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Making a difference

Making a differenceWe all want to make a difference in some manner. We want to impact our world in some noticeable way. We want to be remembered for something remarkable, or as some professors say “get their foot note in history”.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to impact or influence our associates. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be remembered. But how we go about making that impact is important. There are no real shortcuts when you want your life’s work to matter. You have to put in the effort and the quality of work that makes a difference.

It is easy to get distracted and discouraged by failure or just a bad series of days, but these do not have to spell disaster. Honest character is vastly more important to making a change and indeed an impact than raw talent. True talent gets noticed but character leaves a sweater taste in the mouth that stays with you. I had a boss that told me that he did not mind a primadonna if they could sing. The rest of us might have a little issue with our own opinions. And it is true that they have an impact but is it truly the impression they desired to leave behind them?

Don’t let a series of bad days or even a year of not doing the greatest stop you from striving. Set your character first and let it speak for you. In the long run the message you leave behind will not be one you are scared will follow you home.

Greg Rolfe 11/10/2016 · #2

#1 This also is true.

Harvey Lloyd 11/10/2016 · #1

I am reminded of some speaker talking about teaching your child to walk. Do you stop at 2 tries or 10? You keep trying until it is done. I would also add @Greg Wolfe that i do believe most of us want to be impact players in our our lives and others. The challenging part is the reflection of, is it working. A preacher once stated that while he is preaching he saw the congregation paying attention, on their phone or asleep. But he stated further that he got up to the podium each week because someone in the congregation needed to hear what he had to say. His greatest temptation was believing that no one heard him and never getting feedback of any influence.

Today we work hard to impact others, we just are not getting the reflection to show impact. Self doubt or is it worth the effort, creeps in.

I play by the 1 degree rule. I cant impact you directly, but if i can just bump you 1 degree you will figure it out. 1 Degree over one year is a vast distance from where you would have landed. I have been bumped many times in my life. The bump was generally unnoticed but when looking back i can see how my journey was changed. We can't fix people, we can only show them a different path. I had a speaker discuss touches. It takes many touches to get someone to move their path. Unfortunately those who cross my path and move on, i have no idea how they turned out in their new endeavours. Every once and while you will hear back from a person and how they have found what they were looking for. Maybe it was my bump or yours. The real challenge is to bump regardless of the reflection may or maynot get.