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To be a leader takes more than knowing how to walk

To be a leader takes more than knowing how to walk

We have all heard the axiom the difference between leading and talking a walk is if anyone is following. The question we should ask is “why should anyone follow me?” What is it that I do that would encourage anyone to believe that I know where I am going?

Leadership is not simply a matter of going for a walk, we need to have a direction and possibly intent, a goal would be fantastic. Does our walk have purpose? If all these are true of us, are we able to make it clear to those we believe should follow?

I anticipate that for us to clearly intimate our direction and intent to others they must be very clear to us. We need to actually have a clear understanding of our destination before we can accurately transmit it to those who need to know where they are going. Here is an example, you say, “I am going to town meet me there for lunch.” Town might be very clear but where are you having lunch? Even a very charismatic leader has to let their followers know the destination in order for them to follow them there.

Set clear goals for yourself so that you are able to transfer those same goals to those you lead. Going for a walk is great, but not so much when you desire others to invest in following.