Greg Rolfe en Christian Theology, Leadership, Directors and Executives Pastor • Beacon Hill. Baptist Church 8/11/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +200

Are you mathematically irrelevant?

After checking a few social networking sites I saw a trend. Pastors after voting were going to their houses of worship to pray.

I looked at this and decided that I agreed so as I had voted by mail, I took tome to pray this morning. The vote we cast is considered irrelevant by many and a waste of time and many would say the same about prayer. There are just over 146 million registered voters in the United States so what is one vote? There are believed to be 2.1 billion “Christians” worldwide, so what is one prayer in so many?

Is this the reason people choose not to pray or vote? Do we look at the statistics and decide that we are irrelevant? Perhaps. And while math may reveal that 1 in 146 million is unrecognizable and 1 in 2.1 billion un-hearable it is character that makes the difference. In voting it is our character that makes a difference and in prayer it is God’s.

Casting a vote in our country may not make an impact on our nation but not voting, never will. Praying or what it actually is, talking to God, may seem like your casting your voice into the void. Prayer is not about us changing anything; it is about our getting on the same page as God. Praying is about faith, believing that even if He has 2.1 billion people talking to Him exactly at the same time He can still hear us and that He cares about what we have to say.

So today, whether you choose to vote or not, it completely your choice. I will not judge you. But may I ask that you pray for your next leader regardless? May I request that this coming four years you might seek the hand of God for the leaders of this nation? You may not have voted for them, in fact you may have voted against them, but will you pray for them?

Will you lift your voice to heaven and seek the His guidance and wisdom for them? This has been a season of hate and anger spread around the country, now it is time for peace and healing. Through prayer we can ask God to move in His power and through His grace join Him. So I am asking, will you join me?

Blessings.Are you mathematically irrelevant?