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What happened to discussions?

What happened to discussions?

It appears today that to respond to anything opens you up for abuse. Regardless if you are at work or Lord forbid on the internet any comment takes on a life of its own. The intent of the comment is ignored or not even noticed that it might have existed. What happened to discussions?

As you read a post or listen to a conversation what is very much the current norm is argument or if they are being civil debate. Now as you know the point of an argument is to make the other person look like a failure. The point of a debate is to demonstrate that you are right regardless of reality. Simple discussions where the agenda is to learn what is right or at least being open to learning something is no longer considered reasonable.

If you support a coworker all of the sudden you are against the one they were talking to. If you come out against an idea again you are a hater and worthy of only disrespect. Why is discussion no longer an option amongst people? Have we become so insecure that we are no longer willing to be teachable and perhaps be found wrong? Have we tied up our own self worth in having to be correct at all times? Are we that shallow?

When did it become so bad to make a mistake? When did it become a capital offence to be wrong? So it comes down to this is it still possible to open pockets of civilization where conversations can turn into discussions and ideas can flow without fear? If that is still a possibility could you begin to build one where you have influence? Yes you will have to risk being wrong and even worse a target. But if no one stands everyone will fall.

May our voices be gentle and our hearts soft as we begin to let people simply be people again.


Greg Rolfe Jun 12, 2019 · #3

#1 Very accurate as usual Pascal!

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Pascal Derrien Jun 11, 2019 · #1

We all know deep down that every single of us is a perfect imperfection but we seem to have short memory when it comes to the others :-) :-(

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