perhaps there are parallels between

the Longitude Board’s preference for the “ Lunar “ method, and

government policy on transport safety, and the environment, as long

as the university professors and stock brokers have got their snouts

in at the trough, the policy remains the same, whatever solid

evidence contradicts it. There was a pretty neat motorway pile-up in

Germany over the weekend, perhaps due to the failure of ABS on one

percent of the vehicles involved, and perhaps the Millennium Bug was

just a cover for when electronics become a liability, and to sell new

equipment where none was required at that time. Now that I have

sufficiently proved that Traffic calming is a waste of time, it

would appear that Leeds University is suggesting an electronic

solution, which can never work satisfactorily, only block the roads

with “ failed “ vehicles, just like the HGV speed limiters.


took the opportunity to watch the excellent German dramatised

documentary Das Boot over the holidays, which features a fanatical

first lieutenant who perhaps resembles a youthful Tony Blair. The

plot infers that U-boat crews were under the firm impression that

survivors were always picked up by the surviving ships in the convoy,

and perhaps if anyone found out the truth, they were given special

orders to get sunk at Gibraltar, before it got around on the grape

vine. It would appear that like the British troops sent to Kosovo,

German submariners suffered from faulty equipment, my old ex-Merchant

Marine engineer mate confirmed that an average of one in four

torpedoes failed to explode, perhaps due to the manufactures quality

control control standards, a nice little earner at 25,000 Marks at

throw. Of course there is no need to fight a war against the nazis

if they can trick you into fitting all your transport with satelite

controlled electronic equipment which allows them to stop it anywhere

in your country !


if the brain dead PFJ idiots who support the likes of the academics

at Leeds University realised that even it the latest speed limiter

proposals could save the claimed 2000 lives ( which is very unlikely

), they will probably cause 2,000,000 people to die early trying to

pay for it by paying extra “ private tax “ and having their wages

cut. The Red Flag Act belongs to the 19th Century, not the 21st, and

any continuation of policies supported by pressure groups who wish to

make driving safe for St Dunstans SoM is likely to fail to reduce

death on the roads. Perhaps the intellect of most politicians does

not stretch to the possibility of accelerating to avoid a most

probable accident, especially the type of accident usually caused by

narrowing the road. If the MIDAS system for speed limiting on

motorways was recently abandoned on the grounds of true safety, why

is the DETR spending a fortune on a system which is likely to be no

better, and probably far less safe for road users. The speed limiter

idea needs nipping in the bud, and perhaps anyone who believes that

such a system is inevitable would also allow mass extermination camps

for the poor because they are also inevitable if the health and

social security budget is to be cut to “ manageable “ levels.

The proposed speed limiters are probably a back door method of

introducing a virtual “ silicon curtain “ of Toll Roads which can

be used for Corporate Ethnic Cleansing, the “ villainous priests “

from Leeds having been almost thwarted at their first attempt.

Perhaps the project was inherited from the Tories, and like most of

the policies foolishishly followed by Prescot over the last two

years, and probably the result of “ brown envelopes “ at the

DETR. It would be interesting to find out where Leeds University

gets its funding, and perhaps it was hardly surprising that the

turn-out for the recent Leeds Central by-election was so low with

people such as those who appear to wish to destroy any of our

remaining civil liberties raking in a fortune just up the road by

using “ road safety “ as a cover for possible mass extermination

plans. ( few people had cars in nazi Germany ! )


like the German U-boat crew’s, most of the people concerned with “

road safety “ policy are blissfully unaware of the probable truth,

or don’t bother to find out because they are only doing their job

for the money, perhaps especially the pension. The same principle

probably applies to rail safety as far as computerised signalling

systems are concerned, and perhaps an electronics malfunction caused

the recent rail crash in Norway, even the Victorians had an almost

fool proof system to prevent trains colliding head-on on single

lines. It would appear that the latest automised / computerised

signalling system is useless, leaving lights ( or in cab display’s

) showing green when the are meant to show red for danger, perhaps

just like Ladbrook Grove and Southall, and the usual list of excuses

is being trotted out to protect the stock market. There appears to

be some suggestion that the crash could have been averted if the

signal-man could have phoned the driver’s, but perhaps the numbers

were stored in the computer system, which had crashed to protect

itself from blame after making its original fatal mistake.


would appear that the alleged “ safety experts “ are once again

placing their trust in the “ moons of Jupiter “, when the true

mechanical solution to the problem is staring them in the face.

Perhaps any government which allows the continued use of equipment

with the potential to kill people without warning, and for which no

preventative maintenance is practical is bordering on the criminally

irresponsible. Perhaps the number of people killed by reliance on

electronic “ safety “ devices will approach those killed by

failing to reach port between Harrison’s first clock, and the time

when his watch went into full scale production, but do we have to

wait 50 years !


