Greg Park in Trade Marketing, International Relations, Finance / Banking Manager • KS Global May 13, 2020 · 1 min read · +100


Buying GOLD!

We are an international trading company in South Korea.

We purchase gold from GENUINE sellers. We are END BUYERS!

It will be refined at LME Registered refinery!

Before we build a relationship, we want to see a sample order.

Here is our procedure:

1) Both parties sign the contract and agree to the terms. (Due Diligence, verification, and other things)

2) We will start the sample order. The quantity will be negotiated.

3) SELLER will bring the gold to Korea by Hand-Carry. SELLER is responsible for the exportation process and fees. *You are the one holding the gold (If Visa is needed for the representative, we can prepare the notarized invitation letter)

4) BUYER will take care of all the fees and processes once it arrives at Incheon International Aiport (ICN).

5) SELLER will accompany the BUYER with all the processes. (Customs process, refinery, etc.)

6) Gold will be transported to LME registered refinery.

7) After the final assay, BUYER will make the final payment.

8) Further tranches will be negotiated, and BUYER may issue SBLC or DLC if needed.

We can provide you all the necessary information upon your request.

You will also need to provide us all the information.

Please feel free to contact me at for more information.

*Please Note that we are not opening up LC for the trial order nor paying for any exportation tax.

You are holding the goods. You should be able to pay the exportation fee.

We will take care of import fees and customs fees once it arrives.

Your employee will be able to accompany us to the refinery and see the whole process and receive the final payment.

The gold will be deposited at the customs office until it is transported to the refinery, so there won't be any problems.