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Luke 21:1-4 Continued

What does this idea of giving our all look like or in fact even mean? What is total devotion to God? Does total dependency and complete trust in
God look like or result in giving all our time, influence, energy and money to the kingdom of God? Is that pure faith? Does pure faith result in looking at the kingdom of God as the only kingdom?

To be honest I believe total devotion looks like what the poor widow from Luke 21 looked like, pure worship. A focus so centered on God that she was not concerned about anything else. It appears that her sole desire was to let God know that He was her all. The opinion and perspective of others not only did not matter they did not come into consideration.

What does a heart of worship that is completely yielded look like for us? It is the point where worship is our sole desire? Where all we desire, or our complete focus is let God know that He is our all. Is total devotion this heart of worship?

If this is accurate then total devotion to God is a lifestyle of having but one agenda, acting in a manner that continually reveals that honoring God is the sole goal. Where a lifestyle of worship does not start and stop but is consistent.

But again what does this look like? If we return to the widow in Luke 21 then the answer seems to be that only one opinion matters. Most of us can look around and understand that we are influenced by many factors, the greatest numbers of which are the opinions of others. These outside influences are indeed factors directing our actions, guiding our behavior. Do they also influence our ability to honor God?

Does giving our all also mean we must trust God with our image? The widow gave two cooper coins and I expect she looked poor and disheveled to those whose perspective from an eternal view never mattered. Perhaps giving our all includes keeping the eternal perspective in view.


Luke 21:1-4 Continued

Greg Rolfe 5/9/2018 · #2

Harvey very true, if we are the watch we are in charge. I expect while we like the idea we are very poor at accomplishing it well.

Harvey Lloyd 4/9/2018 · #1

Am i the watch or a gear within the watch? The true understanding in the cosmic universe is for us to understand our gear relationship to the whole we call a watch. Everyone wants to be the watch. It is a noble goal for sure, but the responsibility of being the watch engages too much of our existence. Once we become the watch we then also become the king.

Your thoughts here are dynamic. In our world today though, we insist we are masters of our domain. We will see where that thought goes.