would appear that the universities are about to complete the final

stage of their Corporate Ethnic Cleansing plans by suggesting that

the run down areas of inner cities should be demolished, and it was

perhaps hardly surprising to find that the media spokesman has

connections with Sheffield. I expect that CEC disciples are spread

throughout the country, and have infiltrated all the key government

bodies such as The Environment Agency, who appear to be doing a “

good job “ clearing the Somerset Levels by placing the interests

of wildlife above the interests of the indigenous people. It would

appear that the vital pumping equipment dates from the 1930s, when

the river was apparently dredged, probably to allow coastal shipping

to penetrate inland, but also allowed better drainage. I expect that

once the majority of the locals have been forced out and their

property stolen by the Banks, the river banks will be repaired, new

high capacity pumps will be installed, and the river once again

dredged to allow the passage of large Yachts. The Environment Agency

tv spokesman appeared guilty of the charge that they had not done

their job in the interest of the local community, but I expect that

the local council will fall for the usual excuse of Global Warming

and exceptional weather conditions, perhaps especially if they are



would appear that “ democracy “ as defined by Abraham Lincoln in

the Gettysburg address is almost extinct in the world today due to

corruption, but perhaps the only way to prevent turkey’s voting for

Christmas is to adopt the Ghandi approach. The corporate “ left

flank “ is currently wide open to a “consumer abstinence “

driven attack, the vast majority of the population have nothing to

loose, except perhaps their private pension, which they are likely to

loose anyway if Daresbury is an example of things to come. First

they came for the single-mums and the disabled, but it would appear

that more intelligent “ professional “ people are now also

legitimate targets for Corporate Enslavement. Unless action is taken

in the near future, the courageous men who fought and died to prevent

Hitler from achieving his 1000 Year Reich may just as well have

stayed at home and let him walk in 1940. It would probably be

prudent to place a hold on the corporate asset stripping until after

winning the election, but Byers need to come off the fence and

prohibit the proposed merger between Rolls-Royce and Pratt &

Whitney, which will probably destroy a vital part of our engineering

capability. The electronics industry is the most vulnerable at

present, and if the boffins claims of the Millennium Bug proved

false, perhaps their claims about “ safety technology “ are also

suspect, and merely a hint of the probability that electronics caused

all the recent signal related rail disasters could be sufficient to

sow the seeds of doubt. It is also probable that the death of

Princess Diana was caused by an electronic malfunction, not alcohol,

as that may have been injected into the bloodstream before the driver

died; Abraham Lincoln lived overnight after having his brains blown

out. Perhaps Prince Philip could take Al Fayed to court over his

recent allegations and bring this possibility out into the open if he

cares about the adopted county he once fought and risked his life

for. It would appear that there is a ground-swell of opinion against

the unfettered global economy materialising in the Church, but it

would appear that most people and politicians are unaware of what

they are actually fighting against, or the danger of doing nothing to

counter the threat.

My Grandad produced his driving licence from his pocket to which Bacon replied " That will do nicely " but then our Victoria Mill was weaving the Fabric for the De Haviland Mosquito !

Gordon Pye 30/1/2017 · #5

John's omnipotent portrayal of Quentin Crisp did more make homophobia socially unacceptable to demonstrate in puiblic than alleged Progressive Politicians ever did, in fact they made Homophobia worse than ever via Gay Marriage, likewise Race Relations with The Equalities Act 2000 !


Likewise Channel 4's No Go Britain Celebrity Disability Rights Activist People Front of Judea pedigree in Green Tendy C4News emulates a 21st Century Freak Show and which The Elephant Man hoped to vanquish for eternity, the sirens started to Whale for me when I was instantly blocked on Twitter by the Cerebral Palsy Actress WOW Petition woman !


My original June 2012 NollyPrott article got me blocked on Twitter by George Galloway after he opined that I should seek medical help, but the very first person to block me was George Monbiot after I pulled him up for his Tweet opining that dying of Hypothermia was a pleasant experience

Gordon Pye 2/12/2016 · #4

10 Most Evil Nazis You've Never Even Heard Of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itlGUvr13qs

Gordon Pye 26/11/2016 · #3

UKIP Wales ( Once Tory MP for Tatton ) Leader asked the Welsh Labour Leader of the Welsh Assembly if £300pa Green Taxes were a Crown Of Thorns for low income people to wear when Wind Farms only produce 3% of UK electricity on average !
I'm minded to conclude that Neil Hamilton was set up by Harrods shareholders ! https://www.bebee.com/producer/@gordon-pye/green-taxes-crown-of-thorns-to-fund-eco-crucifixes

Gordon Pye 26/11/2016 · #2

Final thought for the day, was Aussie Global TV Star Steve Irwin assassinated as well because he was prepared to stand up and tell the truth about The Great Barrier Reef, Ant and Dec are Wankers !?! https://www.bebee.com/producer/@gordon-pye/petittion-to-ban-halal-boomtown-rattrap-eco-nazi-closet-racists

Gordon Pye 25/11/2016 · #1

I've been on a trip riding Shotgun to Carlisle with the primary objective being to get to get a Brief Encounter Eyeball of the New Bridge over the River Lune connecting the M6 to the Morecambe & Heysham By-Pass !

It would appear that the construction contractors have omitted to paint the essential steel structure-work, and its dark rust indicating perhaps reject inferior quality steel. Furthermore, even if Green NGOs don't take LCC to court to forbid the contractors from shot-blasting the accessible surfaces its likely to rot from the inside. It may also be the case that critical welding is suspect and perhaps its Lancashire's Match-Stalk Bridge over the River Kwia as prescribed by lovers of cats and dogs ! Explore https://www.bebee.com/producer/@gordon-pye/operation-snow-cap-shap