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To ask a question

To ask a question

It has been mentioned by more than one person whom I consider wise that I am not open or clear about my position on salvation. And in regard to the post on which they have commented I have to agree with them. It is not that I am uncertain about my belief but more that I honestly want people to think.

I can tell someone what to think but that often fails to help them gain the goals I would have them obtain. Simply telling someone what to think falls short of the true goal of helping them understand why they should believe. Thinking is one of the greater tools we have yet it is very often ignored in our daily conversations and interactions.

Asking the right question or encouraging someone to ponder an idea can create greater interest and produce more understanding than simply saying, this is the way it is. And while it is true that I believe that there is only one way to reach the creator of Heaven and Earth I do not wish to insult others who feel that there may be another. So instead I ask questions, encouraging them to think and look at life and the truth that is surrounding them.

But for the record, there is only one Savior given to man that they might be saved, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is only through accepting His sacrifice and His forgiveness that we have access to the Heavenly Father, also known as God. I also believe that anyone who believes that there is more than one way to God, regardless of method, truly does not believe but merely hold an opinion. Belief is the position of having a stand, holding to a truth. And in the realm of faith holding to more than one Way is not faith but having a split mind.

I also, believe you have the right to believe what you desire to believe. It is just that many of the things we might choose to believe are not necessarily true. Many believe that God is not true, but only a crutch designed to support ignorance and control the masses. It is for that reason that I choose to ask questions hoping to open the eyes of those who might see and encourage learning or at least thought in those who are willing.

While there is but one way to heaven I believe there is more than one way to help people find it. So I ask that you not be offended by my questions but instead ponder the ideas they might offer.


Greg Rolfe 6 d ago · #12

#11 Lada you are accurate, thank you. Critical thinking is more able to bring change if we actually desire to improve.

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Lada 🏡 Prkic Oct 17, 2020 · #11

"Thinking is one of the greater tools we have yet it is very often ignored in our daily conversations and interactions." I couldn't agree more, Greg.
I would only say it is about critical thinking because critical thinking leads to more questions that can challenge our beliefs and values.

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Ken Boddie Oct 17, 2020 · #10

#9 it’s true, Greg, that we can learn much from healthy debate over the questions, if we keep an open mind. It’s a pity, however, that so many of us continue to fight wars over the answers.

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Greg Rolfe Oct 16, 2020 · #9

#8 @Ken Boddie all of us have areas where we "flounder" areas where we just don't seem to get a grasp of the principle concepts. But I find if we are willing to at least look at the questions we tend to see a glimpse of the ideas that seem to hide from our view.

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Ken Boddie Oct 16, 2020 · #8

When it comes to matters of faith and trust in concepts, ie the big questions, that cannot be ‘proven’ by scientific experiment and concrete evidence, Greg, I flounder. Perhaps it’s my western upbringing whereby “if you can’t prove it by science, it doesn’t exist” or perhaps I just lack imagination and creativity. I often suspect that the philosophy of eastern societies, whereby “if it works and happens, then it exists” without need for scientific evidence, must be more tolerant and accepting of formal religions. After all, Confucius appeared to have the answers to many questions, without the need for a laboratory, or indeed for government research grants. I’m sure I’m descended from his brother from a different mother, Confusion. 🤔

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Greg Rolfe Oct 15, 2020 · #6

#4 Hi Zacharias I haven't heard from you in a while. I am not exactly sure what you mean by tainted forms but I get what you are saying. Doomed or more accurately condemned is the true state of mankind or perhaps more accurately the current state of mankind. Ambassadors of the divine have the agenda of bringing hope or answers to those residing in that state. So in regards to science or the scientific method, one can follow the correct method yet still come up with the wrong answer.

Greg Rolfe Oct 15, 2020 · #5

#3 Hi @Pascal Derrien you have always been honest in your position yet have been willing to interact with the questions and conversations born from those questions. I would honestly say you are open to learning more so than perhaps even I am. Thank you.

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