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Business Process Management Introduction - 3 Day Course

Business Process Management Introduction - 3 Day Course

In today's demanding business environment that priorities flexibility, speed, quality, efficiency, effectiveness and innovation, a competitive supply chain strategy and its operational execution is critical. Business Process Management (BPM) helps an enterprise achieve these characteristics in its supply chain strategy, and in its execution of that strategy. Applying the BPM discipline achieves process improvements that lead to organisational performance improvement.

Example: Supply Chain and Logistics Challenges

  • Aligning supply chain operational execution with strategic business initiatives for growth and profitability
  • Increasing operating efficiency in order to support growth targets
  • Improving supply chain design and execution to help strengthen the company’s competitive position in its target markets
  • Minimising errors and speeding up processes to save time and money • Improving the prioritization of the allocation of critical resources
  • Monitoring if resources are actually being allocated and deployed as suggested
  • Satisfying the customers’ desire to get what they want, where and when they want it and at the best price

Business Value

Practicing a BPM discipline provides value throughout an organisation by:

  • Using process-enabled achievement of strategic objectives
  • Accelerating time to market
  • Delivering improvements in cost, productivity, timeliness and quality
  • Improving customer service levels and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Transferring knowledge to ensure that customer teams achieve the necessary competence and autonomy to maintain and develop future capabilities
  • Simplifying business processes to drive effectiveness, efficiencies and agility
  • Managing risks and meeting compliance regulations
  • Providing greater visibility into your organisational performance
  • Introducing new process designs faster
  • Reducing costs and improving revenue streams

Business Process Management Course

I have been involved in Supply Chain Management for over thirty years and for the last 20+ in the implementation of ERP systems Globally and Business Process management initiatives. With the foregoing in mind I have developed and presented a three day course on the Subject of Business Process Management. As yet all to few enterprises have embarked on BPM. Therefore this course could be for you or your organisation.

Course Objective

Business Process Management Introduction - 3 Day Course

Course Agenda and Schedule

Business Process Management Introduction - 3 Day Course


This course is an absolute must for organisations about to embark on BPM, if you feel that this will benefit your organisation please contact me through BeBee, LinkedIn or Facebook to discuss course scheduling in your organisation, plus terms and conditions.

BPM - For Business Improvement

Business process management (BPM) can help enterprises view their supply chains comprehensively and optimise them for better performance. BPM can provide those benefits not just throughout an individual enterprise, but to outside suppliers, partners and other key parties as well. Ultimately, BPM can improve efficiency, visibility, control, and accountability throughout the entire supply chain.

Credit for the foregoing and conclusion, Contributed by: Tom Dwyer , Former Editorial Director and current Faculty Member ,