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Carpe Diem

Carpe DiemI had the privilege of performing a marriage last week and even had a little adventure on the way home. I got lost then entered into an episode of the Twilight zone. When all things were said and done I made it home a little late but safe and sound.

The reality of life is that we will have moments of unexpected events impacting our lives. We can plan and prepare but the unexpected still arrives. How we handle it makes all the difference. We can get all frustrated and upset or we can just handle the situation as best we can. The stress of the unexpected effects each of us differently but frustration is a normal result. Recognizing that frustration and letting it be a reminder to think turns a potential bad day into a learning time and even possibly an adventure.

Emotions are not the enemy, anger and frustration are not bad, and how we handle them demonstrates or reveals who we are. Who are we? We are who we choose to be. Each decision we make either builds up what we want or tares it down. What we end up with is what we choose. Emotions are not our enemies they are tools, feelings that indicate that we are reacting to an event. Love of a spouse, pride in a job well done, and the complex emotions that come when you don’t receive the promotion you expected are all part of us.

So next time you enter into the Twilight Zone and you emotions run, recognize that this is a moment to grasp. That moment is a moment to shape who you want to be. Calm In the face of frustration or dependable in times of stress these moments are here for training and learning, so don’t avoid them take advantage of them.



Greg Rolfe 11/12/2016 · #2

You are so right. Keeping a proper perspective is so helpful. Especially when the timing is not what we might have been expecting. #1

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Vivian Chapman 10/12/2016 · #1

I can't help seeing the situation of Jesus, hurrying to help Jairus, then being waylaid by the woman with the haemorrage. It is to do with learning how do deal with our emotions, but also, realising God may have a purpose which we are not even aware of. Maybe God hasn't actually asked our permission for the unwelcome interlude!
This is definitely a word for myself, here.