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Looking out the window praying for a sunrise

Looking out the window praying for a sunrise

Each morning the sun rises creeping over the edge of the world. Each morning the hope of a new day breaks into our lives. But in truth what hope does this new day bring? Does this new day bring with it solutions to the problems we face? Does the wonder of sunlight change the landscape of our lives? Yes.

Each day the sun crests the horizon and offers a new perspective, light after darkness, hope after frustration. Each day we are given an offering of warmth to fight off the cold, heat to dry the dew. It is what we do with it that matters. We can see the day as an opportunity or we can see it as yet another day, nothing new nothing changed. Simply more work. And while much of that is true it is not the whole truth. Each day is a chance to learn and understand just what is affecting and influencing us. Each day is an opportunity to change what we don't like and improve what we do. These moments are what is precious about the new day.

Each morning when we look out the window and see that light glow upon the sky, it offers hope in the form of that gift of time, a chance to do something to create a smile or lift a soul. Each day is just that, a moment, offering a simple opportunity to make a difference. We simply have to see it and take it.

As the sun rises over the crest in the Earth this morning what chance did you take? What did you choose to learn? What opportunity will you accept? This is your day, your moment. There is hope in the sunrise. Keep looking out the window for each one.


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#2 Thank you @Pascal Derrien.

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#1 @Ken Boddie Exactly! I love that illustration.

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Pascal Derrien Oct 21, 2020 · #2

Every now and again you come across a nice encouraging and unassuming message today is one of those days :-)

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Ken Boddie Oct 21, 2020 · #1

Making a difference can sometimes appear overwhelming, but every little helps. An old man was taking his customary walk by the sea when he noticed, as far as the eye could see, tens of thousands of starfish washed up and stranded on the shore and starting to bake in the sun. He noticed a young boy approaching, who would, every now and then, pick up one of the starfish and throw it back into the sea. The old man asked the boy why he was bothering, as he couldn’t hope to make a difference to so many starfish. The boy bent down, picked up another one and threw it in the sea before saying, “Well I made a difference to that one.”

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