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The curse of the clock

The curse of the clock

It seems that each day we are controlled by the clock. It dictates our lives calling out and demanding actions in accordance with its timetable. Get up it calls, go to work it demands, action after action it instigates with its constant ticking. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock calling chiding demanding.

This constant push of time reminding us that we have things to do and less time to do it in. But just what is this concept of time, this metric counted by the clock. Officially it has something to do with the Earth spinning around the sun and the Earth spin itself. 24 hours in a day, 365 and s smig days in a year. So why does it push?

Each day we live is just that, a day, a continually recurring event that we have access to. Each of these days is available for our use or there for us to ignore. But to ignore a day is a startling concept for we have been told since our first day that each day is precious and unique. But if you return to our reason for a clock is not each day exactly the same as the previous?

So why the push? Why must we live by the pressure of the clock? Why must we live by the demands of time? Simple answer, because we don't know when our clock will end. We push and push each day listening to the tick-tock of the clock because we feel that we have things to do and work that needs to be done. So we accept the push.

We are reminded to live each day as if it were our last but expecting that we will be here tomorrow to finish what we failed to finish today. We plan for a future that we partially believe will never come yet we certainly hope will. We listen to the curse of the clock because we believe we must.

We say of course that there will be a time when I no longer will, a time we call retirement. In those days I will do what I please and ignore the clock. But in truth will we? Years listening to the clock and its demands, years of obedience, will we stop? The clock and its tick-tock, will it be so easy to stop obeying its call?

We live by the clock, we live by the tick-tock, tick-tock, We live by the rotation of the Earth. We are indeed tied to it. But need it be a curse this clock? Perhaps. What would we truly do if had not that push? If my day off is any metric the answer is clearly a no. We have learned to live by the clock and its tick-tock

The curse of the clock. We have learned to live by the push of the spinning of the Earth. I expect that is the true curse of the clock.

Blessings all and have a truly great day!

Fay Vietmeier Apr 22, 2021 · #21

@Greg Rolfe

Warm welcome ;~)

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Greg Rolfe Apr 20, 2021 · #20

#17 Thank you @Fay Vietmeier.

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Fay Vietmeier Apr 19, 2021 · #19

#19 @John Rylance

"Time" reveals all things .. this comes as revelation

I always picture Father time .. reporting to Father God
The way Mother nature does ;~)

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John Rylance Apr 18, 2021 · #18

#17 What intriguing titles.They seem like a word(s) to the wise.
Im going to try and find out more about these potential pearls of wisdom.
Time will tell and whether they are "a present come to bless you(me).

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Fay Vietmeier Apr 18, 2021 · #17

#17 @Greg Rolfe

I did not know him either .. happened upon Matshona while writing poem "Time Decides" (link below)
Matshona Dhliwayo is a Canadian based Philosopher, Entrepreneur, and author of books such as The Little Book of Inspiration, Creativity, The Book, 50 Lessons Every Wise Mother Teaches Her Son, 100 Lessons Every Great Man Wants You to Know, and Lalibela's Wise Man.

Blessings back ;~)

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Greg Rolfe Apr 17, 2021 · #16

#15 Hi @Fay Vietmeiery. Glad you stopped by. I love C. S. Lewis and the way he is able to accurately say what he is thinking. Thank you for the quotes! By the way who is Matshona Dhliwayo? I have not come across the name prior. Blessings!!!

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Fay Vietmeier Apr 17, 2021 · #15

@Greg Rolfe

Who are you?" the little boy asked the voice.
"I am time," the voice replied.
"Who is time?" he curiously inquired.
I am the present which comes to bless you.
I am the future which comes to reward you.”
~ Matshona Dhliwayo

"Time decides"
... In our LIFE-journey ...

GRACE & Peace are always near

But if our focus is wrong ... so is FEAR

“Fix your eyes” not on the temporary but on “what is unseen”

Our time on earth is leading us into eternity. Savor each day between

Time that was WASTED ... is time misspent

Will regret & tears help us repent?

LOVE & Grace we don’t want to lose

But should we ignore or fail to choose

... Time decides ...

(full poem)

Fay Vietmeier Apr 17, 2021 · #14

#13 @John Rylance

It took awhile to figure out one our common threads.
The dreaded clock syndrome ;~)

I call my struggle with the "tick-tock" of the clock “broken-wing syndrome”
Even if I fly through the airport. I have learned the hard way that planes do not wait for time-pressed passengers ... even if they have a “broken-wing” ;~)