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Standing on the verge

Standing on the verge

We each stand on the verge, the verge of success, failure or more often mediocrity. It takes but one push or one focused attempt to drive us forward but the fear of failure often ensures that instead of success we obtain mediocrity.

We have all been told that it is okay to fail and even that in failure we learn so much more so it is acceptable to take the risk. The problem is that failure hurts; it can carry an amazing sting. Failure might be a reality that brings about greater opportunity for success but then again it is very often only seen as, you guessed it, failure.

It takes great courage to run full force into failure and get back up. It takes courage to take a good look at failure in order to see just what went wrong with a focus of repairing or at least learning from that failure. Standing tall and trying again takes a belief in yourself and your team that is world defying.

So yes we each stand on the verge, the verge of what depends on our choice. We can choose to have the courage to run head long in to success risking failure or we can choose to continue in mediocrity protecting our emotions and self esteem. It is your choice and there is a very real reason the vast majority of people have chosen mediocrity. It is up to you to make your own choices.

With the proper perspective failure can be a great benefit to you and your future but even so it never feels good. But this also is true, feelings are just that, feelings, choose courage and join the ranks of the bold you too stand on the verge.

Thank you for the tag dear @David Navarro López and bringing my attention to this short, but concise buzz by @Greg Rolfe.
Indeed, it takes courage, will of steel and self-belief to go up after failure. I like the title of the buzz as well. It reminds me of on the edge of chaos. After failure, it is easy to become chaotic. The image is expressive of this fact as well.

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David Navarro López Aug 15, 2019 · #3

To learn from failure is indeed a titan's job.
Sentence attributed to Bruce Lee: "Not every target is meant to be reached, but to have some point to aim to"
Only for the fact of trying, learning from failure is worthy because at least, it moves us from the position from which we did the failure.

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