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Some terrifying truths behind decision making

Some terrifying truths behind decision making

I choose to read and watch a few arguments for and against mask wearing. Why you might ask, I was curious what people where thinking. After a while I noticed that very few if any on either side used actual facts. I found it very curious. The very vast majority simply said do as I tell you or you are stupid. Why?

Why have we downgraded our advice column to agree with me or you are just beneath me. Are we truly lacking in facts to guide our thinking? One gentleman's demonstration was so absurd that he even commented on how the results were not what he anticipated. He failed to take into account that not all liquids have the same viscosity. Nor was he aware of what 6 feet looked like. And those were just the most blaring problems. But lets not forget the anti-mask guy that had but one reason to not wear a mask, he did not like the governor of his state. Are these truly the way we make decisions?

Are we making decisions based on opinion? Have we stopped thinking and are simply reacting? Now I understand that not all our decisions are this influenced by our society, or are they? The terrifying truth is that a vast number of our decisions are indeed severely influenced by our society not facts.

We tend to determine what we do, not because we look at facts and reasons but instead on what others think and have already done. For example last time you looked at buying a product did you check the remarks on line? Of course you did, you notice the star rating and placed that as a high influence on your purchase. Did you read the comments? You should do so. Some of the people commenting have as little facts supporting their comments as the two men I mentioned above.

Lets be honest this mask situation is being touted as the only way to save people from death. So should we not be taking this decision serious? Yet it appears to be a very large opinion column, even the CDC original statement was they aren't necessary then they changed to try them they appear to be having an impact. Now “appear” sounds like an interesting term to use.

My only point here is this, you make tons of decisions daily. Some of you make decisions that effect may people other than yourselves. Do you know how and upon what you are making your decisions? The most terrifying truth of them all is I do not believe most of us do.

My opinion is not a fact regardless of how much I believe it to be true. My opinion is simply that, mine. If you choose to let it influence you, thank you. But if you choose not to, that too is fine. Find something solid to base your decisions on. That will make a difference in the long run.


Fay Vietmeier Oct 28, 2020 · #27

#26 @Harvey Lloyd
I love Alistair Beg & will listen to the video "The power of proper thinking"

This is my desire ... "learning to think about everything from a perspective that is constrained by the revealed truth of God’s Word"

Here is a principle that I have learned through decades of study in "the revealed truth of God’s Word"

Right thinking produces right actions
Wrong thinking produces wrong actions

Or said another way:
"Proper thinking produces proper actions
Improper thinking produces improper actions

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Harvey Lloyd Oct 28, 2020 · #26

#24 When i lose sight of the word truth and what it is. This is my goto reminder.

Truth always must lean up against something created. Because truth alone can not stand by itself within the human paradigm. SO the question is what does truth lean upon? Me, you or maybe my favorite candidate? Immediately this becomes subjective to a truck load of biases owned by the many involved.

My truth comes from scripture. It leans hardily upon that post. It doesn't change, does not offend nor does it make me proud of the Grace i have received, i am humbled.

@Fay Vietmeier if you have not already, take a moment and look at the postmodern thoughts of relativism. The pastor above touches on it but once seen you can find that many use this concept to validate truth. "I must be good because you are bad" Astonishing.

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Fay Vietmeier Oct 28, 2020 · #25

@Greg Rolfe
@Harvey Lloyd
Thought on "decision-making"
Each person gets to choose their own way ... choose their own "truth" ... their decisions will determine their destiny.

TRUTH is speaking to us during our brief earthly journey.

It has been said “there are many paths but only One Way”

One path offers eternal LIFE … the others are a mystery

We FREELY choose the path we take ... the rest is history

Do you know the ONE who can make you FREE. Will you accept His dare?

“I am the Way. I am the Truth & Life” said Christ. HIS life ... God did not spare.

“He laid down His life for us.” By His SACRIFICE our brokenness can be repaired.

Jesus is the “Glorious-Glue.” He will “make all things new.” His GRACE is everywhere.

The GOOD news: We are not alone. Not left as orphans. Each day our burdens, He bears.

“It is for freedom that Christ set us FREE.” Love others AS yourself. Such LOVE does all forbear.

His invitation “Follow Me.” I AM the Good Shepherd, your place in eternity, I have gone to prepare.

“Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message.” ~ Malcolm Muggeridge

Fay Vietmeier Oct 28, 2020 · #24

@Harvey Lloyd
@Greg Rolfe

I agree: Not all "facts" contain Truth ... "and truth withheld as they might dissuade from our position"

Because we are gifted free will: everyone does have their own "opinions" & "beliefs"
Many people do NOT question the Source of Standard of their beliefs (which form their opinions)

When I endeavor to share "Truth" ... it is ALWAYS based on Jesus Christ, who is "Truth" ... the ONE Harvey spoke of
"We know one other who paid that price and not for Himself."

The point I was making is that only Truth is Truth

Whether we believe it understand or ignore it (only) Truth is Truth.
I am not the Source or Standard of Truth ... nor is any finite being.
The Source & Standard of Truth is Almighty, Infinite God.

“No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth” Plato
Who knew this more than Jesus Christ, Who declared: "I AM TRUTH"
... He "came from the Father full of grace & truth"

"Truth passes through three phases:
... First it is ridiculed
... Second it is fiercely and violently opposed.
Third, it becomes self-evident.”- Arthur Schopenhauer

The thought that leapt into my mind when I read this quote … had to do with Jesus Christ
Jesus referred to Himself as: (I AM) “Truth”
Jesus was “ridiculed” (especially by the religious establishment: the teachers of the law, scribes & Pharisees)
The rejection (from “educated” religious leaders) further escalated … Jesus was “fiercely and violently opposed”
And then after the death & resurrection of Christ … the Truth became “self-evident”

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Fay Vietmeier Oct 28, 2020 · #23

@John Rylance
I'm repeating
I would say this is true: "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
I agree Truth is beautiful

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Greg Rolfe Oct 23, 2020 · #22

We each an opinion hold, we each a position believe. Facts are told and truth withheld as they might dissuade from our position. Careful when you place your title on the line. Many will find that they have fallen from respect if indeed they ever had it.

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John Rylance Oct 21, 2020 · #21

#19 maybe as Keats says in the Ode to a Grecian Urn
Truth is beauty Beauty truth
Thats all ye need to know

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Harvey Lloyd Oct 21, 2020 · #20

2nd go round here. But this time reading i had to chuckle at the reality of the statements made. Did want to state that all the credentials of truth have been reduced to romper room brochures.

When someone said they were an Attorney, Journalist or other professional, the statement would invoke automatic respect and reverence to their opinion. We may or may not fold it into our truth. Lots has been stated about truth, but like money truth must be spent inside a risk environment. Your truth most meet your risk demands/tolerances and rewards.

Somehow though someone else's truth is now developing my risk profile as they demand i agree with their truth. This can be said easier when we look at the loss of freedom. If i self determine with my truth, i live and die by that truth. We know one other who paid that price and not for Himself. We should have the same courage as He did and commit to that truth and act.

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