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Leadership, what a topic.

Leadership, what a topic.On this word enough books and blogs have been written to fill an office. What can be said that has not been said time after time? What can be added to the depth of words spoken and written on the subject?

Leadership is fundamentally someone or ones steeping out in courage to go somewhere, to attempt something. This something does not have to be new or original. Leading is simply moving forward, striving against fear and the unknown in our own lives and encouraging others to do the same.

Leadership does not take brilliance, it takes boldness. Success might take brilliance but that is another topic. Leadership is showing up and striving. Leadership is recognizing that each step is just that, a step. And each step is a risk with its own rewards or catastrophes.

Leadership is not rocket science, which is why there are so many books on it and so few on rocket sciences. Leadership is motion, not aimless motion but intentional motion, motion with a presumed goal; an intended agenda.

So if you have somewhere to go, go. And perhaps as you go if you invite them, someone might follow.


Greg Rolfe 6/10/2016 · #5

Harvey I agree with your statement. Leaders take responsibility for the outcome of the project. Nice addition, thank you.

Greg Rolfe 6/10/2016 · #4

#1 Hi Tony, While I fully agree that there is the reality that we all learn a little different and one small shift in the way something is taught can spark understanding you do have to read or listen first. Many who fail to lead do so not because they failed to understand but because they failed to try to learn. Regardless I too choose to write something.

Harvey Lloyd 5/10/2016 · #3

I believe the leadership definition varies widely depending on what perspective you see the events/situations. There has been tremendous viewpoints displayed across many channels. Sadly i feel leadership has become more of avantgarde "position" than a description of one's character or courage. Titles and positions are presented and imply to some degree that leadership is present. Leadership is a choice to take on the responsibility for the outcome. Not purely the execution of great skills or posturing. When i see leaders i see people fretting over the outcome and the processes needed to achieve. I agree @Gregg Rolfe that information on others past experience and understanding would probably fill up more than an office.

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Om Parkash Pragani 5/10/2016 · #2

No doubt leadership is not a rocket science but it is a characteristic science that must be understand at all levels either social or political. Sometimes we assume to become a leaders by our own deeds and analysis but it doesn't mean that we actually are and how our followers are looking to it. Leadership doesn't require any additional qualification but trust and loyalty to its cause and people.

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Tony 🐝 Rossi 5/10/2016 · #1

If there were "enough" written about the topic already, we wouldn't see so many daily examples of falling short. Yes, because we're human, but also because not enough people take the time to learn and hone their craft. The best leadership thoughts and philopsophies change little over time, but it takes a very specific packaging of the message to have it "click" on a individual level, so the mote messages the merrier! You never know whom your small nuance will impact.

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