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A perspective glance at the truth of church growth

A perspective glance at the truth of church growth

The idea of church growth has been bantered about for years and years. Now we all know that the job of the church is not numeric growth but to grow people up in their faith. The natural result of people growing in faith is their reaching out which most often results in numeric growth. So when look at churches that are not growing the clear answer is to have more events to draw the lost into the church.

Wait, huh? Events that draw the lost to the church are so that the members can use their specific gifs together to share the amazing love of God. If God then chooses to use the sowing of the seed to bring growth, awesome, but our agenda during an event is actually important.

The why behind what you do is vital to the understanding of the results and even the set up of an event. If truly the only goal of an event is numeric growth and you fail to see those results from that event it is deemed a failure. Then in the future that event will be looked down on regardless of the positive results in the body and the community.

If the agenda of an event is to let your neighbors know that you care about them and God has an amazing plan of salvation for them and they leave knowing that, you have had a very successful event. Whether someone receives salvation is between them and God.

So if your body is not growing the first question to ask is what is the body’s agenda? Is the desire of the body to grow in their faith or simply to have a larger number of people join them at their services? Please understand people are not saved because they had a great time at church. People get saved because they are touched by a God who is greater than they are and they see the results in the lives of others.

What do you want get out of your time here on Earth?

What is your goal for your tomorrow?

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#3 Thank you I will

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#2 I find their style of apologetics interesting. Peterson is a PhD in clinical psychology. Check out his biblical series on Old Testement. YouTube

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#1 Thank you for the two names; Dr. Tim Keller and Dr. Jordan Peterson. I will look into them.

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The church today sets at the crossroads of materialism and self awareness. The billboards for materialism seem to outshine the church in many aspects. This is predicted and known within Biblical text.

The larger question is what should we be doing as Christians to help folks to become self aware of their choices that have become "self-evident" through materialism?

Many churches are hanging onto the a communication style of King Henry while others have attempted to join the material world and the Bible together. Neither of these communication styles are capturing the first generations who have been raised without the self evident truths of the Judeo Christian fundamentals.

Our young people are more critical of what they believe/belong but yet want to believe/belong to something. I lack answers for this as a organization but have experienced two very exciting folks who are attempting to communicate in a way that the youth can digest and choose. Dr. Tim Keller and Dr. Jordan Peterson are offering new and different ways to help those who have not grown up with the experience to rationally choose.

I appreciate your posts and your thoughts in communicating the ideals needed for a great society that flourishes.

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