Greg Rolfe in Directors and Executives, Engineers and Technicians, Administrative Pastor • Beacon Hill. Baptist Church Sep 15, 2020 · 1 min read · 1.5K

When life fails to make sense eat breakfast

When life fails to make sense eat breakfast

It is an unfortunately common result that if one part of our lives fails to make sense it cascades into the remaining parts. This often results in a breakdown of what otherwise would be a standard event. Even to the point of forgetting your coffee in the morning (tea for some of us).

This amazing cascading effect of one area of frustration into all the rest, is very often the cause of many a bad day. But if you want to prevent this on days when life fails to make sense, eat breakfast. What I mean is this, do what you normally do. Keep your routines that provide normalcy in your day. Events that through off our thoughts tend to destroy our normal daily occurrences, they provide a distraction to our thoughts and activities. Our normal activities provide anchors throughout our day that keep us on track.

Now there are indeed schools of thought that advise shaking up your day to create moments of inspiration to overcome blocks in our thinking. I am not against these days in the least, in fact they can be very beneficial, (or so I have heard), I am not much on going off the beaten path.

Lately each of us has been experiencing more than one day that has been modified, and which perhaps has provided an occasion for us to feel that life fails to make sense. These moments can, as I said, lead to days that fail to go well. So do what is normal. Eat breakfast. Have a cup of hot coffee or tea. These moments of normal will help you address the strange and provide a better frame of mind to propose solutions or when necessary simply overcome the anxiety that arrives with the sense of strange.

If you are in leadership you have had to modify your approach multiple times lately. Each of these changes has created discord in anyone who avoids change. For those who enjoy change these last few months have been a blast, for the rest of us not as much. Keeping some routine reduces the sense of change and provides opportunity to think clearly.

So, when life fails to make sense eat breakfast, gain your bearings, and do awesome.


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Greg Rolfe Sep 19, 2020 · #8

@Ken Boddie opening the door to new ideas is a great way to catch a cold. No, you are very correct, reaching out past our current comfort does tend to stretch us permitting or encouraging growth. But I expect you have hit the nail on the head with your comment "learn how to look at ourselves ... in a different light." Seeing ourselves without some of the tinted glasses often offers a different perspective opening up opportunities to change, grow and even mature. Excellent addition!

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Ken Boddie Sep 17, 2020 · #7

I believe, Greg, that we can’t grow, mature, and diversify without embracing change. Every now and then we need to step out of our comfort zone and learn how to look at ourselves and each other in a different light. Without change there’d be no butterflies.

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Mohammed Abdul Jawad Sep 17, 2020 · #6

Yea...just sipping coffee, without breakfast and cheerfulness, will steal away your strength.

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Greg Rolfe Sep 16, 2020 · #5

@John Rylance smoked salmon with eggs is wonderful. Breakfast, lunch or dinner! Coffee is nice but a pot of tea is a bit better. (personal opinion)

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John Rylance Sep 16, 2020 · #4

Nothing beats scrambled eggs on toast or scrambled with salmon, perhaps all three together to set one up for the day. Not forgetting a pot of strong coffee.

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Breakfast is my favorite meal! That breakfast of yours looks yummy and healthy!

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Michael Toebe Sep 16, 2020 · #2

#1 It does look good. I'm in on seconds too.

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