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Join the greatest treasure hunt ever shared

Join the greatest treasure hunt ever shared

The calling of the body of Christ is to have the same heart a Jesus and His heart was to seek and save the lost. The primary problem we face is that we cannot in anyway save the lost. When faced with this issue a common response is to quit. If I cannot accomplish the goal why start?

This returns us to the heart of God. Yes His heart is to seek and save the lost ours is to have His heart, not His job. Our job is to seek the lost to reveal the way unto salvation. It is the calling of the body to live out the truth of salvation, to seek out the lost and to reveal the way to know Jesus.

The problem the lost have is they are not aware that they will spend eternity in hell. The problem many who are believers have is they don’t actually care that the lost will spend eternity in hell. They are done dealing with the lost and their ways. They have become frustrated with the attacks and abuse they have received at the hands of the lost. Many Christians have become tired of hearing the lies masquerading as truth and folly presented as wisdom. They have begun to say, if that is the way you want to live so be it, reap the whirlwind.

But that is not the heart of God. Jesus came to seek and save the lost; He came and while we were enemies died for us so we might receive salvation. Jesus came and lived out love both in words and deeds so that some might see and understand. He trained followers to act as He acted; He taught the heart of God. That is still the heart of God. To live out love to those who hate us and despise the way we believe. To continue to seek out the lost, not hide among the saved. To live out love in word and deed so the lost might know that not only is there a God but that also that God loves them.

Everybody you know or will meet has two options; they will spend eternity in heaven or hell. This includes every millennial; the generation that has been dubbed the most self centered generation ever born. But let’s look at the facts, they have been given the most but understand the least; they have the least understanding of what love is.

It is time for the church but more accurately for the individual Christian to return to the heart of God and seek the lost. It is time for us to live out what love is. Jesus died for the self centered; Jesus lived out hope for those who placed Him on the cross. Now is not the time to give up but instead to recognize the truth, there is nothing new under the sun. It is time for us to remember that Hell is for eternity, it is time for us to seek the lost.