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Crafting a message or simply adding words to words?

Crafting a message or simply adding words to words?

Well here are are once again standing at the edge of the void hoping to add words of value to the endless flow of ideas and posts streaming into the ether. Perhaps to craft a phrase or concept that catches the attention for one precious moment, impacting moving or even enlightening. And while I stand looking out at the void I see only the void, empty while full, silent even through the din.

Each day we are buffeted with words. Struck with out being impacted with ideas that fail to stick. Words that are filled with no substance or value. Words simply written to be written; flavorless, colorless, soundless.

Where are the words written by the masters? Words that stir the soul and move time. Where are those words at this time in life? We sit surrounded by events that create no clear picture and are described by so varied of reports that cause us to think that no two people are even looking in the same direction. Yet everybody claims to know. Yet their words are empty, simply strewn into the void.

Where are our great orators? Those skilled in lifting our thoughts and enabling us to see beyond ourselves? Is all still vanity and a searching after wind?

Here again I stand searching to speak the words that matter. Hoping to touch the heart and minds of any who might listen, inspire any who might catch a gimps. Yet I too simply cast words into the void. The void is not empty of sound or words, just substance.

The world sits waiting, no longer attentive, distracted by the various sounds and sights that strafe by their screens. A world distracted.

I could tell you the truth but who would believe? My words fall lifeless on the floor, strewn. Perhaps read but not understood, the fault of the reader? Rarely. I must hone my skill until it touches the ear and then the heart. I must master the language so that the ideas crafted strike into the conscious and move the thoughts.

To impact to have value words must fly like arrows not drift on the wind. Perhaps they should also contain substance a point to drive home.

You are loved, but do you understand how much?


Greg Rolfe Jul 3, 2020 · #2

#1 Hi Ken, I agree with you that this is what people what to hear. Butthe question hat comes to my mind is, is it what people need to hear? Staring in to the void truly does result in the void staring back.

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Ken Boddie Jul 1, 2020 · #1

I believe, Greg, that in trying times, all people want is to simply be told the following:
• They’ll be safe from harm and discrimination;
• Their indecision will be tolerated patiently;
• They are loved by someone; and
• They can still have fun and be entertained.
We don’t have to be great orators to convey these simple messages. After all, if you stare into the void for long enough, you’ll eventually start worrying about nothing. 🤗

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