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When all hope is lost

When all hope is lost

It’s hard to hear of another pastor taking his own life over struggles that most likely only the Father knew about. These struggles are real and there are times when it feels like the weight of the congregation sits on your shoulders. We often face trials we are unable to discuss for fear of letting details out that will violate confidentiality. It becomes hard to find that friend that we can trust to let us be us and let us fail and succeed without needing to comfort or praise.

It is a struggle at times but regardless of how it feels; regardless of how it looks you never walk alone. And while there are very few who understand, very few who can understand your pain and frustration there is at least one.

God has provided someone for you to talk to someone who may not know a thing but is the perfect person to talk to. One who will listen and just let you be you, find them, find the time to talk. They do not have to know your struggle that is not their job, letting you simply be you is.

Face the day in the power of the Lord, face the day in the strength of the Son and know that regardless of how bad it looks and feels there is a way. He who endures to the end will be saved. So having done all to stand, stand.

P.S. even Jesus cried.


Greg Rolfe 28/8/2018 · #2

#1 Cyndi you are so right. This world is hard on people and at times even harder on pastors, they need our prayers. Praise the Lord that He is still on control or indeed all hope is lost. Have an amazing day!

Cyndi Docy 28/8/2018 · #1

When I hear of God's people struggling and losing hope, my heart breaks. We are living in a time with multiple pressures. Jesus said except the days be shortened,  the very elect would scarcely make it. More than ever before evil is called good and good evil.  That's mind blowing.  But, God.  He is still in control.  We need to lift one another up in prayer daily; especially our pastors.  May God richly bless you and encourage you.