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Even you hipsters have to admit this is brilliant marketing...

On the vacant storefront window, beside the "FOR LEASE" sign, it reads as follows:

Even you hipsters have to admit this is brilliant marketing...     

You win, Hipsters.

After 55 years in the Junction WestEnd Offset is moving, and we're not telling you where.

But you can reach us at 416-767-9853.

My response -

1. I laughed and laughed, and laughed some more.

2. I took a picture with my phone.

3. I jumped on the Internet to check out two things.

This is simply brilliant marketing worthy of the admiration of laughter. I will admit I find the concept of blaming a business' relocation on "Hipsters" very funny, and once I got over that, "laughed with" how effective this vacant store front is with it's ability to engage, explain, develop interest, and stimulate subtle calls to action.

As I read the 25 words plus a phone number, I could not help but ask myself a number of things:

  • Who are these Hipsters that drove this long time member of the community away? Am I one of them? What exactly is a "Hipster anyway? 
  • What does WestEnd Offset do? Why do Hipsters impact them in such a negative way?
  • What do you mean you aren't going to tell me where you are moving? What if I want to know, even if its just out of curiosity?
  • Well at least you left a phone number... proof they are still in business and maybe still interested in dealing with me if I'm not a "hipster".

And as if on queue, the handoff from old world marketing to new world marketing occurred without missing a beat... I pulled out my smartphone. 

        I took a picture, and will admit I have shared it a few times.

        I had to Google a couple of things - The need for immediate satisfaction and all.

First I had to Google the definition of Hipster - I needed to know if I was party to any of this. The definition reads as follows: The hipster subculture is composed of affluent or middle class young Bohemians who reside in gentrifying neighbourhoods. It is broadly associated with indie and alternative music, a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility, generally progressive political views, organic and artisanal foods, and alternative lifestyles.*

Well that's not me, and even if it was, I just moved into the neighbourhood.

Secondly, I Googled WestEnd Offset and their new location and it seems WestEnd Offset is a sign and design company that is now located at 125 Blake St. As an aside, when I looked at their website it struck me that it was rather "Hip" 

Because someone had the imagination to put 25 innovative words and a phone number on a vacant retail window to promote long after they moved, I now know WestEnd Offset exists, what they do, where they are, and if the need arises I will give them a call.

Rather brilliant wouldn't you say?


* Definition from Wikipedia.

Graham🐝 Edwards Jul 2, 2016 · #9

#5 Appreciate your comment @Dean Owen. There is no doubt my marketing background and quirky sense of humour are part of reason this caught my eye.

Graham🐝 Edwards Jul 2, 2016 · #8

#3 Thanks for the comment @Lisa Gallagher. I haven't seen a hooka shop but there is a "medical" marijuana dispensary not too far away.

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Graham🐝 Edwards Jul 2, 2016 · #7

#2Thanks for the comment @Paul Walters. In fact just down the street is a place called the Kaffebar.... and it is sorta "hip"

Graham🐝 Edwards Jul 2, 2016 · #6

#1 Thanks for your comment @Richard Buse. There is this growing belief with all this "tech" that we don't actually have to live in the physical world... wait until VR kicks in. I am not sure if their crafted message was intensional but as I said it did make me laugh so at the very least it did get me to "engage"

Dean Owen Jul 2, 2016 · #5

This is clever marketing. But I doubt the general public would do anything more than chuckle upon seeing this. Would "West End Offset" have registered in the brain? Doubtful as it is such a bland name. Would the general public be tempted to Google the name? Highly doubtful. Isn't it because you are in marketing that you are curious to see who was behind this? In my opinion, fun bit of marketing yes, but effective, no. Thanks

Lisa Gallagher Jul 2, 2016 · #4

I'd have to agree, Westend offset does look fairly hip! Hey is that yours @Jim Murray? ;-)

Lisa Gallagher Jul 2, 2016 · #3

#2 And next to the coffee shop, they will set up a Gym with a juice Bar.. just down the street you will find the Hooka shop! ;-)

Paul Walters Jul 2, 2016 · #2

@Graham Edwards as an ex ad man ...tis a brilliant piece of communication. However, those bloody hipsters are a persistent lot!! They will find them and set up an Oh so cool coffee shop!

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