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American Hemp Cooperative

Hi I'm Grace, the founder of American Hemp Cooperative. Did you know organic Kenaf Hemp is legal worldwide, makes an amazing salad & that Toyota & BMW use Hemp fiber to make cars because it's stronger than fiberglass? Industrial Kenaf hemp has a multitude of uses that many people arn't even aware of & best of all, Kenaf is classified as a sorghum, is a cellulose bast fiber that belongs to the hibiscus family, is the cousin of Marijuana and is perfectly legal.  Curious to know what else it can be used for?  Visit here: www.americanhempcooperative.comAmerican Hemp Cooperative

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Zack Thorn 26/11/2016 · #1

Hemp...the amazing multi-purpose weed. Now if we can get more uses approved for world wide distribution. It has long been the "Go-too" cash crop for young entrepreneurs, now if we can keep it out of the control of Tobacco and Alcohol corporations, there is a good chance it will do more good than harm.